Cars & trucks

The new heavy-duty 1961 Ford Trucks

New Ford: Economy never came in such a choice - 619 new models! It's the biggest changeover in Ford history with more trucks to match more jobs, more savings on any job! New “Big Six" power for two-tonners!

The ’48 Dodge: The smoothest car afloat

Be ready for compliments galore when your friends step into your new 1948 Dodge. Watch them admire the wide full-view windows - the smart instrument panel - luxury interior upholstery.

The new Dodge Caravan minivan (1996)

The New Dodge Caravan: We thought of everything. 34 more cubic feet of nooks, niches, cubbyholes, crannies, conveniences, comforts, cupholders and cargo room.

The new Chevy Nova Hatchbacks (1973)

Now you can get a 1973 Nova with a big back door and a rear seat that folds down to become a six-foot load floor. So you can use it sort of like a wagon.

The all-new Plymouth Fury for 1969

A completely new Fury for 1969. From the ground up, the 1969 Fury has been totally restyled. It's longer. Wider. And noticeably roomier inside. Three inches more shoulder room in front. Almost three inche... Read more...

Oldsmobile Futuramic cars (1948-1949)

Futuramic is a brand new word (1948) Futuramic is a brand new word that fills a gap in our vocabulary. It means "the dramatic design of the future" -- the finest of functional modern design in any field. Am... Read more...

6 station wagons from Chrysler (1962)

Economy comes built-in with these ’62 wagons from Chrysler Corporation: Plymouth Fury, Dodge Custom 880, Valiant V-200, Dodge Dart 440, Lancer 770 amd Chrysler Newport, Here’s how they save you money… automatically!

The latest Mercury cars for 1960

Mercury Meteor You know only half the story when you hear Mercury's new low prices. It's just as important to know how much more you get in a Mercury Meteor than any other low-price car... You'll like Mercury'... Read more...

The new Chevrolet Corvette (1953)

Originally designed as a show car for General Motors’ Motorama display in early 1953, the car generated so much buzz among the public GM decided to put the Corvette into production.

New Cadillac design announced (1913)

The Cadillac innovation mentioned herein was a two-speed rear axle, combined with a door-mounted, electrically-operated shifter which allowed the driver to change the rear axle ratios from low to high, ther... Read more...

Ambulances from the 1950s

Dodge ambulance (1956)   For safety in emergencies: Rescue cars (1956)   Chrysler ambulance (1953) Limousine straight ambulance - Style 2100   Cadillac Ambulances (1958) The... Read more...

1956 Plymouth Belvedere V8 4-door sedan

Drive the cars that do things for you .... other cars can't do! Never have the differences between new motor cars been so great as they are today. And the differences are all in favor Of THE FORWARD LOOK '56... Read more...

An argument for the chauffeur (1918)

One chauffeured automobile accomplishes as much as two or three which are driven without chauffeurs. The chauffeur instantly becomes an economy - not merely a justifiable expense.

The new Plymouth ’56 Suburbans (1956)

A dazzling all-new line... Plymouth '56 Suburbans All-new Aerodynamic Plymouth '56 8 magnificent new station wagons... 2 and 4 door. Biggest, longest in the field... new V-8s and 6s... your Plymouth dealer ... Read more...

1968 Ford Thunderbirds

  >> Also see: 1967 Ford Thunderbirds   Thunder for 5 / Thunder for 6 Now the Bird flies two ways. With two doors, or four. Room for five or six, with new full-width front seats. With the ... Read more...

Cadillac: The new look of leadership (1971)

The exciting new Sedan deVille and Fleetwood Sixty Special Brougham - Never has the introduction of a new Cadillac so dramatically established Cadillac’s undeniable leadership in the world of fine motor cars.

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