See these classic Rambler cars from the ’50s

See classic Rambler cars from the 1950s

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Presenting for 1956: The All-New, All-American Rambler

The all-new Rambler 4-door hardtop features distinctive Fashion Safety Arch — completely new styling — with sparking new color-keyed interiors.

These Facts will Amaze Everybody who Drives an Automobile

The Solid Gold Look: Here, for the first time, are the millionaire’s luxury, the appointments, the class and dash — the 24-Karat quality — customarily found in more expensive cars.

It’s yours only in Rambler . . . the car with the lowest first cost .. . lowest operating cost . . . highest resale value.

King-Size Inside, Rambler-Size Outside: Never before — at anywhere near the price — have you known a car with such luxury, quality and features. Even Airliner Reclining Seats and Twin Travel Beds.

It’s a king-size car inside, with room for six big people … yet it fits every parking space, every garage in America.

56 Rambler cars

Thrifty and Packed with Power: It gives you up to 30 miles on a gallon of gas, yet its completely new 120 Horsepower Typhoon OHV (overhead valve) engine out-performs them all.

The 1956 Rambler out-parks, out-maneuvers, out-handles every car on the road.

Built with Fortress-Like Safety: The Rambler is built the better way-the American way — with Double Safe Single Unit Car Construction — body-and-frame one single unit.

Passengers ride surrounded by a fortress of steel above, below, and to the sides. It gives your Rambler a double lifetime of rattle-free service and top resale value.

Smartest for Town and Travel: Make the smart switch to the smartest thing on wheels. It’s the all-new idea in motoring, offering advanced style, luxury and appointments that rival the $5,000 cars.

Switch to the most distinctive car on the road — the smart Rambler for 1956.

Classic Rambler cars from 1956

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Rambler: The pitcher who batted 1000 (1958)

Get the best of both – go Rambler! Get the car with the fastest sales growth in the USA – up 65%! Get pushbutton driving, reclining seats… easiest driving, turning, parking, garaging.

Choose from the new improved Rambler Economy 6, the new Rambler Rebel V8, the luxury Ambassador… and the sensational 100-inch wheelbase Rambler AMERICAN!

Shown: 1958 Rambler Rebel V-8

LIFE May 12 1958 rambler

The millionaire and the Rambler (1958)

LIFE Jan 20 1958 rambler

Classic ’59 Rambler cars: The fisherman who got hooked (1958)

See the all-new Rambler with the all-new differences! All new jet-stream styling. All-new pushbutton transmission with amazing Telovac control! All-new self-cooling brakes. All new Powr-Lok anti-slip V-8 differential…

Full-dip rust-proofing to keep your Rambler sparking new much longer… Interiors. Airliner reclining seats. Twin travel beds. Lowest cost, more efficient all-season air conditioning.

Rambler 1958

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Absent-minded professor parks wife, kisses Rambler (1959)

Go Rambler for ’59 – the compact car. Get the best of both – Big car room – Small car economy

Shown: 1959 Rambler custom 4-door sedan

1959 Rambler custom 4-door sedan

Rambler: The center who dribbled away his money (1959)

Want big car room? Want small car economy? Get the best of both in the compact ’59 Rambler!

Shown: Rambler Rebel V-8 Country Club Hardtop

Rambler Rebel V-8 Country Club Hardtop

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