Rambler: The pitcher who batted 1000 (1958)

Get the best of both – go Rambler!

Shown: 1958 Rambler Rebel V-8


The millionaire and the Rambler (1958)


Absent-minded professor parks wife, kisses Rambler (1959)

Go Rambler for ’59 – the compact car. Get the best of both – Big car room – Small car economy

Shown: 1959 Rambler custom 4-door sedan

LIFE Jan 26, 1959 rambler

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Rambler: The center who dribbled away his money (1959)

Want big car room? Want small car economy? Get the best of both in the compact ’59 Rambler!

Shown: Rambler Rebel V-8 Country Club Hardtop

>> Also see: Sheriff won the West in a 1960 Rambler Custom 4-door Hardtop

LIFE Mar 16, 1959 rambler car

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