The classic Ford Club Wagon was the ultimate ride for families in the 1960s through the 1990s

Ford Club Wagons from the 60s through the 90s

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Back in the day, the Ford Club Wagon was the ultimate ride for families, adventurers, and everyone in between.

These cool and classic vans, made by the legendary Ford Motor Company, first hit the streets in the early 1960s. With their spacious interiors, rugged build, and stylish designs, the Club Wagons soon became the go-to choice for road trips, weekend getaways, and even everyday drives.

Today, these vintage beauties continue to inspire nostalgia and are cherished by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The idea for the new Ford Club Wagon van (1968)

Try cramming 12 campers into a standard wagon, and you’ll see where Ford Motor Company got the idea for the new Ford Club Wagon.

Too many people? Too little space? Ford Motor Company engineers have a better idea. Club Wagons that practically let you custom design the scaling. For five, eight, or twelve passengers. Or nine passengers and one table. Cargo? Our new Club Wagons give you more space than any others.

Because of exclusive Twin-I-Beam suspension they ride smooth, quiet as a car. Which isn’t the only Club Wagon exclusive. There’s outside servicing for gas, oil and water. Interiors that look like they belong in less practical surroundings. You get more value in a Ford Club Wagon. Not to mention 12 campers.

The idea for the new Ford Club Wagon van (1968)

Ford Club Wagon: Passenger van that seated 12 (1968)

New 12-man wagon changes floor plans to fit your plans.

Ford Club Wagon Passenger van that seated 12 (1968)

For ’75, Ford redesigns the Club Wagon

Now you can enjoy new room, quiet and comfort in a solid, well-built wagon.

The Chateau Club Wagon pictured here features a color-keyed interior with optional Captains Chairs, smart and serviceable cloth-and vinyl upholstery and cut pile carpeting throughout, optional sidewall mounted auxiliary heater/air conditioner, woodtone accents on instrument panel and doors.

We moved the engine and axle forward to create a spacious new driver/passenger area. Tall, wide doors make entry easy. We’ve added new Captain’s Chair options for seating comfort up front.

Passengers, too, enjoy new riding comfort…in a body cushioned by computer-tuned rubber mounts which isolate it from the frame. Club wagon power is also improved, with a 300 cu. in. Six standard. 351 and 460 V-B’s available. Front power discs are standard.

And there’s a list of options designed to make Club Wagons more enjoyable: a new Chateau trim package that features cut-pile carpeting the length of the wagon, super-soft vinyl upholstery and more; a new sidewall mounted heater/air conditioner with adjustable side vents; AM/FM stereo radio with tape player.

For the redesigned ’75 Club Wagon with seating for 5, 8 or 12, see your Ford Dealer.

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For 75 Ford redesigns the Club Wagon

Ford announces its King of Clubs: The Captains’ Club Wagon (1978)

Ford has the newest word in great Clubs — Captain’s Club Wagon. Comes with quad swivel/reclining chairs, foldout snack/game table, seat-bed combo in 7 passenger model. Ideal for camp, sports weekends, vacation travel!

1979 Ford Club Wagon (1978)

1980 Ford Captain’s Club Wagon

1980 Ford Captain's Club Wagon

The ’83 Ford Club Wagon – Room with a view

Here’s hotel luxury — to go. But a luxury hotel isn’t rated to handle up to 10,000 pounds of loaded trailer. Ford Club Wagons are — they can out-tow and out-carry any station wagon on the road.

Ford Club Wagons accommodate up to 12 passengers in comfort that would make a hotel proud. Or 15 folks in Ford’s Super Wagon. With the bench seat removed, a Club Wagon has more cargo length than Chevy Suburban. Plus more seating arrangements (like Captain’s Chairs) than Suburban.

And all Club Wagons are Built Ford Tough with rugged body-on-frame construction and Twin-I-Beam front suspension. A luxury hotel never had it so good. Available December 1982.

The 83 Ford Club Wagon - Room with a view

Sign with a winning club: 1984 Ford Club Wagon

1984 Ford Club Wagon

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Ford Club Wagon from 1985: Built to take it. All.

Ford Club Wagons out-power, out-tow, out-room any other wagons. And for ’85, they give you peak performance in your choice of high-output engines — both gas and diesel.

Here’s where you find all the room and power that’s missing in today’s small minivan wagons. Ford Club Wagons give you the true luxury of spacious design.

No other wagons, big or small, provide so much usable space — for people and/or cargo. You can seat up to 12 in roomy comfort (15 in Super Wagon). More power to you. What a power choice you get! Five engines, from biggest standard Six to the biggest V-8 in any wagon.

Ford Club Wagon from 1985

Included: husky 6.9L diesel, the most powerful in its class. Plus Ford’s 5.8L High Output V-8 with 4-barrel carb… and 27% more horsepower than Chevy can offer your
than Dodge or Chevy. They’re built to take it. “Out-front” comfort. Ford’s out-front design gives you extra room plus easy walk-through to the rear. Power steering is standard. Options include speed control/tilt wheel… and new power door locks/ windows.

You can choose buckets or Captain’s Chairs up front. Plus rear bench seats with quick-remove feature for increased cargo space and flexibility of use. For a wagon that’s great for everything from family use to recreation to van pooling — join the Club!

Vintage Ford Club Wagons (1985)

Ford Club Wagon (1993)

It may be ahead of its time, but its still in touch with your needs.

Tomorrow’s passenger van is ready today. Ford Club Wagon’s bold, aerodynamic shape lets you know it’s the most advanced full-size passenger van built today. A spacious, tastefully appointed interior holds everything from an ergonomically designed instrument panel to an available AM-FM stereo system.

“Out front” engine placement means more room up front. And Twin I-Beam front suspension provides ride smoothness and control. The Regular Club Wagon is the only full-size passenger van with a standard driver air bag to supplement safety belts!’

All outer seats have 3-point safety belts. And rear anti-lock brakes also come standard. The Ford Club Wagon. Designed and built to standards of quality that are the highest we have ever established for a full-size Ford passenger van.

Ford Club Wagon (1993)

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