The 1960s Dodge Darts were groovy & roomy

The Dependables from Dodge 1963 Dodge Darts, wagons & other classic cars

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Here, see 11 of the classic 1960s Dodge Darts that were new and popular back between 1960 and 1969.

Dodge Dart — America’s 1st Fine Economy car (1960)

Early returns from all regions show big swing to new Dodge Dart.

Low first cost and remarkable gasoline economy seen as key factors. Buyers also acclaim “breakthrough” in comfort: Doors that let you in and out without contortions, seats that get you off your spine.

Secret of compact yet spacious design is revolutionary Unibody. Actually provides more interior room than you get in big, bulky cars. And upkeep costs should “match the midgets.”

High time you discovered the big news in the low-price field…

Jan 18, 1960 Dodge Dart

Red 1961 Dodge Dart!!

The car shown is a 1961 Dodge Dart!! The secret of its success is simple. Dart does not look, ride or feel like BS a low price car. Yet, it sells for the price of a Ford or Chevrolet.

You get Dodge room, Dodge comfort and Dodge — quality throughout. You get a ride that has been repeatedly called, “the best in the business.” You get a rust and rattle-proofed unitized body to protect your investment.

You get an alternator-generator that will charge the battery even in glow moving traffic, make it last far longer than usual. You get a choice of 23 different models: sedans, hardtops, wagons, a convertible. With gas-saving six or V8 engines.

That’s Dart!! And that’s value. See it at your dependable Dodge Dealer.

1961 Dodge Dart

1961 Dodge Dart

The new automobile shown is a bona fide bargain.

It is a 1961 Dodge called Dart!! It is priced model for model with Ford and Chevrolet. That’s Dart!! And that’s value.

No limited edition, there are 23 models to pick from. Bound to be one to suit you and your family. Also, consider this. Dart has Dodge room, comfort and quality throughout.

The body is unitized, rust and rattle-proofed. You get excellent gasoline mileage with either six or eight cylinder engine. There is an alternator-generator that will greatly increase battery life, it charges even at idle.

Dart has many other good things to recommend it. Your Dodge Dealer will be happy to elaborate. See him, won’t you?

1961 Dodge Dart cars from Chrysler

The 1962 Dodge Dart

First of the action-economy cars.

The 1962 dodge dart 440, a low price, full-size Dodge that’ll outrun, out-economize most any car around. It accelerates 7% quicker than last year’s Comparable model, and does it on 5% less gas. You see, dead weight has been reduced to a minimum.

For instance, the automatic transmission housing (for v8s) used to be made of cast iron, now it’s aluminum, the new one is stronger, and 60 pounds lighter. Result. You get action and economy in The same automobile.

Come in and drive the new lean breed of Dodge.

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Vintage 1962 Dodge Dart 440

The compact ’63 Dodge Dart cars

At last. A compact that doesn’t give anyone the sardine treatment. The 1963 Dodge Dart! Now everybody gets a fair shake on room.

Note the roof line. It goes straight back. Result: Even rear-seat hat wearers are treated with deference. And so are those who like some action for a change. Dart’s standard engine leaves the run-of-the-mill compacts waiting and wheezing.

Its optional engine (just a few bucks more) is the same way, only more so. Economical? Like you’d expect a compact to be! That’s the whole idea. Lots of room inside, compact outside. Lots of skedaddle, easy on gas.

Few compacts cost less than Dart. None offers the value. A unitized body, for example, that’s rust protected. 32,000 miles between grease jobs. Two series. Nine models including a pizazzy convert. Go see your Dodge Dealer.

Oct 26, 1962 - Compact '63 Dodge Dart car

1963 Dodge cars: Warranted for 50,000 miles

Feb 15, 1963 Dodge cars

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1963 Compact Dodge Dart convertible

There’s only one way… to top this compact.

Technically, two ways. Manually and automatically. You see, the snazzy Dart GT convertible (above) has an optional automatic top.

Or you can get a manual top as standard equipment. Same with the lower-priced Dart 270. Either way, you have the top of the convertible news for ’63.

You see, most other converts are famously loose with your hard-earned dough. Not Dart. It’s a compact.

It’s low price and upkeep are in keeping with other compacts. But after that, no comparison! Dart’s got the 6 that scampers like a V8. And Dart’s a new kind of compact in the large economy size. It’s got relaxin’-size room and comfort.

It’s really too roomy to be a compact, but too darned thrifty to be anything else. You pay a lot less for Dart and get a lot more going for you.

Your Dodge Dealer has a full line of Darts. In 2 series, 9 models. Convertibles, sedans, a hardtop, wagons, the works! See him and drive one of The Dependables.

Jan 18, 1963 Compact Dodge Dart

Dart: Join the Dodge rebellion (1966)

Avoid the cramped compact squeeze. Stretch out in ’66 Dodge Dart.

Tired of compacts that put you too close for comfort? Arms too close to the door… legs too close to the floor?

Think big.

Get fired up with the new ’66 Dodge Dart. With Dart GT, you can demand size and still economize.

Check the price. Check the interior: foam-padded bucket seats, wall-to-wall carpeting, front and rear. Take it on the road. Which way do you want to go, Six or V8?

The nimble 1966 Dart goes both ways without attacking your budget. If you’re fed up with com- pacts that don’t make it in size, styling, and spunk, you’ve got it made with the new 1966 Dodge Dart. The Dodge-sized compact.

The Dodge Rebellion wants you.

1966 Dodge Dart

Dodge Rebellion — ’67 Dodge Dart

This year, we really want you!

They said it couldn’t be done. A compact that looks like a million, holds a houseful, and goes like something else. But that was last year.

Now we’ve got your car. Dart ’67.

Just look at it. Take your time. There’re plenty more where that came from. Tempt your buying resistance with that clean, long, low Profile. Listen to the throaty persuasion of the optional four-barrel V8. Sample Dart’s ample room.

Dart is the compact that holds the road and handles as if it were sixteen feet long. (Come to think of it, it is… sixteen feet long.) And the only thing longer than our list of options is our list of standard equipment. And we don’t mean things like ashtrays.

We mean things like padded instrument panel and retractable front lap belts and remote-control sideview mirror and day night rearview mirror and backup lights.

Dart for 1967. Another great reason why the Dodge Rebellion wants you.

Vintage 67 Dodge Dart cars

Announcing Dart Swinger. (1968)

For the swinger at heart… a new Dart.

This year, Dodge is turning up the fever…

Best thing that ever happened to a compact budget: Dart Swinger. Enough two-door hardtop to take you anywhere. All-vinyl seats. Room for six. And as much performance as you want (from economical Sixes to the Swinger 340 model shown — newest member of the Dodge Scat Pack).

When you decide to swing, let us know.

1968 Dart Swinger cars

’68 Dodge Dart.

Best looking reason in the world to save money.

Wouldn’t you know it? Just about the time you convince yourself that you’re going to have to plunk down a bundle to get the kind of size, styling and luxury you want… along comes Dart ’68. And you begin to get the Fever.

You’ll find the new Dart is bigger than any compact you’re used to. A spirited performer to be sure. With a snappy 170-cubic-inch Six at the low end and a 383 4-barrel V8 at the high. (And there’s a choice of four engines in between.) But for all its muscle, Dart is a real softy inside.

Padded instrument panel. Padded sun visors. Padded seatback. Padded steering wheel hub. Carpeting all around, of course. And a lot of new safety items for your security.

Dart’s low compact price gives you plenty of room to exercise your options. Things like a vinyl top. Rallye Suspension. Tach for V8 engines. Air conditioning. And even a rear window defogger.

Dodge Dart — America’s best-selling compact. Proof that you don’t have to be rich to cure Dodge Fever. See it now.

1968 Dodge Dart cars from Chrysler

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