See 1970s Ford Galaxie 500s – the low-price, full-size classic cars

1970s Ford Galaxie 500s

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The classic 1970s Ford Galaxie 500s were big cars by today’s standards, but not huge for the time. In their vintage ads, Ford played up the value of the cars, and highlighted their quality features and extras.

Ford Galaxie 500: Full-sized V8 hardtop (1970)

If you’re looking for full-sized car value, explore the Galaxie. The space and quiet will surprise you. So will nine other facts:

Fact. Ford quiet is built in, not just added on.

Fact. Ford’s quiet ride is a smooth ride. Ford does it with a longer wheelbase (121″), and a road-hugging wide track (63″ front, 64″ rear). Front suspension system lets wheels move up and back to “swallow the punch” of bumps and potholes.

Fact. Six Ford engines to choose from. Including an economical 240 CID Big Six plus five V-8s — up to a 429 CID.

Fact. Ford’s power brakes are power front disc brakes. When you order power brakes, you get power front disc brakes automatically. Other cars make you pay extra for discs.

Fact. Ford makes seat belts easy to use. Uni-Lock Safety Harness lets you buckle shoulder and lap belts with one connection.

Fact. Ford is big inside too. Ford’s “Front Room” provides 41.8″ of passenger leg room. Easy-to-see “coved” instrument cluster sets all controls in easy reach of the driver.

Fact. New ventilation system circulates fresh air with the windows closed. No drafts or annoying wind burble in Ford.

Fact. Ford is tough on car thieves. Turn off ignition — steering column and transmission are locked automatically.

Fact. Big savings now. On special “Ford White Sale” Galaxie 500 (illustrated above). America’s lowest-priced, full-sized V-8 hardtop (based on comparison of manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for comparably equipped cars). All have a 302 CID V-8 engine and special interior trim. White sidewalls and wheel covers are extra cost. Ford Galaxie 500 (1970)

Vintage 1970 Ford Galaxie 500

We added a lot of extras to this big, quiet Ford. …and cut the total price $110

You’d expect to pay a lot more for any car in the Galaxie 500 class — especially with all these extra features. Instead, we’ve lowered the price! So you get more value for your car dollar. That’s what your Ford Dealer’s Economy Drive is all about.

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Here’s what we’ve added: Vinyl roof, All-vinyl interior trim, Special metallic paint, Deluxe wheel covers, Chrome rocker panel moldings, Chrome door edge guards… Plus all of Ford’s other fine features.

The Galaxie 500 you buy during the Economy Drive is the same luxury-equipped automobile it’s always been. With Ford’s famous quiet ride — that’s built in, not just added on. With the spacious “Front Room” that gives you more leg and knee room up front. Smooth ride and handling. Available in both 2-door and 4-door models.


Vintage 1970 Ford Galaxie 500

Quiet plus: Ford Galaxie 500 (1972)

One way to make your money last is to buy a car that lasts.

Galaxie 500’s quiet ride is one indication of how solidly we’ve put it together. Underneath, there’s more proof. We’ve added zinc coating to help Galaxies key under parts fight off corrosion and a double-walled aluminized muffler for long life.

Inside Galaxie 500, we’ve made durable nylon upholstery, carpeting, and vinyl trim standard throughout our big “Front Room.”

For extra strength, we bolt each Galaxie body onto a rugged Ford “S” frame. Then we finish it with our own six-step paint process including separate coats of preservative, primers, and paints.

When you spend your money, spend it where it’s going to last. The Ford Galaxie 500. Built to hold its quiet and its value, year after year. See one at your local Ford Dealer.

The Galaxie 500 shown above is equipped with an optional vinyl roof, full wheel covers, white walls, and body side protection moulding.

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Ford Galaxie 500 (1972)

Ford Galaxie 500 for ’73
After more than one million bumps and shakes on these missile vibrators, this 1973 Ford rides as quietly as ever.

You probably saw it on television. This ’73 Ford Galaxie 500 took hour after hour of torture on special vibrators designed to test missiles, then rode away not one decibel noisier than before.

Quiet is the sound of a well-made car.

The 1973 Ford Galaxie 500

Ford Galaxie 500: The closer you look, the better we look

In the 1973 Fords, the extras aren’t extra

Cars shown: Ford Galaxie 500 4-door hardtop & Ford LTD Brougham 2-door hardtop

Classic 1973 Ford Galaxie 500

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