Minivan revolution: The 1990s “mom-mobiles” that took over from station wagons

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Pontiac minivans from (1991)

Pontiac minivans from 1991

Pontiac Trans Sport minivan (1993)

Pontiac Trans Sport minivan from 1993 (2)

Pontiac Trans Sport minivan from 1993 (1)

Chevy Lumina minivan (1995)

Chevy Lumina minivan 1995

Ford Windstar minivan from (1995)

Ford Windstar minivan from 1995

The New Dodge Caravan: We thought of everything (1996)

34 more cubic feet of nooks, niches, cubbyholes, crannies, conveniences, comforts, cupholders and cargo room.

1996 Dodge Caravan ad 1995 2

Minivan debuting in 1995: The 1996 Dodge Caravan

Where’s all the extra space? Everywhere. It’s the sum total of conversations with some of our 2 million owners about the things they wanted in the new Caravan, and where they wanted them.

Sound deadening technology like expandable baffling helps make this the quietest Caravan ever. Room for luggage, room for everything. With our unique Easy Out Roller Seats, removing the two benches is a snap.

Adjustable turning loops make seat belts comfortable for just about everybody.

The new Caravan even offers a 12-volt outlet near the rear hatch to plug things into.

1996 Dodge Caravan ad 1995 3

You’ll find up to 14 cupholders within each reach. The two in the center console are ingeniously adjustable to hold 20 different sizes. Even Big Gulps, juice boxes, and your favorite cup from home.

The new Grand Caravan offers air conditioning units for the front and rear passengers — powerful enough to cool a 1,500 square foot house.

1996 Dodge Caravan ad 1995 4

The New Dodge Caravan — just as original as the original

1996 Dodge Caravan ad 1995 1

Some features you’ll appreciate right away…

Nov 1995 New Dodge Caravan

Others will take 100,000 miles

Nov 1995 Dodge Caravan

Oldsmobile minivan (1999)

Sep 1999 Oldsmobile minivan cars

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