See the classic 1960s Camaro cars from Chevrolet

See classic 1960s Camaros from Chevrolet

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In 1967, the first of the brand-new 1960s Camaro cars hit the streets. It was an immediate success, selling 220,906 cars in their first model year.

Not bad, considering that Chevrolet had created the Camaro (and its cousin, the Pontiac Firebird) to compete with the super-popular Ford Mustang.

Here, take a look back at the ’67, ’68 and ’69 Chevy Camaros!

Classic ’67 Camaro cars – Choices

Take a Camaro, sport coupe or convertible.

Make it a Rally Sport with hideaway headlights. Or both: SS with Rally Sport equipment. Make it an SS with Camaro’s new 325-hp 118.

Then order whatever else you want from your Chevrolet dealer. Camaro’s your idea of a car.

Classic 67 Camaro cars - Choices

1967 Camaro SS: One to go, with everything.

If Camaro SS were a hamburger, it’d come with mustard, catsup, onion, dill pickles, lettuce. tomato, a side of fries and a garnish of parsley.

But Camaro SS is a road machine and this is how it comes. Lean Camaro styling. A 396-cu.-in. V8 you can order with 325 hp, or the 350 with 295 hp. Red-stripe tires on 14″ x 6″ wheels.

You sit in a slim Strato-bucket seat, looking out over the special louver-styled hood that sports bold color sloping around the nose.

All this is standard on Camaro SS, with background music by dual exhausts. Would you like to order now?

Mar 31, 1967 Chevrolet Camaro cars

Oct 7, 1966 - Classic 1967 Camaro cars

Oct 7, 1966 - Classic 1967 Camaro cars (1)

Most talked about car on the road: ’67 Camaro

That’s because its excitement is contagious. Sports-styling. Instant obedience: You don’t just drive a Camaro. You command it.

The fact is, you buy as much Camaro as you can handle. Twenty-four different exterior-interior selections for the ordering. A big choice of big-car V8s you specify, plus a spirited Six that snaps to when you give the order.

On the inside, the bucket seats come specially color-striped, if you like. You can also pamper yourself with other additions such as stereo tape and/or AM-FM stereo multiplex radio, air conditioning, adjustable tilt steering wheel and just about every power assist you could ask for.

On the safety side: features ranging from the new GM-developed energy-absorbing steering column. the energy-absorbing steering wheel and instrument Panel to a four-way hazard-warning flasher and lane-change signal in direction-signal control.

Camaro. Most talked about car on the road. Listen real hard at your Chevrolet dealer’s. Hear?

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Command Performance Camaro by Chevrolet - 1967 (October 1966)

For ’67, everything new that could happen… happened.

Camaro as it comes, comes mighty sporty in sleek convertible or hardtop. Lively Six or V8 depending on model choice. Bucket seats up front. deep-twist carpeting underfoot. rich vinyl all round in four color choices. Select from 15 Magic-Mirror finishes.

Rally Sport is the Camaro you ask for when you can’t resist hideaway headlights behind a bold black-grid grille, extra touches of gleaming chrorne and special -13S- sports emblems all round and distinctive horizontal taillights framed in black.

SS 350 if you go in for all-out Camaro. Big 4-bbl. 350-cubic-inch V8. bulging scoop-styled hood with sports striping. red stripe tires, SS emblems—all standard. Front disc brakes on order. Most exciting road machine this side of Corvette.

Classic 1967 Chevy Camaro

The ’67 Camaro Command Performance SS 350 Convertible

Chevrolet’s new driving machine with big-car stability…

Wide-stance wheels (set almost as far apart as the big Chevrolet’s) give Camaro its self-assured. flat-cornering ode. That’s standard.

So are bucket seats, carpeting. fully synchronized 3-speed transmission. And safety features like the new GM-developed energy-absorbing steering column, and a four-way hazard warning flasher.

Big-car power…

You start ordering V8s for Camaro at 327 cubic inches. 210 hp, go up to 295 hp in the SS 350. Even the 155-hp Six you specify feels more like the standard eight in a bigger car.

Other sporting things to add special suspension front and rear, front disc brakes, 4-speed, Positraction, special instrumentation.

Everything you’d ask for…

Camaro’s custom interior, something else again: the Rally Sport with hideaway headlights and more: SS 350 with the biggest V8, bulging hood, bold accent striping; niceties you add like a Strato-back front seat for three. 8-track stereo tape system, console, vinyl roof cover. Ask your Chevrolet dealer.

1967 Camaro SS 350 convertible

Camaro and other Chevrolet sports cars (June 1968)

Some cars fake it. These make it.

Camaro and other Chevrolet sports cars (June 1968)

Aerodynamic duo: 1968 Camaro SS Sport Coupe and Corvette Sting Ray Coupe.

They’re two of a kind. The fantastic, low-slung Corvette Sting Ray. And Camaro, The Hugger, the only car that comes even close.

In styling, in handling, in performance. Both are aerodynamic from nose to deck, with Astro Ventilation, full door-glass styling, bucket seats, refined suspension and 327-cu.-in. standard V8s.

You can order Vettes all the way up to 435 hp in a 427-cu.-in. Turbo-Jet V8. Camaros score almost as high: Cubes — 396, Horses — 325.

Corvette’s a tough act to follow. Buckle up a Camaro and see what we’ve done for an encore.

1968 Camaro SS Sport Coupe and Corvette Sting Ray Coupe.

The ’69 Camaro’s new Super Scoop.

Step on the gas and it steps up performance.

We really put our foot in it this time. Brought out a new Super Scoop hood you can order for Camaro SS and Z/28. It opens on acceleration and socks cool air to the carburetor for more power.

Camaro SS Sport Coupe with Rally Sport equipment and Super Scoop hood

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Camaro's new Super Scoop (1969)

camaro-super-scoop-car-may-1969 (2)

Your Chevrolet dealer’s got the whole story on how the Hugger scoops the competition. Stop in. See for yourself. And step on it.

Why is the Camaro the pace car again? (1969)

Camaro has been named the Official Pace Car in the Indianapolis 500 for the second time in three years — a 50-year record!

If you haven’t driven the Hugger, take a hint from the guys at Indy. Maybe they know something you don’t.

Camaro SS has what it takes. Again this year, it’ll lead the pack at Indy.

Engine choices start with a 300-hp 350-cu.-in. V8 and run up through a 325-hp 396-cu.-in. job.

There’s even a new hood you can order with a super scoop intake that opens on acceleration, ramming cooler air into the engine for more power.

1969 Camaro Indianapolis 500 race pace car (1)

1969 Camaro Indianapolis 500 race pace car (2)

The ’69 Chevy Camaro SS & the Corvette Coupe

We’ll take on any other two cars in the magazine

Chevrolet cars shown: ’69 Camaro SS Sport Couple with RS equipment and new Corvette Coupe

1969 Chevy Camaro and Corvette Coupe

Camaro SS, plus Rally Sport.

Black Grille. Undercover headlights with built-in water jets to clean them. Up to 325hp on order. Sport stripes. Special hood. Power disc brakes.

Seven-inch rims and wide oval tires made very obvious with raised white lettering. Head restraints you can add. New Hurst-linkage 4-speed available. Can’t be driven when steering column is locked.

Usually seen in the company of people who can tell the real article from an imitation. Known as “The hugger.” Kin to Corvette.

'69 Chevy Camaro SS & the Corvette Coupe

Corvette, ‘Vette, Stingray and other sassy names.

Unusually powerful-looking hood. Morocco-grain vinyl on instrument panel. New map pockets. Wider 8-inch wheels. New assist grips on the doors. Six bucket seat colors. New concealed door handles. Built-in headlight washers.

The driver of this car is always ready with 350 cubic inches of new standard V8.

Other cars, if we were you, we’d drive you on the other side of the street. Way on the other side.

'69 Chevy Camaro SS & the Corvette Coupe

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