Plymouth Arrow: See some of these classic 70s compact cars

Plymouth Arrow See some of these classic 70s cars

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The Plymouth Arrow was a compact car sold between 1976 and 1980 that was actually a re-branded version of the Mitsubishi Celeste.

These small economy cars with Plymouth nameplates also had some parts in common with the Dodge Colt. Here’s a look!

A lesson in “Arrow-Dynamics” (1976)

New Plymouth Arrow has some important points every economy car could learn from. First, Arrow prices start at $3,175. And that price includes extras you can’t even order on Rabbit, Pinto and Chevette. 

… Congratulations. You’ve just finished “A Lesson in Arrow-Dynamics.” Now the test. Put down this book. Take out an Arrow at your Chrysler-Plymouth dealer. You’ll get the point we’ve been trying to make.

Introducing Plymouth Arrow. What more can a little car give?

Introducing Plymouth Arrow A lesson in Arrow-Dynamics (1976)

1976 Plymouth Arrow cars

The lowest-priced Arrow gives you a lot to like besides economy. So much is standard that it’s a bargain to begin with.

One reason for its honest value is styling integrity. It does yew well without frills, or with just a few frills, like a vinyl body-side molding, accent tape stripe, whitewall tires, and wheel trim rings. You can also order a vinyl roof. Arrow 160’s engine is the 1600-cc overhead cam, hemi-head, four-cylinder, with either a four-speed manual or TorqueFlite automatic.

Power front disc brakes provide great stopping power and have a high resistance to brake fade. Standard on all Arrows, in combination with drum rear brakes. One more reason why Arrow’s low, low price is such a pleasant surprise.

Also standard …Tinted glass, all windows face-level ventilators for the flow-through ventilation system folding rear seat, locking fuel filler door, energy-absorbing bumpers, front and rear bumper guards, drip rail, windshield and rear window moldings, cigarette lighter, leaded or unleaded fuel capability, 11.9-gallon fuel tank.

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Interior features include a tilt steering column. A standard feature on all Arrows that is extra cost on most cars, or not available at all. Control is by means of a knob on the side of the steering column. Loosen the knob, tilt the wheel to the desired angle and then tighten the knob, A maximum convenience for any size driver.

Wide, comfortable front bucket seats in durable, easy-to-clean vinyl over deep foam padding. Levers on the sides of the seats recline the seat-backs to several restful positions.

Yellow 1976 Plymouth Arrow car

1978 Plymouth Arrow car

Don Prudhomme races funny cars … just about as fast as anyone has ever raced funny cars.

Prudhomme chose to build his funny car from a Plymouth Arrow, because of its aerodynamic properties. He has created an unbelievable performance car.

And the Arrow you’ll find at your Chrysler-Plymouth dealer is quite a performance car, too. The 1978 Arrow GT features hemispherical combustion chambers. It comes with a standard 1600cc Silent Shaft powerplant, and can be ordered with our hefty 2000cc Silent Shaft Engine . . . one of the smoothest and quietest 4-cylinder engines available anywhere. It features a standard 5-speed transmission.

It also comes with a new piece of standard equipment. We call it the MCA Jet System, and it’s nothing short of engineering genius. In addition to the intake valve and exhaust valve, each combustion chamber has a third valve. A “Jet” valve. We’ve found that this third valve does two things. First, it increases gas mileage by improving combustion. Second, we even achieve better low end torque.

Test drive the ’78 Arrow. See why it’s a lot more than just good looking. Buy or Lease Arrow at your Chrysler-Plymouth dealer.

1978 Plymouth Arrow cars

1978 Plymouth Arrows

1978 Plymouth Arrows

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Classic 1979 Plymouth Arrow cars


Leave it to Plymouth to fire up your imagination and heat up your driving excitement with a lineup of great new Arrows for the open road. The value-packed basic Arrow. The bright and sassy Arrow Jet. The very dressy Arrow GS. The dashing Arrow GT And a hot new entry … Fire Arrow.

Sporty looking with efficient hatch-back design and economical performance, they have an exciting style all their own. A style that includes sleek fastback lines. A rear track that’s 2-1/2″ wider than last year, for better handling.

New rectangular headlamps. New tail-lamp, grille, and rear glass design. A rear hatch and folding rear seat for plenty of extra storage space. A long list of standard features. And an amazingly quiet, efficient, and responsive four-cylinder overhead-cam engine.

Whether you like your driving experience mild or wild or somewhere in between, there’s an Arrow waiting for you at your Plymouth dealer’s showroom. Your target for a great Arrow.

1979 Plymouth Arrow cars

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