1960s Mustangs were an unstoppable force (and they are still revving us up to this day!)

See some classic 60s Mustangs

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Amid the whirlwind of social and cultural changes that defined the 1960s, one symbol of American freedom and power emerged: the Ford Mustang. The Mustang’s undeniable impact and legacy on American society extend beyond its sleek design and powerful performance, representing a symbol of innovation, individualism, and the spirit of a generation.

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to be transported back in time as you scroll through these photos featuring 1960s Mustangs — an automotive icon that conquered hearts and roads alike — and celebrate its enduring influence on the American automotive landscape!

The 65 Ford Mustang GT

The ultimate total performance car… and the car it inspired — new Mustang GT

Pick your Mustang . . . hardtop, convertible or 24-2! Here’s what you get in Mustang’s new GT performance package:

Famous 289 cu. in. 4V, 225-hp V-8 engine • Floor-mounted. 2-speed, fully synchronized stick shift — Special GT grille with built-in Fog lamps — GT 5-dial instrument duster, including ammeter and oil pressure gauge — GT insignia on front fenders — Distinctive GT stripe — Straight-through dual exhaust system with chrome “trumpet” extensions — Front-wheel disc brakes — Special handling package.

Want more? Choose our GT package, substituting the 271-hp solid-lifter High-Performance V-8 and 4-speed stick-shift. Order Rally-Pac (tachometer-clock). And more.

60s Mustangs: 1965 Mustang GT

60s Mustangs: Car interior from 1965

Make any Mustang as luxurious as you want — with special new interior options!

Design a deluxe Mustang! Here’s what you get in Mustang’s new luxury interior:

New instrument panel with wood-grained vinyl trim — New bucket seats with handsome embossed vinyl inserts — Special upholstery with luxurious integral arm rests on doors — New bright trim on foot pedals — Safety-Courtesy lights in doors — Custom sports steering wheel with chromed rivets, perforated spokes.

Want more luxury? Add our new between-the-seats console. Air-conditioning. Cruise-O-Matic transmission (there’s no smoother automatic). Vinyl roof covering. At your Ford Dealer, the list of options is as long as your imagination.

60s Mustangs: 1965 Mustang car interior

1965 Total Performance Mustang Hardtop

Desmond was afraid to let the cat out… until he got his Mustang.

Mustang! A car to make weak men strong, strong men invincible. Mustang! Equipped with bucket seats, floor shift, vinyl interior, padded dash, full carpeting, more. Mustang!

A challenge to your imagination with options like front disc brakes, 4-on-the-floor, lively new V-8’s, you name it. Desmond traded in his Persian kitten for an heiress. He had to. She followed him home. (It’s inevitable… Mustangers have more fun.)

60s Mustangs: 1965 Total Performance Mustang Hardtop

Sexy 60s Mustang: Life was just one diaper after another until Sarah got her new Mustang. (1965)

Somehow Mustang’s sensationally sophisticated looks, its standard-equipment luxuries (bucket seats, full carpeting, vinyl interior, chiffon-smooth, floor-mounted transmission) made everyday cares fade far, far into the background.

Suddenly there was a new gleam in her husband’s eye. (For the car? For Sarah? Both?) Now Sarah knows for sure: Mustangers have more fun!

60s Mustangs - 1965 Ford Mustang

The Six appeal of 60s mustangs: Classic 1966 Ford Mustang

Six & the single girl

What makes a quiet, sensible girl like Joan fall in love with a Mustang? Not simply Mustang’s steely good looks or smooth, racy lines.

Not even the hard-to-resist features like adjustable bucket seats, wall-to-wall carpeting, sports steering wheel, and floor-mounted shift.

What really broke down Joan’s reserve was the solid practicality of Mustang’s deep breathing Six. She knew she could trust this husky, suave brute of an engine to squire her around town, drive her to the mountains for a weekend, even drop her off for dinner with the girls (who will never guess how little Mustang costs her to own and run).

Extraordinarily considerate of a girl’s feelings… and her pocketbook.

Take a test drive and see if you should give in to Mustang because of sheer Six appeal. Smart girls do.

Published in Life magazine – March 11, 1966

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60s Mustangs: Six and the single girl - Vintage 66 Ford Mustang cars

60s Mustangs: The 1966 Ford Mustang was the sweetheart of the supermarket set

Mustang is a sweetheart no matter how you look at it. Aesthetically. Economically. Its good looks are standard equipment. As are bucket seats, all-vinyl interiors, full carpeting.

And economy is a Mustang specialty… particularly when it comes with six-cylinder emphasis.

Your Mustang with its “getaway” six races to the market, drops off the kids, picks up the man in your life… all in one gas-saving breath.

Step out of this one in the parking lot and the whole supermarket recognizes you as a girl who’s as smart as she is pretty. As a matter of fact, you are! You’ve earned your “A” in Home Economics.

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Published in Reader’s Digest – August 1966

Sweetheart of the Supermarket set - 60s Mustangs vintage cars - 1966 Ford Mustang

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So you chose a Six for your Mustang! Congratulations. (1966)

Now don’t forget to wave when you pass your gas station… (someday you might have a flat)

You’re behind the wheel of one of the snappiest, brightest, best-looking, common sense cars in the world today: Mustang with its big, hot 200 cubic-inch Six.

This Mustang makes gas economy standard… is real bright about adjusting its own brakes… is dead right about not making unnecessary trips for routine maintenance (just about every 6000 miles or 6 months is enough). And it maneuvers easily into tight parking spots.

Nobody will deny you’re driving one of the most dashing cars around. With no-cost trappings like bucket seats. Floor-mounted, fully synchronized, 3-speed shift. Vinyl trim. Door-to-door car carpeting.

That’s your basic Mustang … dash plus savvy. You can add many, many more options for extra dash. Say, that’s you, isn’t it? Aren’t you glad you took the time for a test drive at your Ford Dealer’s!

Published in Newsweek – March 7, 1966

Vintage 60s Mustangs - 1966 Ford Mustang

67 Mustangs – Classic Ford cars

You’d love to answer the call of Mustang? Good! There are three new ways: hardtop, fastback and convertible! Standard for ’67? Bucket seats, carpeting, floor shift, Ford Motor Company Lifeguard-Design safety features, more. Now what? Options that say you!

Stereo-Sonic Tape Sys-tem, SelectShift automatic transmission that also works manually, V-8’s up to 390-cu.-in., power front disc brakes, bench seat, tilt-away steering wheel, AM-FM radio, air conditioning. Smitten? Great! May we pronounce you “Man and Mustang?”

60 Mustangs - Classic Ford cars - 1967 Mustang

1967 Mustang Sports Sprint sale

Specially equipped. Specially priced. Limited time only! See the latest, freshest versions of Mustang — with new GT hood, special wheel covers, in special Sprint Time colors.

Now’s the time to get special Sprint Time Sale values on all Mustangs — America’s original (and still lowest-priced) sports car with bucket seats. Sprint, don’t walk, to your Ford dealer’s today. IT’S SPRINT TIME. Time to take the Mustang Pledge!

1967 Ford Mustang cars

Hot Rod – Cobra Jet 1968 Ford Mustang

Ford introduces the 428-cu.in. Cobra Jet V-8 — “Hot Rod” Sees the Light

The Cobra Jet will be the utter delight of every Ford lover and the bane of all the rest because. quite frankly, it is the fastest running Pure Stock in the history of man.” – HOT ROD MAGAZINE, March 1968

With some 36 years of experience behind them in making strong, relatively lightweight big bore blocks. Ford’s performance-minded engineers set out to build the Cobra Jet.

They took the bottom end and beefed it up with the 428-cubic-inch Police Interceptor V-8, high-pressure oil pump and large diameter con-rod bolts. On the top end, they dipped into the barrel of Ford race-track goodies…Hot Rod - Cobra Jet 1968 Ford Mustang

1968 Mustang car by Ford

Sidney spent Sundays seashelling at the seashore. Then Sidney started digging the ’68 Mustang — the great original. Dug the models: hardtop, fastback and convertible. Liked the low price, too, which left Sidney lots of clams to design his own Mustang, Sidney style.

Now Sidney’s making waves all over. Last week he saved 3 bathing beauties. (And they all could swim better than Sidney!)

1968 Mustang car by Ford

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