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Hello, and welcome to Click Americana! Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of vintage anything and everything, or simply curious about something that was a big deal years ago, we hope to be your go-to place for a rich and delicious slice of American fun, culture and history.

What Click Americana offers

You can think of this site as a gateway to the 20th century and before — like a digital time capsule. We want to help you rediscover the wonders (and weirdness) of the past, remember forgotten joys, and enjoy little pieces of history that are too valuable to be lost in time.

If you want to try some vintage recipes that may (or may not) deserve a comeback, or revisit iconic TV shows and beloved toys that shaped a generation, we’ve got a little bit of everything here to help rekindle the spark of countless untold stories and events that have shaped generations of Americans, and the country as a whole.

Our site is thoughtfully organized with categories and keywords, so whether you’re into 1970s fashion or want to explore old-school holiday celebrations, you can dig into your specific interests easily.

Rememebr the fun of childhood at Click Americana

What we do: Our mission and vision

What can you expect from Click Americana? From vintage recipes and retro fashion to old-fashioned games and vintage entertainment, you’ll find a wide range of subjects that capture the essence of different times, grouped in a way that lets you dive deep into your area of interest. We have done our best to create a well-organized location where you can explore American history by decade or topic.

As a small woman-owned business, we’re fortunate enough to reach thousands of people every month. But as an ad-supported website, we rely on readers (especially those without ad blockers) to keep our little company chugging along so everyone can enjoy all this vintage & retro content for free.

1950s family around the kitchen table
My dad, his grandparents and older sister back in the 1950s

Decades and categories: A journey back in time

The information and images we have online spans across decades — from the 1700s right up to the 1990s — offering you a panoramic view of America’s past. Each decade has its own unique flavor, from vintage recipes and old-fashioned games to classic books and historic events.

For the foodies: From retro dinners to vintage desserts

If you’re a culinary enthusiast, we’ve got a banquet of vintage recipes waiting for you. From classic brunch options and old-fashioned vegetarian recipes to iconic holiday dishes, you can recreate the meals that defined generations. Remember the casseroles that graced your grandma’s table or the drinks that were all the rage in the ’70s? We’ve got those recipes — and so much more.

Try making a Bacardi rum cake from the classic vintage recipe!
Try making a Bacardi rum cake from the classic vintage recipe!

Media and entertainment: Blasts from the past

Relive the golden age of television, catch glimpses of vintage store catalogs, and leaf through old newspapers that reported history as it happened. Film buffs can take a walk down memory lane remembering vintage movies, while music lovers can explore the hits that defined eras.

Seasons and celebrations: Holidays through time

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, we offer a look at how these holidays were celebrated in different decades. From vintage Easter dinners to historic Fourth of July celebrations, you’ll find it here.

Me (right) and my sister with the dollhouse my grandparents made me for my 5th birthday
Me (right) and my sister with the dollhouse my grandparents made me (I use it as a bookshelf now)

More than just fun and games

But Click Americana isn’t just about nostalgia — it’s also an archive of American ingenuity and accomplishments. You’ll find articles on vintage science and technology, famous inventions, classic cars, and even weather history and reports on historic storms.

Inspiration for your modern life

Looking for some retro-inspired home decor? We have authentic vintage ideas for every room in your house. From kitchens to bathrooms and living rooms, get inspired by the designs that stood the test of time.

So, whether you’re a history buff, a culinary adventurer, or someone who just loves to explore the rich stories of American culture, you should be able to find good stuff that you’ve loved all along, something that you might be surprised to see becoming trendy again, an old product you miss, or that really random thing that you almost forgot ever existed. Take your time, explore, and enjoy the journey back in time.

What sets us apart

A dedication to authenticity

Authenticity is at the heart of what we do. We bring you original vintage news reports, genuine product packaging, and even little things like pictures of actual wallpaper samples from bygone eras. 

We have bought and been given thousands of magazines, photographs, and other pieces of memorabilia, and have researched even more in online repositories. Although archiving vintage ads and newspaper articles might not sound glamorous — it’s a labor-intensive process that requires precision and care — it’s seriously exciting to find something old and make it new again for the world to see.

Real vintage news stories covered at Click Americana

A focus on quality images

Photographs and scans are integral to our site, setting us apart in the realm of vintage collections. We have posted more than 50,000 images, nearly all of which have been digitally enhanced to restore them as much as possible to reflect their former glory. We are shooting for quality and quantity, and try to make everyday images and items of yesteryear seem to come alive again.

What does that mean? While only a small percentage of pictures here are colorized, here’s one that’s been restored, enlarged, edited, enhanced, and recolored. This is old San Francisco’s Spreckels Mansion, seen here in the tiny old original vintage snapshot alongside our attempt to breathe life back into the scene:

Spreckels Mansion before and after photos - restored by ClickAmericana com

Beyond nostalgia: A critical look at history

While we’re passionate about reviving the past, we approach it with a critical eye. We’re not here to romanticize history, but to present it warts and all. Some of the ads, photos and/or cultural norms you’ll find here might seem dated, but they serve as a reminder of the strides we’ve made as a society. It’s a fascinating journey to see how culture evolves — made up of countless moments, choices, and changes over time.

Little kids playing cops and robbers in the street (around 1920)
Little kids playing cops and robbers in the street around 1920, from my family’s old photo collection

Who we are

Who’s running the show here? My name is Nancy, and I started Click Americana back in 2011. It really got going when I took over archiving vintage family photos, memorabilia, stacks of old magazines, and so much more that had been squirreled away for decades in attics, basements, garages and dusty corners. 

The site was started with a simple but ambitious goal: to archive and share pieces of American history that were gathering dust. From forgotten family recipes to old toys and games, I knew these pieces of the past deserved to see the light of day once again.

Nancy J Price - Young me and Now me
Nancy J Price – Young me and Now me

Roots in America

My roots in American history aren’t just a side note, but a cornerstone of this endeavor. Some of my family set foot in Massachusetts as far back as 1635, and we have both a Revolutionary War soldier and WWII officer in the mix — along with carpenters, farmers, educators, a master brewer, an early automobile tire dealer — and many others who helped build this country. This deeply personal connection to America’s past is part of what fuels the essence of Click Americana.

Sons of the Revolutionary Sires membership from 1877

Proven expertise and credentials

While my dedication to building this site through days, nights, and weekends has been a labor of love, it’s much more than just a hobby site — it’s built on years of professional experience in media and publishing.

I dove headfirst into the media scene as a teenager, self-publishing music fanzines at just 14, and photographing/interviewing major rock bands by 16. In the 1990s, my writing appeared in publications ranging from the national print magazine Parents to the San Francisco Chronicle.

INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence with Nancy J Price (1986)
Me with INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence (1986)

But that’s just as I was getting started. In 1999, I co-founded SheKnows.com and helped turn it into a top-tier lifestyle website boasting more than 30 million monthly readers by the time I left in 2012. I’ve also been an Executive Editor for USA Today’s former Grateful project, and was part of the launch of five different national newsstand magazine titles. 

If books are more your style, I’ve created everything from activity books for kids to a history of last names, to adult coloring books featuring vintage artwork of homes, fashions and cars. (See some of them below, and you can find out more about my books and those that my company published here.)

Books by Nancy J Price

The team and home life

Though I’m a fourth-generation San Francisco Bay Area native, I’m now based in Arizona. There, I work from home, and live with or near my four amazing kids and, as of 2023, a gorgeous granddaughter. Also along for the ride is my partner (novelist Daniel Price, author of The Flight of the Silvers book series), and a rotation of rescue pets. 

What began as a solo endeavor has now grown into a team effort, with my daughters and my longtime best friend helping out regularly — while sometimes even my very busy sister finds time to help out. Still, I manage all the day-to-day stuff, find and scan or photograph vintage materials. On the creative side, I also designed and coded the website, do the image restoration, and make most of the graphics. 

But enough about all that — because this site is really about you! Please come on in and explore. Whether you’re interested in food, fashion, media, or even specific decades or holidays, there’s something here for you. We’re dedicated to preserving pieces of the past, one click at a time, and appreciate you dropping by.

– Nancy J Price, founder & editor, ClickAmericana.com

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P.P.S. Have something to share — old photos, scans, magazines, stories? We would love to hear from you

“Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going.” – Tennessee Williams

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Take a trip back in time! Decades & eras:

On Click Americana, you can explore the vibrant and eclectic styles of the 1990s, then travel back to the energetic 1980s to relive its iconic trends. Venture further back to the diverse and influential 1970s, and continue onto the revolutionary 1960s to witness the era’s significant cultural shifts.

Delve into the nostalgic 1950s, and then journey through the resilient 1940s to observe a period of recovery and transformation. Explore the contrasting lifestyles of the 1930s and the roaring 1920s, before stepping into the transitional 1910s which bridged old and new worlds.

Discover the dawn of modernity in the 1900s, then journey back to the evolving 1800s to see a century of monumental changes. Lastly, traverse through the historic 1700s to observe the foundations being laid for the centuries to come.

Groovy retro 70s fashions


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