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Frozen pecan pie retro recipe

Frozen pecan pie

This tasty no-bake frozen pecan pie recipe comes from the ’80s, and delivers a chilly cheesecake-flavored filling studded with delicious nuts.

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English muffin loaf vintage recipe (1981)

English muffin loaf (1981)

English muffins in a loaf! The greatest thing since sliced bread. Just wait until you bake up a recipe and toast a slice. Nooks and crannies inside – crusty outside.

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Chili manicotti A retro recipe from the '70s

Chili manicotti (1975)

Here’s a winning recipe with western flair: Chili manicotti. Start with a popular Italian dish, and add a spicy Mexican influence for this delicious dinner.

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Banana rum pie recipe

Banana rum pie (1968)

This banana rum pie starts with vanilla pudding, fluffy white frosting, and those beautiful bananas that know no season. Then add pecans and chocolate drizzle.

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