A new town! Visit Gilbert, Arizona (1914)

In 1914, there was a lot of hype about a new little town near Phoenix called Gilbert -- "the fastest growing and most prosperous community in the Southwest." Amazingly, Gilbert really did live up to its promise... Read more...

New York City views (1917)

Get a load of that view! Here are some images showing parts of New York City's skyline as it appeared back in 1917.   Union Square in 1917 >> Announcement of the Empire State Building (1929)... Read more...

Long Island: Vacation paradise (1914)

Want to see for yourself just how much things have changed -- or not? Lucky modern-day citizens can view or download a free PDF version of the 1914 Long Island and Real Life brochure online here. For comparison... Read more...

Hobey Baker making good again (1918)

This story appeared at the beginning of 1918, but by the time the year had closed out, Hobart "Hobie" Baker was dead -- killed by injuries sustained in a military plane crash in France mere hours before he was ... Read more...

Please your husband and wear an apron (1911)

There is not a man living who, in his secret heart, does not like to see a woman in an apron. Every bridegroom dreams of his young wife donning one in which to pour his coffee.

20 ways to serve potatoes (1912)

There are many ways to turn the humble spuds into a tasty side dish. Here are 20 different ways you can make potatoes, including scalloped, fried, mashed and stuffed!

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