Vintage Jeep Comanche pickup trucks from the ’80s

Vintage Jeep Comanche pickup trucks from the '80s

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’86 Jeep Comanche: Easy to be a truck. Hard to be a Jeep.

Compare the new two-wheel drive Jeep Comanche to Ford Ranger and Chevy S-10, and you’ll find Comanche has the lowest price tag. And in 4×4, Comanche is the lowest-priced long-bed pickup you can buy.

Up front, a gutsy 117 horse-power 2.5 litre electronic fuel-injected engine is standard. It’s more powerful than the base engine of any other pickup in its class.

Comanche’s 119.9 inch wheel-base is longer than any other long-bed pickup in its class.

Comanche is the only 4×4 pickup built with a choice of two -shift-on-the-fly- four-wheel drive systems.

You’ll find big 15-inch wheels and all-weather radials standard on Comanche, optional on two-wheel drive Ford Ranger and Chevy S-10.

Four Wheeler of the Year.

New Jeep Comanche — Available in 2WD and 4WD

Two-wheel drive Jeep Comanche pickup truck (1986)


Vintage 1986 Jeep Comanche pickup truck: Selected standard features/options

1. 2.5-liter fuel-injected engine. The most powerful standard 4-cylinder engine in its class, its electronic fuel-injection helps to deliver high-performance and fuel efficiency. Optional 2.8-liter V-6 and 2.1-liter turbo-diesel also available.

2. 4-speed manual transmission. Standard with full synchromesh for smooth shifting. Optional 5-speed manual with overdrive or 3-speed automatic available.

3. Command-Trac 4WD system. Standard on 4WD models, this system permits shifting from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive at any speed. Optional Selec-Trac all-surface four-wheel drive also has “shift-on-the-fly- capability.

4. 3-across passenger seating. Standard bench seat provides the most hiproom in its class…or choose the comfort of reclining wingback bucket seats as part of the optional Interior Decor Group

5. Quadra-Link suspension. A solid front axle combines four locating arms and coil springs for extra off-road ruggedness and smooth on-road performance.

6. All-weather radial tires. Standard 15-inch size and steel-belted design help provide road-hugging response and durability.

7. UniFrame construction. Body shell and frame are welded to create one solid unit for improved overall vehicle strength.

8. 7-foot double-wall cargo box. Built roomy and tough with double-wall construction to handle the load you’re hauling.

A Comanche has comfortable seating for 8. Highest dynamic ground clearance in its class C. 7-foot cargo box D. Robotic assembly provides structural integrity

Like other utility vehicles, this vehicle handles and maneuvers differently from many passenger cars. In order that this vehicle be driven safely and correctly, please read the driving guidelines in the owner’s manual. Wear seat belts at all times—don’t drink and drive.

Vintage 1986 Jeep Comanche pickup truck

Vintage 1985 Jeep Comanche pickup truck

There’s a new truck on the road.

It doesn’t happen very often. A new Jeep pickup. When your name is legendary, you take the time to be certain that the legend lives on. We’re quite certain about Comanche.

2WD/4WD. Comanche is available as a 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive model with a choice of two “shift-on-the-fly” 4WD systems. 

Interior. Comanche’s interior is every bit as sporty, stylish, and contemporary as the rest of the truck. Many find it hard to believe it was designed for a pickup. 

Suspension. Comanche’s exclusive Quadra-Link suspension, dual-action shock absorbers, and standard 15-inch all-weather radials are specially tuned for exceptional ride and handling.

Power. Comanche comes with either a 2.5 liter electronic fuel-injected four, an optional 2.8 liter V-6, or an optional 2.1-liter inter-cooled turbo-diesel.

The Exclusives. Jeep Comanche was built to be the best in its class! In optional 4WD payload, base engine horsepower, 4WD systems, wheels and tires… the list goes on and on.

The Bottom Line. Just how affordable is Comanche? It’s the lowest priced Jeep available today. You’ll also find something in Comanche you won’t find in any other pickup anywhere. The Jeep legend. It’s worth a look. 

Vintage 1985 Jeep Comanche pickup truck

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