1940s Pontiac cars: See the top models in these vintage ads

See 1940s Pontiac car models in these vintage ads

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Take a look back at the classic 1940s Pontiac cars — released just before, during and after WWII — to see what the old designs were like, what the vehicles, they offered buyers (and drivers), and what the manufacturer thought would most appeal to potential customers.

Pontiac De Luxe Torpedo Six Business Coupe (1941)

“Come on, gang! Now we’ve got something to crow about!”

Yes, indeed, you have plenty to crow about when a handsome, new Pontiac “Torpedo” comes into your family. No one can blame you, either, for this big, gleaming beauty proves that you know what’s right in motor car styles.

And in comfort, too. In Pontiac’s roomy body by Fisher, you and your friends will find comfort beyond compare.

You can crow, also, about how little it costs you to drive your new Pontiac “Torpedo,” if you like. Pontiac has long been recognized as one of America’s most economical cars and, in spite of their increased size and power, 1941 models match earlier Pontiacs in gasoline and oil economy and freedom from need for repairs.

As for safety, dependability, handling ease and the other qualities you want, thousands of owners of new Pontiacs consider their cars the equals in all respects of other cars costing hundreds of dollars more.

Yet Pontiac prices are so close to the lowest that if you can afford any new car you can afford a new: Pontiac “Torpedo.”

Pontiac 1941 De Luxe Torpedo Six Business Coupe

Pontiac’s 10 car models for 1942

Now Pontiac takes front rank as the car for those who look ahead!

Today when quality means more than ever, Pontiac offers ten new models — superior in 15 ways to last year’s great success.

This year, your choice of a new car is going to depend — more than ever before — on how many years it will last. Because of this, it is more important than ever that you investigate Pontiac before you buy any 1942 car.

The new Pontiacs are improved in 15 ways over last year. They are more beautiful inside and out. Their increased overall length and weight makes them even more comfortable, without sacrificing any of Pontiac’s famous economy.

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Pontiac's 10 car models for 1942 (2)

Pontiac's 10 car models for 1942 (1)

1942 Pontiac car models shown:
  • Torpedo Business Coupe
  • Torpedo Sport Coupe
  • Torpedo Sedan Couple
  • Torpedo Two-Door Sedan
  • Torpedo Four-Door Sedan
  • Torpedo Metropolitan Four-Door Sedan
  • Torpedo Convertible Sedan Couple
  • Streamliner Sedan Coupe
  • Streamliner Four-Door Sedan
  • Streamliner Station Wagon

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Finest of the famous “Silver streaks” (1945)

This is the new Pontiac — a car that adds new luster to a fine old name.

It carries to an even higher level the tradition of quality that began when the first Pontiac “Silver Streak’ was introduced a decade ago.

If you are a Pontiac owner you know what that statement means — because four years of wartime driving have proved that Pontiac quality pays great dividends in owner satisfaction.

And if you have never owned a Pontiac, we believe you will be greatly impressed by this fine new car. In appearance, in all-around performance, in comfort — in everything that stands for quality — it is the finest of the famous “Silver Streaks.”

Late 1945 Pontiac cars

New Pontiac — A fine old name soars to greater fame (1946)

With every advance in design and in engineering, one Pontiac quality has remained unchanged — its reputation for dependable performance and extra value.

The new 1946 Pontiac strengthens that fine reputation. To a background of fine performance, proved and reproved during war years, Pontiac engineers have added important improvements — as many, in fact, as in any prewar year.

This continuous endeavor to improve the basic goodness of every new Pontiac began years ago when its famous Silver Streak styling introduced a new concept of value in the low-price ficid.

The 1946 Pontiac, still in the low-price field, brings dependability, performance and value to a new high level. A fine old name now soars to even greater fame!

Classic 1946 Pontiac with Silver Streak styling

The new Pontiac… an automobile show all by itself! (1948)

A fine car made even finer.

If you study the illustration, you will find a car precisely suited to your requirements — for the new Pontiac offers a complete automobile show… all by itself! And regardless of the model you select, you may rest assured that it will give you unequalled satisfaction — and unsurpassed economy. For this is the greatest Pontiac ever built.

You can see that it is more beautiful. A few minutes at the wheel will reveal its new brilliance in performance. And the years will prove that even Pontiac’s traditional design and ability has been enhanced. Truly, it is a fine car made even finer!

And, climaxing this great series of improvements, Pontiac now offered General Motors Hydra-Matic Drive are optional on all fifteen models. Never before has this engineering masterpiece been made available in a car priced so low.

So for every reason — from economy to luxury — you a should own a Pontiac.

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Pontiac cars for 1948

Classic 1948 Pontiacs

Presenting the 1949 Pontiac

A gorgeous automobile show… all by itself!

  1. The year’s outstanding beauty
  2. Lowest priced car with General Motors Hydra-Matic Drive
  3. Vision-Aire interiors
  4. Wider seats — added room
  5. Wide, easy- access doors
  6. New wide-horizon curved windshield
  7. Safe-T-New driver view
  8. New dial-cluster dash
  9. Exclusive Travelux ride
  10. New open air heating and ventilating system
  11. New finger-tip starter button
  12. Carry-more luggage space
  13. Low-pressure tires, 15-inch wheels, broad rims
  14. Pontiac power-packed engines.

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Vintage 1949 Pontiac cars (2)

The great Pontiac line for 1949

Pontiac really is an automobile show all by itself!

Two completely new lines… Chieftains and Streamliners… strikingly new in styling… color and upholstery harmonies to please every taste… deluxe appointments available in all models… choice of six or eight-cylinder engines.

For appearance, performance, comfort, luxury and value, you couldn’t do better than choose your car from the beautiful array of models shown here.

  • Pontiac Chieftain DeLuxe 4-door sedan
  • Pontiac Chieftain DeLuxe sedan coupe
  • Pontiac Chieftain DeLuxe 2-door sedan
  • Pontiac Chieftain business coupe
  • Pontiac DeLuxe station wagon
  • Pontiac Streamliner DeLuxe 4-door sedan
  • Pontiac Streamliner DeLuxe sedan coupe
  • Pontiac Chieftain DeLuxe convertible coupe

Vintage 1949 Pontiac cars (3)

Vintage 1949 Pontiac cars (1)

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