See the Plymouth Suburban station wagons from back in the ’50s

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See the Plymouth Suburban station wagons from back in the 50s

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New Plymouth all-metal Suburban

Never before — such utility, economy and comfort combined in one family car!

Here’s Plymouth’s new kind of transportation — a car that handles a hundred family jobs and loves every effortless minute. Actually, this new Plymouth comes in two models — the Suburban, and its country club cousin, the Special Suburban.

1950 Plymouth Suburban

A dazzling all-new line… Plymouth ’56 Suburbans

All-new Aerodynamic Plymouth ’56

8 magnificent new station wagons… 2 and 4 door. Biggest, longest in the field… new V-8s and 6s… your Plymouth dealer has a new kind of “Top Deal” making it easy for you to own one!

Now, from the people who created the modern all-steel station wagon comes a complete line of long, spacious Plymouth Suburbans… all new in Aerodynamic beauty… packing far greater power and getaway thrust… bringing tomorrow’s styling today!

They’re poised and ready to do your errands… whisk the children safely to school… carry you on wonderful vacation trips. 

The all-new Suburban line — priced for every purse

Jan 30, 1956 plymouth suburbans (1)

Jan 30, 1956 plymouth suburbans (2)

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’57 Plymouth Suburban station wagons

From the observation seat of your big, new Plymouth Suburban, see how far behind the “other two” are

Here’s a dazzling new kind of station wagon.. the big Plymouth Suburban! 3 full years ahead. With exciting new features you can’t get on any other station wagon in the field. Just a few of the many important advances are shown on the [next] page.

You enjoy them in the biggest… longest… widest… roomiest station wagon in the low-priced 3. In fact, you can’t buy bigger at any price! 12 exciting models, 2-door and 4-door. New, higher-power six and terrific new FURY V-8 engines — super powered up to 290 hp!

Vintage 1957 Plymouth Suburban station wagon


COMFORT STEPS. Both sides of tailgate for easy entry. New Suburbans also offer 122-inch wheelbase, luxurious new Torsion-Aire ride, Flight-Sweep Styling.

DISAPPEARING REAR WINDOW. Rolls down into tailgate. Easily operated from inside or out. Locks securely from inside. Electrically controlled on 9-passenger models.

SECRET LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT. Almost 10 cubic feet of locked space for safe, out-of-sight storage of luggage. cameras and other valuables. On all 6-passenger models.

1957 Plymouth Suburban features

'57 Pontiacs: Convertibles, sedans, station wagons & other classic cars

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