Plymouth Horizon: The budget-friendly subcompact car made between 1978-1990

Vintage Plymouth Horizon compact cars

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Built by Chrysler’s Plymouth division, the Horizon was a subcompact car — Plymouth’s first — that was produced for the 19781990 model years.

Available in both a 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan models, the Horizon was kind of the fraternal twin of the Dodge Omni, which debuted the same year.

The Omni and Horizon weren’t just practically identical on the outside, but were also both built on Chrysler’s fuel-efficient (and cost-effective) US-made L platform.

To be sure, the Horizon wasn’t luxurious, but in the 1970s oil crisis era, it was the kind of cheap and practical car that a lot of people were looking for.

In 1990, Chrysler bid the Plymouth Horizon farewell, and their compact Sundance hatchback — which had been introduced in 1987 — took over.

1978 Plymouth Horizon subcompact car

America takes to the Horizon. (1978)

New Plymouth Horizon. People are taking it everywhere. On any kind of road, in any kind of weather, on every kind of trip. Front-wheel drive is one reason why. It gives Horizon great stability and it gives you a great feeling of confidence.

And people are taking it because Horizon can take a lot of people. Four big adults can ride in comfort. And there’s plenty of room to take all the things that people need.

Horizon gives you a lot of unexpected standard features, like front bucket seats, AM radio, whitewall radial tires, rack and pinion steering and front disc brakes.

When you want to go anywhere in comfort and confidence. Relax. Plymouth Horizon can handle it.

1978 Plymouth Horizon cars - Chrysler

1978-1979 Plymouth Horizon car reviews

1978-1979 Plymouth Horizon cars

Vintage 1979 Plymouth Horizon TC3: Where the action is

Vintage 1979 Plymouth Horizon

The 79 Horizon: It takes imagination to change the way America drives.

HORIZON…THE CAR THAT HAS CAUGHT AMERICA’S IMAGINATION. We were ready when you were. With a new kind of American automobile designed to handle today’s driving. Plymouth Horizon …the first American-made car its size with front-wheel drive. It gives you a whole new sense of comfort and confidence.

THE STABILITY OF FRONT-WHEEL DRIVE. Horizon’s front-wheel drive works wonders for you with outstanding traction and handling in all kinds of weather. Whether it’s snow or rain or wind. And Horizon handles turnpikes with remarkable stability. It literally pulls you down the highway, through turns and up hills. 

ROOM YOU WOULDN’T IMAGINE. Another benefit of front-wheel drive is that it virtually eliminates the large transmission tunnel you find in most cars. That means there’s more room for people. Four big adults can ride in complete comfort.

You get a lot of other standard features, too. Like rack and pinion steering, front disc brakes, and whitewall radial tires. And you can have the option of automatic transmission, stereo, roof rack and an assortment of sporty trims. Plymouth Horizon. A whole new driving experience. A new sense of confidence. A new feeling of comfort. 

The 79 Plymouth Horizon


Vintage Plymouth Horizon woodie car (1979)

The first American-made car its size with front-wheel drive

1979 Plymouth Horizon woody car

Retro Horizon compact in blue, inside & out (1980)

1980 Plymouth Horizons

Introducing the 1983 Plymouth Horizon

1983 Plymouth Horizon

Plymouth Horizon (1984)

Plymouth — the best built, best backed American cars — presents the 5/50 Horizon.

It’s a fact. Plymouth has the lowest percentage of safety recalls based on National Highway Traffic Safery Administration data for 82 and 83 cars designed and built in North America. New Chrysler Technology achieved that. The same technology that designed, tested and builr the 5/50 Plymouth Horizon.

The quality engineered into every 5/50 Horizon gives Plymouth the confidence to back them with a 5-year or 50,000-mile Protection Plan. That includes protection on the engine, powertrain and against outerbody rust-through. No extra cost to you. Plymouth is the best built, best backed car in the industry.

5/50 Plymouth Horizon. Match it! (If you can.)

Plymouth Horizon (1984)

1984 Plymouth 5/50 Horizon car

1984 Plymouth Horizon car

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