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Makeup false eyelashes 1967

False eyelashes are here to stay! (1967)

The modern girl is an on-the-go type. False eyelashes are a logical part of her makeup when they are thin and natural-looking for daytime, or longer and thicker for evening.

Dresses and decor from Paris (1953)

Dress and decor from Paris Designers show gowns, homes In an age when comparatively few people can even house a ball gown, the leading couturiers of Paris live in surroundings which make their most opulent ... Read more...

Lip Smackers from Bonne Bell (1973-1983)

Dubbed "The world's first flavored lip gloss," Lip-Smackers made their debut in 1973 with flavors of Strawberry, Lemon and Green Apple -- and so began a multi-year reign as a favorite of tweens and teens across... Read more...

Smart summery swimsuits for women (1955)

Summertime cottons by Catalina For summer, nothing is more "fitting" than a Catalina cotton! These glamorous swimsuits slim the hips, diminish the waist, and give your bustline the gently rounded new look. ... Read more...

Please your husband and wear an apron (1911)

There is not a man living who, in his secret heart, does not like to see a woman in an apron. Every bridegroom dreams of his young wife donning one in which to pour his coffee.

The perfect woman’s figure (1938)

The perfect 1938 figure must have curves, but it differs from the perfect figure of past decades in relationship of curves to straight lines.

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