1954 Ford Ranch Wagons: 2-door double-duty dandy

1954 Ford Ranch Wagons 2-door double-duty dandy

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Find out all of the then-hot new features on the 1954 Ford Ranch Wagons, an all-steel car that had fold-down seats so you could carry cargo or passengers.

’54 Ford Ranch Wagons: Safest place to put your new car dollars

Safest place to put your new car dollars… And here’s why: Ford alone in the low-price field brings you tomorrow’s advances today.

From the day you take delivery on your new Ford, you rest easy! You’ve bought the only truly modern car in the low-price field.

First, you get the engine of your choice — a V-8, if you like. V-8s are the most desirable power plants, as witness the V-8 trend among costly-car makers.

And because Ford’s V-8 is the most modern in the industry, it will still be up to date years from now.

In addition, Ford has the only really up-to-date suspension in its field: Ball-Joint Front Suspension. This not only adds to your riding comfort, but to Ford’s resale worth as well.

Then, too, the solid way in which a Ford is built… the beauty of its clean, uncluttered styling… the brilliance of its “interior decorating” just cannot be equaled in the low-price field.

Worth More when you buy it … Worth More when you sell it!

Vintage 1954 Ford Ranch Wagon

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1954 Ford Ranch Wagons… two-door double-duty dandy

Newest of Ford’s double-duty beauties is the all-steel Ranch Wagon. It will carry six in passenger car comfort — or bulky loads with ease.

The stowaway rear seat folds into the floor in seconds, leaving a huge flat-deck floor area… the same roomy cargo space as in its Mainline counterpart.

Ranch Wagon... two-door double-duty dandy 1954

There’s always room for one more in a Ford Ranch Wagon!

Now four Ford quick-change artists… and each with the smooth, agile “Go” of Ford’s modern V8 engine!

If your family’s young and rambling, you’ll find room aplenty in Ford’s new Mainline or Customline Ranch Wagons. Both are 6-passengers big, yet convert to cargo haulers by merely folding the “stowaway” seat into the floor. Ford also offers the 4-door, 8-passenger Country Squire and Country Sedan.

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No matter which Ford “wagon” suits your needs, you may have the most modern V-8 engine in the industry (or most modern Six, if you prefer) … new Ball-Joint Front Suspension… colorful new interiors… and a host of other “Worth More” advantages which make Ford your smartest station wagon buy!

Worth more when you buy it… Worth more when you sell it! The Crestline Country Squire – The Customline Country Sedan – The Mainline Ranch Wagon

The Customline Ranch Wagon

There's always room for one more in a Ford Ranch Wagon! 1954

Ranch Wagon… the haul around favorite

Ranch Wagon... the haul around favorite

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