Clear Peach icebox pie

Peach icebox pie (1949)

It’s a see-through dessert! This gelatin-based pie offers a clear filling, making it possible for you to see the embedded peaches and cherries when looking at the whole pie, and with every slice.

The ’48 Dodge: The smoothest car afloat

Be ready for compliments galore when your friends step into your new 1948 Dodge. Watch them admire the wide full-view windows - the smart instrument panel - luxury interior upholstery.

Bogart & Bergman are superb in Casablanca (1943)

The superb acting and detail directing took us to the refugee city of Casablanca, and there we stayed, right by the warm sides of Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, Paul Henreid and Claude Rains. And we’re still there.
Classic cocktail vintage recipes for drinks from 1940s

How to make 30 classic cocktails & drinks (1946)

Love those classic cocktails? Get the recipes here for some of the finest from the 40s: Gin Rickey, Creme de Menthe Frappe, Hot Toddy, Side Car, Pink Lady, Stinger, Champagne Cocktail, Manhattan, Daiquiri & more!

Play time! Popular toys from 1948

Four pages of favorite toys for children This four-page photograph shows 126 Christmas toys, a good cross section of the $300 million worth which US kids -- like the two in the picture -- will find under their... Read more...

Revisit “A Christmas Story” (1983)

Based on Jean Shepherd's collection of short stories "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash," A Christmas Story has worked its way into American pop culture history over the past 30 years. From licking th... Read more...

Royal Cranberry Pie recipe (1948)

If you've never thought of putting luscious, ruby-red cranberries into a pie, hurry and find out how royally delicious this Ann Pillsbury creation really is! To make the crust tender and tasty, you'll na... Read more...

Pumpkin chiffon honeypie recipe (1948)

You'll ring a new taste bell with Sioux Bee honey! Guests will never groan, "I simply can't!" when the feast is climaxed with this delicate dainty! They'll hope for more... as they taste the super-goodness tha... Read more...

Kraft cheese souffle recipe (1948)

You'll amaze folks with your skill (needn’t tell ‘em how easy it was!) and delight everybody with this grand-tasting cheese souffle.

Choc-o-Lantern cake recipe (1948)

Youll be the star of the party when you serve this Choc-O-Lantern cake. Bewitching and so delicious! Choc-o-Lantern cake recipe Ingredients 2 cups cake flour 1-1/3 cups sugar 2-1/2 teaspoons baking powde... Read more...

Retro yellow kitchens from yesteryear

Pink is dead: Style trend in housewares features yellow (1956) Better repaint your pink pots and change; your turquoise towels, ma'am: The stylish new housewares are all yellow. A unanimous trend toward... Read more...

New drug found in common soil (1948)

New drug found in common soil It is the first quick cure for typhus: Chloromycetin In a bit of common soil taken from a Venezuelan field, Yale scientists have found a new and spectacularly successful weapon... Read more...

Oldsmobile Futuramic cars (1948-1949)

Futuramic is a brand new word (1948) Futuramic is a brand new word that fills a gap in our vocabulary. It means "the dramatic design of the future" -- the finest of functional modern design in any field. Am... Read more...

US Army shoulder insignia (1945)

Modern armies are built on each soldier's pride in his own unit. The insignia did so much for morale that the Army soon made shoulder insignia mandatory.

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