Classic Ford Fairlane cars from the ’60s: Convertibles, sports coupes & more

69 Ford Fairlane cars - Dec 1968

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Classic ’62 Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe!

Don’t flirt with this one unless you mean it. It’s got sporty new bucket seats with a console in between … and a live-it-up. all-new Challenger 260 V-8 that hates to go home.

The world’s happiest combination, Fairlane offers compact car handling, economy and low price — yet its big-car room, ride and performance definitely take it out of the compact class. Service it only twice ayes. or every 6.000 miles. Meet the new Fairlane Sports Coupe — and all the lively ones — at your Ford Dealer’s, the liveliest spot in town.

LIFE Apr 6, 1962 ford 3

The new ’63 FORD FAIRLANE: Hot new middleweight… with V-8 punch!

GO-GO-GO WITH FAIRLANE’S ALL-NEW V-8—THE OPTIONAL CHALLENGER 2601 It’s the only V-8 of its kind — and lightning’s the word for it. Other engine choices include the optional Challenger “221” V-8 and the standard Fairlane Six. Transmission choices include Fordomatic — and new Synchro Smooth Drive (available with the Challenger V-8s).

NEW FAIRLANE HARDTOPS! NEW FAIRLANE WAGONS! Presenting, for the first time, a full line of Ford Fairlanes. The styling’s new. The choice is high, wide and handsome.

There are three new 4-door Fairlane wagons that load like the big ones and cost like the compacts. There are four lively, lovely, low-priced sedans. And for the live-it-up crowd—a dashing new Fairlane Hardtop and (shown above) a jaunty, bucket-seated Sports Coupe.

Quick, quiet, solid as they come, all Fairlanes are built to a high standard of quality unprecedented at this price. And all Fairlanes have the service-saving features introduced by Ford Galaxie.

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63 Ford Fairlane - Sep 28, 1962

1963 Ford Fairlane - Sep 28, 1962

’64 Fairline 500 Sports Coupe

Do’s and don’ts for the bridegroom. Do tell your bride the optional 289V-8 in your Fairlane is the same basic engine that powers the Cobra (world’s hottest sports car).

Tell her it has America’s first fully synchronized 3-speed transmission. But, don’t tell her Fairlane’s low price. (Right away she’ll think of ways to spend what you saved!) 

1964 Ford Fairlane car

The Wizard of Ahhhs: 1966 Classic Ford Fairlane convertibles

Now Fairlane swings out with a great new look, new models — including three of the newest convertibles on the road!

You get the idea when you take your first look at the ’66 Fairlane GT convertible. Standard equipment includes bucket seats, sporty console, big 390 cubic-inch V-8, and more.

GT has options like CT/A, which means Sport Shift Cruise-O-Matic, our new automatic transmission that you can also shift like a manual. Some car!

Ford 1966 Fairline — Drive one today and see!

The Wizard of Ahhhs: The new 1966 Ford Fairlane

1966 Ford Fairlane convertible from 1965

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’67 Ford Fairlane GT Hardtop: Show your stripes!

And show them spectacularly, in a dashing new beauty of a Fairlane.

It’s the family-size sports car with enormous talents: it climbs, turns, corners, and always, always keeps its cool.

Which Fairlane for you? How about the GTA with a whopping 390-cu. in. V-8, and SelectShift, the automatic that also works as a manual. Or, if you’re looking to save a small bundle, try the Fairlane 500 with the big 200-cu. in. Six.

See your Ford dealer. He won his stripes showing people how easy it is to get high performance in beautiful packages, at the right price.

’67 Fairlane GT Hardtop

Ford Fairlane GT Hardtop (1967)

’69 FAIRLANE 500: For people who take their fun seriously

Handsome, practical Fairlane 500s … new power, well-groomed and eager to go. With race-bred niceties like road-holding suspension for smooth riding, flat cornering … precise, responsive steering.

This inviting intermediate comes four ways: 4-Door Sedan, 2-Door Hardtop, racy Sports Roof and Convertible. A generous array of better idea options lets you choose your own level of luxury, another reason Fairlane 500 leads the intermediate parade.

69 Ford Fairlane cars - Dec 27, 1968

Facts about the 1969 Fairlane 500

STANDARD FEATURES include: 4.1 litre 155-hp 6-cyl. engine; Fully Synchronized 3-Speed Manual Transmission; MogicAire Heater; Backup Lights; Reversible Keys, -Keyless- Locking; Cigarette lighter, Courtesy light; Ventless Side Glass (Hdtps. and Cony.); Nylon-Rayon Carpeting.

OPTIONS INCLUDE: 428-cu. in., 4V 335-hp Cobra Jet Ram-Air V-8; 428-cu. in., 4V 335-hp V•8; 390-cu. in., 4V 320-hp V-8; 351-cu. in., 4V 290-hp V-8; 351-cu. in., 2V 250-hp V•8; 302-cu. in., 2V 220-hp V-8; SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic Transmission, 4-Speed Manual; SelectAire Conditioner; AM/FM Stereo Radio; Power Ventilation.

Basic specifications: length-201.1″; Width-74.8″ (Sedan), 74.6″ (Hdtp., Sports-Root, Conv.), Wheelbase-116″; Tread (front/rear) 58.8″, 58.5″; Height-54.7″ (Sedan), 52.4″ (Hardtop), 52.2″ (SportsRool), 52.8″ (Conv.); Trunk Luggage Volume (cu. ft.)-16.2, (Sedan); Fuel-20 gal.; Curb Weight (approx.)-3163 lb. (4-Door Sedan); 3178 lb. (Hardtop); 3225 lb. (SportsRoof); 3372 lb. (Conv.).

A. Fairlane 500 SportsRoof — Nimble styling, eager lines reflect its renowned performance heritage. Note plush, impeccably tailored full-width seat above authoritative grille. Inset above shows cluster arrangement of driver controls and optional race-style Rim-Blow Steering Wheel and electric clock.

B. Fairlane 500 4-Door Sedan — Fun-packed, family-priced, country club looks and manners. Crowd-size inside, quick-size outside, amazingly thrifty.

C. Fairlane 500 Convertible — Beautiful way to follow the sun. Power top is standard. Optional all-vinyl bucket seats give you easy-choir comfort.

D. Fairlane 500 2-Door Hardtop — Beguiling snap and style. Vinyl-covered roof option odds a rich-looking touch. Surefooted, big car performance.

Easiest-to-own intermediates are the young — spirited, attractively styled Fairlane 2-Door Hardtop and 4-Door Sedan. There’s more to like than looks alone. Each offers you the splendid room, ride and nimble handling of more expensive cars, yet the cost is only a whisper.

Color-keyed vinyl covering underfoot, elegant trims add a fine-car sense of luxury. And the Fairlane ride is unusually quiet, comfortable and relaxing. What’s more . . . Fairlane better idea options let you make either Fairlane any kind of car you want.

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Facts about the ’69 Fairlane

STANDARD FEATURES include: All those above with these variations: Choice of three Cloth-Vinyl Interiors; Vinyl-Coated Rubber Floor Mat; Full-Width Seats with Foam-Podded Cushions.

OPTIONS INCLUDE: 6 V-8’s up to 428 cu. in . SelectShift, the automatic you can shift manually; AM/FM Stereo Radio; 4-Speed Monuol (with V-8’s except 302); SelectAire Conditioner; Power Steering, and many more. Basic specifications: Same dimensions listed above with these Curb Weights (approx (-3154 lb (Sedan); 3169 lb. (Hdtp.).

E. Fairlane 2-Door Hardtop — Suave, debonair styling with a strong sense of value. Fairlane 4-Door Sedan (top right)-Very roomy, spirited sedan odds up to a better idea at an attractive low price, A great new deal on wheels.

1969 Ford Fairlane cars - Dec 27, 1968

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