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Cherry Blush Cake recipe (1952)

"Homemade goodness goes to a party!" Cherry Blush Cake recipe So right for February! So easy with Aunt Jemima Silver Cake Mix! Follow package directions, using 1/2 cup maraschino cherry juice and 1/2 cup... Read more...

Tabasco “Skinny Dip” recipe (1973)

Dipwiches: Sandwich spreads you make with dips! Don't yawn your way through another summer sandwich. Get with these exciting new spreads you make yourself. Take a package of Fritos brand Green Onion, Taco,... Read more...

50 drinks & toasts (1968)

Toast your friends with these easy recipes for famous drinks made with all the popular basic liquors: Bourbon, Scotch, gin, vodka, rum, Southern Comfort.

Long Island: Vacation paradise (1914)

Want to see for yourself just how much things have changed -- or not? Lucky modern-day citizens can view or download a free PDF version of the 1914 Long Island and Real Life brochure online here. For comparison... Read more...

Summer swimming in New York (1909)

Summer swimming in NYC Gotham's youth are fortunate in the number of opportunities for swimming which the city's configuration presents. Many a graceful and expert diver is developed along our dirty waterfront... Read more...

Smart summery swimsuits for women (1955)

Summertime cottons by Catalina For summer, nothing is more "fitting" than a Catalina cotton! These glamorous swimsuits slim the hips, diminish the waist, and give your bustline the gently rounded new look. ... Read more...

How did Groundhog Day start? (1910)

Some facts about Groundhog Day To the Editor of the University Missourian: I should like to have the full history of "Groundhog's Day," as in one of our clubs this subject was assigned for investigation and ... Read more...

Month-by-month calendar icons (1965)

Here's a whole year's worth of cute retro drawings that you can use to make your own calendar -- and they come to you right to you from 1965. Just click here or on the calendar image below to get a larger versi... Read more...

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