See the ’56 Chrysler PowerStyle cars

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See the 56 Chrysler PowerStyle cars

Chrysler ’56: The year ahead car

There’s more that’s new in Chrysler than in all other competitive cars combined! All new styling . . . longer body . . . sensational Pushbutton Drive Control . .. New Highway Hi-Fi . . . revolutionary new Brake System .. . concealed exhaust outlet . . . Instant Heating System.

These are most of the new and news-worthy advances that have made the headlines since the new Chrysler models came out. And all of them are exclusive with Chrysler in its price class! Not to mention the airplane-type V-8 engine and full-time power steering . . . major advances which Chrysler has had for years . . . and which competitive cars still don’t have.

Compare the newness of the “PowerStyle” Chrysler with the other cars in its price class. See if it isn’t the only really new 1956 car .. . with more new car enjoyment for you nosy, more resale value when you want to trade it in.

Yet, if you are going to buy any medium-priced car . . . even a “low cost” car with all the optional equipment . . . you can own a Chrysler Windsor V-8 and pay no more — probably $1000 less than you think! See it at your Chrysler Dealer’s. “PowerStyle”

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Classic Chrysler Power Style cars for 1956

1956 PowerStyle Chrysler

It flashed ahead while other cars marked time

The year ahead car… the only big one that’s dramatically new this year!

Newer, bigger, finer than any other car you can own at its price. That’s the “PowerStyle” Chrysler! While other cars marked time with few changes in their ’56 models, Chrysler streaked ahead.

All new styling. Longer body. Sensational new Pushbutton Drive Control. Instant Heating System. Highway Hi-Fi. Con-cealed exhaust outlets. Safety door locks. And many other advances. Besides these brand new advances there is the airplane-type V-8 engine and full-time power steering . . . major advances Chrysler has had for years and competitive cars still don’t have.

With all this dramatic newness, Chrysler is today’s most economical buy. You can actually own a bigger, more powerful Chrysler Wind-sor V-8 for the cost of a medium-price car . . . even for the cost of a low-price car with all the optional equipment. See it, drive it, at your Chrysler Dealer’s today!

PowerStyle Chrysler (1956)

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