See what classic 60s Ford pickup trucks looked like & what they offered

Vintage Ford pickup trucks

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 Take a look back at some of the classic 60s Ford pickup trucks that were on — and off! — the roads during that decade, and see what features they offered drivers back then.

Classic 1960 Ford pickup trucks

Pickup economy champs for 1960 — smart new Stylesides with Ford’s gas-saving Six!

NEW: Smoother acting Brakes! New micro-finished brake drums for equalized braking effort at all four wheels — smoother stops! New longer-lasting linings, too!

NEW Stronger F-100 Frame! Heavier, stronger — 23% more rigid for greater durability. Standard, 110″ wheelbase.

NEW Cab Comfort! New resilient, plastic-foam seat cushion . . . new cooler, static-resistant seat fabric . . . new high-capacity heater keeps cabs up to 10° warmer!

NEW No-Spin Differential! Available on F-100 and F-250 models for sure traction in snow, ice, mud and sand. Get a bite with just one rear wheel and you’ll move!

NEW Modern Styling! Handsome, clean-lined design . . . smart, colorful cab interiors… and Ford Diamond Lustre finish keeps its sparkle without waxing!

1960 Ford pickup trucks 1960 Ford pickup trucks 2

What was new on the 61 Ford pickups

1961 shows new integrated styling, longer wheelbases


1961 Ford pickup features new that year

Classic trucks from the 60s: The ’61 Ford Pickup

New 114-inch Wheelbase! New easy ride!

Fatigue never thumbs a ride in Ford’s new Driverized Cab! There’s a new longer wheelbase, new softer acting Springs and shock absorbers, new rubber cab-mounts, new sound insulation — all combining to give you the smoothest, quietest ride of any 1/2-tonner on the market… and that’s certified! Only your eyes will tell you when the road is rough!

New one-piece cab-body design!

Ford’s new functional Styleside design joins cab and body in a single strong unit… looks smarter, loads more, lasts longer! There’s new durability, too, in new shot-peened springs, sturdier cabs and new huskier frames with increased resistance to twisting and bending. Action test a ’61 Ford at your dealer’s… soon!

1961 Ford Pickup trucks

Ford’s full-time economy only starts with low price! (1962)

Beginning with prices that are below those of other popular trucks. Ford pickups make saving money a full-time job.

They save on gas and oil. Ford Sixes, in competitive tests over a three-year span, have achieved an unmatched record of superior gas economy. Ford’s full-flow oil filter extends the oil-change interval from 2,000 mites to 4,000 miles.

And with Ford’s I-beam front axle, front tires track true, last far longer than with the suspensions used on some other makes. Fords save on maintenance, too. In fact, wherever there’s a way to save, Fords do it.

The full record of Ford’s superior operating economy is detailed in Ford’s “Certified Economy Reports.” See your Ford dealer and get 3 new, dependable pickup that saves money… full time!

Classic 62 Ford pickups

63 Ford pickup features new that year

1963 continues Ford choice of Flareside or Styleside body

1963 Ford pickup features new that year


1963 Ford pickups: The F-100

FOR GREATER DURABILITY AND RELIABILITY… Built like the big ones with modern short-stroke engine design

The way Ford’s new F-100 pickup looks, rides and handles, you might judge it to be more car than truck. But beneath its beauty, it’s a small version of a multi-tonner! Like the biggest new engines, Ford’s pickup Six and V-8 are modern short-stroke design. Result: less friction, less wear — more power from your fuel, more life for your engine.63 Ford pickups

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1964 Ford pickups: Long on comfort

New long 128-inch wheelbase, longer than in most luxury cars, for smoother ride — And long-lasting, too… New double-wall body sides, new 1-ton tailgate, big-truck cabs and chassis

1964 Ford pickups (2)

60s Ford pickup trucks: 1964

F-100: Pickups – Stake – Platform – Chassis-cab – Chassis – Cowl – Chassis – Windshield

1964 Ford pickups (1)

What was new on the 65 Ford pickups

1965 debuts tough, smooth Twin-I-Beam front suspension

1965 Ford pickup features new that year


New Ford pickups — built to last longer (1965)

Independent front suspension with big-truck durability!

Never has a pickup been as comfortable — yet as rugged — as the ‘65 Ford. Secret is an exclusive new independent front suspension that uses forged I-beam front axles borrowed from big-truck design. And Ford uses not one but two front axles.

Result of this new kind of front end: untruck-like riding smoothness — better steering control — slower tire wear — lower maintenance and repair costs.

Two big new Sixes, powerful new V-8!

Choose from a completely new lineup of big, powerful engines in the ‘65 Ford pickups. A new seven-main-bearing 240 cubic inch Six is standard. As an option, a new 300 cubic inch Big Six also is available. Or if you need great power, consider the new 352 cubic inch Ford V-8.

No other pickup today has a regular production V-8 as powerful or as easy-working as this one. Your Ford Dealer has full details.

Vintage 65 Ford pickups

’65 Ford pickups: Smoothest ride you’ve ever tried!

Two front axles! That’s the big difference in Ford’s spectacular new Twin-I-Beam suspension. And these two rugged I-beams (as used in big-truck axles) work independently to produce a very untrucklike riding smoothness.

What’s more, the twin axles are teamed with forged I-beam radius rods that anchor wheel alignment like never before — extend tire life — reduce maintenance needs. Result of all this: the sturdiest independent suspension any pickup ever had — the smoothest pick-up ride yet. For the complete Ford pickup story, phone your Ford dealer. 

Vintage 1965 Ford pickup truck

Makes a fine second car. Or a wonderful first truck. (1966)

Does the fact that Ford pickups ride more like a car than a truck mean we’ve gone soft? Quite the contrary.

Few years back, we had a forged I-beam axle up front. Now we have two, one for each front wheel, working independently. Shocks at one wheel don’t get passed over to the other. Or to the driver. Ford also puts husky radius rods up front. That’s to hold wheel alignment and stretch your rubber more miles.

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Even the engines have big muscle: two husky Sixes have such punch, we had to develop a big new V-8 to keep ahead of them. So, relax. Enjoy Ford’s smooth ride. Just remember that deep down under all that velvet is a solid truck, with extra toughness where it counts. Very comforting.

Smooth riding Ford pickup trucks 1966

Independent tests prove ’66 Ford Pickups ride best.

Be independent. Test-drive one yourself.

Don’t take our word. Test reports by a leading independent research laboratory show Ford pickups rode more smoothly than the other leading makes.

But no need to take their word, either. Check out Ford’s ride yourself. See how the two front axles work independently, so that shocks at one wheel aren’t passed to the other. Or to the driver.

Next, get behind the wheel. Give that pickup as independent a ride test as you can. You’ll feel better. And so will we. Because either way — our independent tests or yours — you’ll have the word.

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Smooth-riding Ford pickup truck 1966

67 Ford pickup features new that year

1967 has all-new design plus strong new components


1967 Ford pickup features new that year

All new ’67 Fords!

Now! Pickups that work like trucks and ride like cars!

Everything about them says “tough truck” except the way they treat the driver! From the sporty new Ranger to functional new standard models, each gives you the ride and handling you expect only in a car!

Get set for surprises when you turn loose in a new Ford pickup. The road’s unchanged. It’s the ride that’s different! Smooth, carlike — thanks to the two front axles only Ford pickup have. Yet beneath this smoothness is all the toughness you could ask of any truck,

Get to know the special pleasure of owning New Ford pickup. Get more muscle to work with, more comfort to go with.

‘67 Ford — get with it!

Vintage 1967 Ford pickup trucks (2)

Vintage 1967 Ford pickup trucks (3)

Vintage 1967 Ford pickup trucks (4)

Vintage 1967 Ford pickup trucks (1)

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