Chevrolet’s 17 different station wagons for 1973

Chevrolet: Choose all the wagon you need from America’s family wagon builder.

Because families come in different sizes, Chevrolet builds many different wagons. 17 in all, including a good selection of 3-seaters.

We can show you wagons to fit your family, your pocket… even your lifestyle. Like the neat little woody Vega below. If you need more than a wagon there are spacious, surprisingly comfortable Chevrolet trucks to consider.

Please turn inside. There’s much more.

Caprice Estate Wagon, Malibu Estate Wagon, Vega Estate Wagon

1973-chevrolet-wagon-builders-station-wagon-cars (2)


Neat little woody Vega & Chevelle-size wagons

1973-chevrolet-wagon-builders-station-wagon-cars (1)


Big Chevrolets & Trucks for wagon people

1973-chevrolet-wagon-builders-station-wagon-cars (3)

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