Why classic ’60s Oldsmobile Toronados were ‘rocket action’ cars

Classic '60s Oldsmobile Toronados were 'rocket action' cars

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See why people loved GM’s classic ’60s Oldsmobile Toronados – rocket action cars that were marketed very differently to men and women. Have a look.

Classic ’66 Oldsmobile Toronado

The new one-of-a-kind car… engineered by Oldsmobile!

Speculation’s over. Toronado’s here! New proof of Oldsmobile engineering leadership. Only full-size ear with front-wheel drive.

Gives you up-front traction … flat floors … six-passenger spaciousness! Plus exceptional stability. … the year’s most advanced styling! All on a big 119-inch wheelbase — powered by a 385-hp Rocket V-8, Rumor’s over. Toronado’s here!

1966 Oldsmobile Toronado classic car ad

1966: Ho-hum driving is out …Toronado’s in!

Sleek projectile shape is in. Warmed-over style is out. Road-hugging front-wheel drive, definitely in.

Flat floors, full-view side windows, concealed headlamps, draft-free ventilation system, full-size room for six are all in.

425-cube Toronado Rocket V-8 is way out—front! Fact is, every good thing we could think of is in. With one exception . . . You! LOOK TO OLDS FOR THE NEW!1966 Oldsmobile Toronado

1967 Olds Toronado: The rocket action cars are out front again

After you’ve walked off with all the honors, what do you do for an encore? Meet Olds Toronado — ’67 edition.

Awards for this. Awards for that. Awards for just about everything. But rest on its laurels? Not Toronado.

Swinging new look outside. Posh new detailing inside. Doors with torsion-bar spring assists that open easter than ever to the flat-floored, room-for-six interior.

Even that fabulous front-wheel-drive ride is smooth, and quieter for ’67. And front disc brakes and radial ply tires are available.

Trend-setting Thronado: Proved and applauded by tens of thousands of satisfied owners. Greater than ever the second time around!

Engineered for excitement …Toronado-style! ’67 OLDSMOBILE

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Meet Olds Toronado 67 edition

Engineered for excitement… Toronado-style! (1967)

Next to mink, Toronado is the most exciting animal around. (Who says it’s a man’s world?)

The nicest thing outside of a mink is the inside of a Toronado. Mark how Toronado doors open wide to let you glide in and out easily, even in the frilliest of frocks. Flat floors, front and rear, let you sit in the center like a lady.

Now take the wheel. Toronado’s front-wheel-drive negotiates tight turns, deep snow and rugged terrain effortlessly. And makes pulling into a parking place as easy as a kid gove.

Would you say Toronado is a man’s kind of car? Indeed. The kind of car a man buys for his kind of girl!

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Engineered for excitement... Toronado-style! (1967)

’68 Front-Wheel-Drive Toronado by Oldsmobile

There’s nothing average about it, including the man who drives it

Frankly, Toronado is not for the average man. It is a different kind of car far a different kind of man. Different styling: brawny, and broad-shouldered, massively male. 

Different handling: front-wheel drive tracks better on curves, grips better on snow and slick.

Different ride: different from ordinary cars. In Toronado, you command the road; it doesn’t dictate to you. You drive the car; it doesn’t drive you.

Is Toronado your kind of car? Only if you are its kind of man. Test drive one. That’s the only way you’ll find out. / GM – Oldsmobile

Front-wheel drive Toronado by Oldsmobile - 1967 ad for 1968 model

1968 Toronado: The all-car car for the all-man man

The line of demarcation is drawn. Men on one side, boys on the other. Cars fall into place.

No question which side Toronado takes. Not with that brawny, broad-shouldered look. And that responsive performance from a 455-cubic inch Rocket V-8, biggest ever built. And that masterful ride and handling.

1968 Oldsmobile Toronado

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