The science of pleasing women (1898)

Here's an... interesting... take on the so-called science behind successful male-female relationships. The science of pleasing women and what it means by Dr George F Shrady Woman controls man today despite ... Read more...

Who was Frederick Douglass? (1895)

Frederick Douglass, who was born a slave in Talbot county, Maryland, in 1817, was the one conspicuous anti-slavery agitator who spoke of the wrongs and cruelty of slavery from personal experience.

President Lincoln’s funeral (1865)

Remains of President Lincoln in Chicago Yesterday was a marked day in the history of Chicago -- a day long to be remembered by the hundreds of thousands, who witnessed the grand and imposing ceremony of re... Read more...

Artificial daylight made by Tesla (1899)

The promise made by Nikola Tesla to the world some two years ago that he would soon give it a means of lighting its homes, its offices and its streets at night time by “artificial daylight” has been fulfilled.

The Statue of Liberty unveiled (1886)

Liberty Unveiled America Accepts the Gift of the French People A city afloat hid in fog And a Million or So of People Ashore Making Holiday in the Wet The giant statue shrouded in mists like a m... Read more...

How to win the favor of ladies (1850)

The etiquette of courtship & marriage No subject in this work is more important, and certainly none will be studied with as much attention, as that of the present section. Love is the universal passio... Read more...

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