Vintage 1968 Cadillac ads

Vintage 1968 Cadillac ads

Owners of 1968 Cadillacs are so enthusiastic about the alert response and smooth, quiet operation of the new 472 V-8 engine that they often fail to mention the other outstanding features...

The ’48 Dodge: The smoothest car afloat

Be ready for compliments galore when your friends step into your new 1948 Dodge. Watch them admire the wide full-view windows - the smart instrument panel - luxury interior upholstery.
The new Chevy Nova Hatchbacks (1973)

The new Chevy Nova Hatchbacks (1973)

Now you can get a 1973 Nova with a big back door and a rear seat that folds down to become a six-foot load floor. So you can use it sort of like a wagon.
Car buyer's guide Better ideas for '68 Fords

Car buyer’s guide: Better ideas for ’68 Fords

The new '68 Fords: The Original Ford Guide for car buyers with options and features for 48 models, 5 car lines - includes Thunderbird, Mustang, Galaxie 500, LTD, Ford XL full-sized, station wagons, Torino and more.

6 station wagons from Chrysler (1962)

Economy comes built-in with these ’62 wagons from Chrysler Corporation: Plymouth Fury, Dodge Custom 880, Valiant V-200, Dodge Dart 440, Lancer 770 amd Chrysler Newport, Here’s how they save you money… automatically!

The new Chevrolet Corvette (1953)

Originally designed as a show car for General Motors’ Motorama display in early 1953, the car generated so much buzz among the public GM decided to put the Corvette into production.
Mercury Marquis beats the Cadillac deVille (1977)

Mercury Marquis beats the Cadillac deVille (1977)

The new Cadillac deVille is a fine automobile about the same size as the new Mercury Marquis. But out of 30 individual tests of automotive qualities, the Marquis won 26. And was rated superior overall by 37 out of 50 big-car drivers.
Vintage WV bus van in green

Take the bus… the Volkswagen van, that is (1977-1978)

You could have the most practical family wheels anywhere, the Volkswagen Bus. The vehicle that carries the most for the least cost. The VW Bus gets an estimated 28 mpg on the highway, and 20 mpg in the city with standard transmission.