Ford Select Shift: 1960s automatic & manual gear shifting in one car

Ford Select Shift gear shift - cars from 1967-001

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SelectShift, an automotive transmission introduced by Ford in the 1960s, let people choose to drive a car either as an automatic or by manually shifting gears.

Their sales pitch was that couples wouldn’t have to choose between buying a stick shift car or not, because they could get both in one vehicle.

Why see a marriage counselor? Get a Select Shift. (1967)

You want a stick shift. She wants an automatic. And your budget says: “one car!”

No problem anymore. Get one car. And get it with a Ford Motor Company Select Shift.

The Select Shift is standard equipment with every automatic transmission. Comes on the steering column or on the floor.

Works like this: Shift the Select Shift into first or second gear; it works like a manual shift. Real control in snow or mud. Assists braking on hills — helps handle heavy trailer load. Shift the Select Shift into automatic. It’s automatic.

The Select Shift. You get your way. She gets hers. Ford has a better idea… Shift for yourself!

Marriage counselor or Ford Select Shift (1967)

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Ford SelectShift: Shifts manually. Shifts automatically. (1967)

SelectShift. A better idea. A smooth automatic transmission that does double-duty as a manual transmission, at your command.

Starting: Ice? Sand? Only SelectShift lets you start and _ in 2nd gear… reduces wheel ratio for maximum control.

Passing: SelectShift into 2nd from drive. You’ve got added power to pass safely.

Climbing: SelectShift into 1st, start climbing. SelectShift to 2nd, you’re there.

Braking: Downhill? SelectShift to 2nd. Keeps brakes cool!

Traffic: SelectShift gives you more power automatically or manually.

Ford Select Shift gear shift - cars from 1967

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