Check out the 1960s Dodge Coronet cars

1960s Dodge Coronet cars

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See how these classic 1960s Dodge Coronet cars — both hardtops and convertibles — were big inside and out, but made to appeal to the people looking for down-to-earth prices.

Hot new! ’65 Dodge Coronet

Dodge at a new lower price. Coronet ’65. Bigger? Than the both of them: Chevelle and Fairlane. In wheelbase. In power.

Inside. Buckets. Bomb. Bonus. Check the price. Surprise again. Right down with the little ones. It figures. It comes from Dodge. And Dodge comes on big for 1965.

1965 Dodge Coronet cars

Join the Dodge rebellion (1966)

Announcing a beautiful rebellion on wheels. 

Listen. Those sounds you hear are habits breaking. Ties snapping. Records falling. They’re the happy sounds of the Dodge rebellion. People demanding more “hot” in their hot cars, more “big” in their big cars, more “new” in their new cars.

Swingers switching to dodge. Like the hot new ’66 Coronet shown below — the rambunctious rebel that’s leading Dodge’s charge on Dullsville. Or big new ’66 Polara. Or all-new ’66 Dart.

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Come along. The dodge rebellion wants you.

1966 Dodge Coronet car

Rise up. — Dodge Coronet (1966)

Break away from the everyday. Rebellious Dodge Coronet 500 will show you how.

Here’s the plan: New ’66 Coronet 500 will draw attention to itself with its all-new styling and tempting interior beauty. Meanwhile, you slip into one of those posh, vinyl-covered bucket seats… and you are on your way. It’s ‘Goodbye, boredom.’

How far you go depends on you. Coronet 500, top of the hot-new Coronet Series, has a stable of spirited engines to carry you away.

From the standard 273 cubic inch V8 on up. Deep pile carpeting, padded dash and handsome center console are all part of Coronet 500’s standard plan, too.

We say dull driving must go. And the time is now. Coronet 500 is how. Are you with us? The Dodge Rebellion wants you.

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1966 Dodge Coronet cars

Tied down by today’s car prices? (1967)

The Good Guys to the recuse with their “White Hat” Special.

What’s a “White Hat” Special? It’s a dazzling new Dodge Coronet 440 — with the special features you have wanted at a special low package price!

  • White or black vinyl top or a standard roof
  • Deluxe wheel covers
  • White sidewall tires
  • Bumper guards, front and rear
  • Deluxe steering wheel
  • Fender-mounted turn signals

The “White Hat” Special is available in your choice of a 2-door hardtop (shown here) or a 4-door sedan. Colors? Choose again from a rainbow of nineteen! Air conditioning and V8 power? The Good Guys can make ’em yours for a breeze!

Also, ask about the ‘White Hat” Special on Charger. Try a “White Hat” Special on for size. Join the Dodge Rebellion.

1967 Dodge Coronet cars

’67 Dodge Coronet 500

“Tired of halfway cars that miss the mark? Aim for Coronet 500!”

This time, aim high. Set your sights on Coronet’s luxury, and distinction, and outstanding performance. And get all you aim for at a very down-to-earth price. Coronet for ’67 offers a full line… sedans, wagons, convertibles, hardtops.

The Coronet 500 convertible you see here is one. It and its companion Coronet 500 two-door hardtop have these extra touches of luxury, all at the standard price: bucket seats up front, a distinctive grille design, center cushion and pull-down armrest, and plush carpeting wherever your feet touch down.

Coronet 500 also offers a choice of five engines — up to a V8. Options include front seat headrests and a vinyl-covered roof.

There’s nothing halfway about Coronet. It’s right on target. Don’t take that old familiar trail to the ho-hum cars again. See your Dodge Dealer. If you haven’t already enlisted in Dodge Rebellion Operation ’67, your time has come.

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White 67 classic Dodge Coronet car

Watch out. You’re getting Dodge Fever! (1967)

And you said, “It can’t happen to me.” 

Don’t feel alone. You’re with friends. Lots of them. That’s how it is when you find a car like Dodge Coronet 500. It’s more than just a new car… it’s a new car with more.

Like more good looks. More extras. More safety items. More than you can resist-Strong V8 power. And deep-pile carpeting. Padded instrument panel.

In front — foam-padded, vinyl-trimmed bucket seats. Standard. (Optional on convertible and wagon models.) Or, if you wish, you can pick the optional fold-down center armrest-seat that makes room for three. (Three isn’t a crowd in this one.)

Want to know more? Coronet comes in a full line of body styles — wagons, hardtops, convertibles, sedan, and new coupe. With a choice of 16 colors.

And the power range goes from a 225-cubic-inch Six to a 440-cubic-inch Magnum V8. All at a price that won’t strain your budget a bit.

Now aren’t you glad you’ve got Dodge Fever? With Coronet, it’s easy to cure.

Dodge Fever - 1967 Coronet

Back the attack on dull with the Dodge Rebellion! (1967)

Thought you were pretty tough resisting last year’s Dodge Coronet? Well, this year it’s going to be even tougher. Because Coronet has been brightened up and sharpened up for 1967. Smart new lines for a new look of excitement.

So what else is new? Just about everything.

Like a standard equipment list that’s grown to an amazing length. Over a dozen safety items alone. A remote-control outside rearview mirror. Day/night inside mirror. Padded sun visors. Retractable front, lap belts. And the list goes on and on.

Power? Plenty of it. Choose from a standard Six up to the optional 4-barrel 383-cubic-inch V8. And let’s not forget Coronet’s optional 3- speed TorqueFlite automatic. One of the slickest, quickest transmissions going.

How about the interior? How about foam-padded seats covered with textured vinyl, padded instrument panel, armrests? And again the list goes on.

Still trying to resist? Wait till you check the price. Coronet’s beautiful proof that excitement doesn’t have to be expensive. How about it?

Isn’t it time you traded that same old look for a fresh, new ’67 Coronet? Come on, sign up today. Coronet’s got what you want, and we want you!

The 1967 Dodge Coronet

White hat special! 1968 Dodge Coronet

Two specially equipped Dodge Coronets at a new low package price!

Your choice of a Dodge Coronet 440 two-door hardtop or four-door sedan. Look at what you get at the white hat special sale price:

  • Front, rear bumper guards
  • Bright belt mouldings (2-door hardtop only)
  • Whitewall tires 
  • Deluxe wheel covers
  • Vinyl roof in black, white or green, or standard top
  • Bright wheel lip mouldings 
  • Fender-mounted turn signals

And for a pleasant surprise, ask your Dodge Boy about his special low price on Coronet’s optional 383-cubic-inch, 2-bbl. V8.

See your Dodge boys, tell them the Fever Girl sent you.

1968 Dodge Coronet cars

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