The 1968 Chrysler Imperial: See this classic car inside & out

The 1968 Chrysler Imperial See this classic car inside and out

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Take a look back at the 1968 Chrysler Imperial — a classic car that came in a four-door hardtop, coupe and LeBaron models, and offered a front seat that doubled as a 5-foot sofa.

The 1968 Chrysler Imperial

There is no reason why a luxury car should be dull to drive.

Welcome to a totally new driving environment. Lavish. Commodious. Invigorating. You don’t adjust to Imperial luxury. It adjusts to you.

The front seat (shown in Silhouette-grain leather upholstery) is actually three seats in one. With armrests up, it is a 5-foot-wide sofa. With armrests down, it becomes twin armchairs, or an armchair plus recliner. Whichever you prefer, whenever you prefer.

The 1968 Chrysler Imperial (2)

With full options, absolute luxury surrounds you. Stereo tapes play through a 5-speaker system. An AM/FM radio tunes itself. Headlights dim and brighten by themselves.

When you arrive home late, they remain on, lighting the way to your door. Then extinguish automatically. Set the Auto-Temp for the exact temperature you prefer. It is maintained — winter and summer.

No other luxury car moves and comforts like this one. Not one is so thoroughly satisfying to drive.

The 1968 Imperial, finest automobile built by Chrysler Corporation.

The 1968 Chrysler Imperial (1)

Announcing the 1968 Imperial (1967)

The new 1968 Imperial… if you want more than luxury in your luxury car.

In the 1968 Imperial, you don’t just see luxury. You experience it. You feel it in a seat padded with double layers of thick foam. You feel it in the response of a high-performance V8– the largest ever offered by Chrysler Corporation. You feel it in the torsion-bar ride.

A few miles of twisting road could change your whole idea of what a luxury car should be. What you don’t feel is boredom. You can order an AM/FM radio and a stereo tape system that play through 5 speakers. On long drives, set the optional Auto-Pilot, re-adjust the seat, assume a new position.

Tensions of mind and muscle soon are forgotten. If you want more than luxury in your luxury car, drive the one that has more.

The 1968 Imperial, fittest automobile built by Chrysler Corporation.

Shown: Imperial Crown Four-Door Hardtop

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Announcing the 1968 Imperial (1967)

If you want more than luxury in your luxury car

Imperial: A luxury car should do a lot more than just look beautiful at the club.

Shown: The 1968 Imperial LeBaron

1968 Chrysler Imperial - vintage classic car ad (6)

You’ll discover more than scenery when you leave the Interstate behind

Follow an asphalt road through the countryside until it turns to gravel. The scenery changes as you go. But the ride doesn’t.

With torsion-bar control, you continue smoothly, quietly. With the largest V8 offered by Chrysler Corporation, you can take on a mountain — and find it’s no contest.

As the miles flick by, relax. Assume a new position. Re-adjust the optional six-way power seat so that seat height, tilt, and legroom are right for you. Relax. Surround yourself with 5-speaker stereo sound—with 8-track tape player or AM/FM Stereo Multiplex Radio, optional.

For ultimate comfort and convenience, you may order Auto-Temp air conditioning. One setting maintains the temperature you prefer—through altitude and weather changes. This year, drive the vital new Imperial, finest automobile built by Chrysler Corporation.

Shown: The ’68 Crysler Imperial Crown Coupe

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1968 Chrysler Imperial - vintage classic car ad (7)

1968 Chrysler Imperial: A special day shouldn’t end when you start for home

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1968 Chrysler Imperial - vintage classic car ad (8)

1968 Imperial: Arrive home ready for home

1968 Chrysler Imperial - vintage classic car ad (3)

You may find yourself getting away more often this year

1968 Chrysler Imperial - vintage classic car ad (4)

1968 Imperial: The real reward comes when you finish your first 600-mile day

1968 Chrysler Imperial - vintage classic car ad (1)

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  1. Enjoyed all the info on the IMPERIAL…with one glaring exception:
    The IMPERIAL actually CEASED being a Chrysler beginning in 1955. From that point on, IMPERIAL became a SEPARATE DISTINCT MAKE of car. It was no longer a Chrysler…nor was it VINed as a Chrysler. From 1955 on, it was simply IMPERIAL. The “second banana” New Yorker then became the top-line Chrysler…because IMPERIAL was not a Chrysler anymore. In fact, Chrysler Corporation actually sent word to all Motor Vehicle Departments in the then-48 United States, informing them the IMPERIAL, as of 1955, would no longer be registered as a Chrysler, but as its OWN make. Here’s more…
    1) Wikipedia – Imperial_(automobile)
    3. Quora

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