See old 1920s Dodge cars from ‘Dodge Brothers’

See some early Dodge cars from the 1920s from 'Dodge Brothers'

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Dodge Brothers: 4-door sedan (1920)

The sedan is so solidly entrenched in the affections of the American people that it has almost attained the proportions of a national institution.

The gasoline consumption is unusually low. The tire mileage is unusually high.


Dodge Brothers Touring Car (1925)

When summer invites you into the country, you will appreciate more than ever the advantages of Dodge Brothers Touring Car. Open to fresh air and sunlight the Touring Car is healthful and delightful to drive.

Moreover, it is common knowledge everywhere that Dodge Brothers product is dependable, and will carry you on your way without annoyance — and at small cost.

Vintage Dodge Brothers cars - 1925 (2)

A new coach (1925)

Recognizing the demand for a truly comfortable and economical car of the coach type, Dodge Brothers have provided it.

The new Coach reveals a characteristic maturity of design — in the low-swung lines of the body, in the arrangement of the interior for five-passenger comfort, and in the exceptional dimensions of the doors and windows.

The car is Duco finished in Dodge Brothers blue with a body stripe of cartouche yellow. Fittings and fixtures are first quality throughout, and balloon tires are standard equipment.

So far as riding comfort and dependability are concerned, it is only necessary to add that the Coach is built on Dodge Brothers sturdy chassis and cushioned by Dodge Brothers underslung springs.

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Vintage Dodge Brothers cars - 1925

Dodge Bros Sedan & Special Sedan (1926)

Initial low cost… and an after-cost so low that it has rarely been even approached in motor car history.

Dodge Brothers’ new low prices represent nothing short of an industrial triumph. A triumph of vast and expanding production. A triumph of unparalleled shop efficiency. A triumph of engineering science itself.

Pioneers in steel body construction, Dodge Brothers again pioneer in perfecting the processes by which steel bodies are built — and the result is better bodies at less cost.

Pioneers in applying quality methods to quantity production, Dodge Brothers again pioneer in raising quality standards while practically doubling output. Initial low cost was the goal and Dodge Brothers have achieved it.

Still higher standards of quality were sought and Dodge Brothers have attained them.

With more than 90% of all the motor cars they have ever built still in service, Dodge Brothers determined to break their own unprecedented record with the cars they are building today. And time will prove how thoroughly they have succeeded.

For ultimate low cost, even more than initial low cost, has always been the end and aim of Dodge Brothers, and ultimate low cost is most perfectly reflected in long car life, low cost of upkeep and high value at resale — three vital features in which Dodge Brothers Motor Car stands preeminent.

Vintage Dodge cars - Dodge Brothers - 1926 (2)

Vintage Dodge cars - Dodge Brothers - 1926 (3)

Touring Car, Special Touring Car & Sport Touring Car (1926)

Now more than ever, Character and Dependability: Qualities long associated with Dodge Brothers product — now brought to a new high level of Perfection.

To press the starter button of your car and know that the engine will respond almost instantly. To set out on a long trip — even over the roughest road — and feel assured that the usual mechanical annoyances will not delay your journey.

To buy a car and know that it will serve you faithfully for years without frequent costly overhauling. To know, too, that expensive refinishing will be found unnecessary, and that when you come to sell or exchange the car it will bring an exceptional price. That is dependability, as the public has come to apply the word to Dodge Brothers Motor Car. That is character built by men into a product.

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Vintage Dodge cars - Dodge Brothers - 1926 (4)

Vintage Dodge cars - Dodge Brothers - 1926 (5)

Dodge Brothers Sedan, Special Sedan & De Luxe sedan (1926)

A good name — priceless, and therefore jealously upheld: It is a fact well known that the name DODGE BROTHERS is more valuable than the vast and expanding works in which Dodge Brothers product is built.

Dodge Brothers, Inc., have simply kept the faith and implicit public confidence has been their reward. Year after year the car has continued to mature into a better and better product.

Costly chrome vanadium steel was the basic metal employed in the beginning, and it is the basic metal employed today — in larger measure than in any other motor car built. The first automobile to leave Dodge Brothers Works — a Touring Car — was equipped with an all steel body.

And during the past few years, Dodge Brothers have perfected this superior construction for ALL their motorcars. Beauty has been added to dependability, comfort and silence to beauty. Endless refinements have been made. Prices have been reduced. But always in every instance, the quality of every detail has been maintained or improved.

The consistent goodness of the car has attracted a steadily expanding market. Wider markets have permitted a better and better product at lower and lower cost. Dodge Brothers progress has been conservative and logical. The result is a GOOD NAME, worthy of the public trust it inspires, and too priceless ever to jeopardize.

Vintage Dodge cars - Dodge Brothers - 1926 (6)

Vintage Dodge cars - Dodge Brothers - 1926 (7)

Supremacy in fine steel (1926)

In the percentage of costly Chrome Vanadium Steel used, Dodge Brothers motor car outranks any other automobile in the world, regardless of cost.

It is generally conceded that Chrome Vanadium Steel is the toughest and most enduring metal ever created for use in the vital parts of a motor car. It may not be so well known, however, that Dodge Brothers Motor Car ranks first in the world in the use of this costly material.

Dodge Brothers’ complete power assembly is Chrome Vanadium — motor, connecting rods, crankshaft, transmission, universal joint, drive shaft, differential and rear axle shaft. Even the front axle is Chrome Vanadium — virtually the entire steering unit — and every leaf of the springs. In fact, wherever any manufacturer uses alloy steels, Dodge Brothers use costly Chrome Vanadium. And in numerous instances, Dodge Brothers employ it where plain carbon steel, even in the costliest cars, is commonly thought sufficient.

Vintage Dodge cars - Dodge Brothers - 1926 (8)

Vintage Dodge cars - Dodge Brothers - 1926 (1)

The new Fours: Another page turns in Dodge Brothers’ history (1927)

Announcing a completely new line of low-priced motor cars by Dodge Brothers. For the second time within six weeks, an important page turns — a vital new chapter opens — in the history of Dodge Brothers.

Following their recent announcement of a brilliant new line of Sixes, Dodge Brothers today carry their programme a broad step further by presenting to the world a completely new line of low-priced Fours. These new Fours are the biggest small cars ever built. The fleetest, smartest, and by all odds the sturdiest.

Powered by Dodge Brothers’ remarkable new motor, they perform with genuine distinction and with a marked reduction in the consumption of fuel. Hot-spot manifold — standard gear transmission — five-bearing crankshaft — silent-action clutch — balloon-geared steering — new type cylinder head — new oiling and cooling systems and many other vital refinements make this the greatest four-cylinder power unit ever created.

The new bodies are distinctively American, beautifully finished in pastel lacquers and designed by one of the country’s foremost creators of custom coachwork. The power, speed, pick-up and get-away of these new Fours will astonish you. And the prices will astonish you still more.

Vintage Dodge Brothers cars - 1927 (2)

Vintage Dodge Brothers cars - 1927 (1)

The fastest Dodge Brothers car yet (1928)

Vintage Dodge Brothers cars - 1928

New! Dodge Brothers Six (1929)

By a wide and commanding margin, the new Dodge Brothers Six is the most compelling value in all Dodge Brothers history. It is a composite of captivating style, advanced engineering and outstanding proficiency.

Conceived by Walter P. Chrysler, produced in the great Dodge Brothers workshops, it has that alluring beauty so typical of all Chrysler-built cars as well as the proverbial dependability and economy so long associated with Dodge Brothers. From every angle, the new Dodge Brothers Six is unapproached by any car at or near its price.

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Vintage Dodge cars - 1929 (4)

Even finer then the name implies (1929)

Thousands of American men and women are buying the new Dodge Brothers Six on the sole recommendation of its name.

To them, the new Dodge Brothers Six — product of Chrysler Motors — means far more than any detailed recital of its many advanced engineering features and style attractions. But, confident as these buyers are, few are prepared for the many surprises the new Dodge Brothers Six actually holds in store.

Not until you experience the performance of this splendid new car do you fully appreciate its comfort, its ease of control, its smooth. eager power and the roominess of its new Mono-piece Body. The new Dodge Brothers Six goes far beyond the highest previous Dodge Brothers standards. It offers the world an utterly new conception of a more-for-the-money motor car.

Vintage Dodge cars - 1929 (1)

New Dodge Brothers Six… as presented by Walter P. Chrysler. (1929)

Dodge Brothers Six typifies that genius in engineering and craftsmanship which characterizes all Chrysler-built cars. The most remarkable value in Dodge Brothers history, it introduces more than a score of important betterments.

In new beauty, in sparkling performance, in superior comfort, in safety, and in luxury of detail, the new Dodge Brothers Six is a supreme achievement. The long-time prestige of Dodge Brothers takes on new luster from this remarkable Six.

Vintage Dodge cars - 1929 (2)

New Dodge Senior (1929)

…the largest, handsomest and finest product of Dodge Brothers craftsmanship.

The new Dodge Senior was the first creation of Dodge Brothers under the auspices of Walter P. Chrysler. It is a fine, large car of most forceful character and attraction — modern in mode, vivid in action.

Built in plants that for years have upheld the Dodge Brothers tradition of quality motor car manufacturer — under the guiding genius of an outstanding master of modern engineering and craftsmanship — it is well worthy of is eminently fine a heritage.

Dodge Senior coachwork is smart car style in its most alluring mood. Its refreshing lines and distinctive interiors cannot he seen without a feeling of intense admiration. Here are sparkling new color harmonies which good taste invariably acclaims; the latest artistic treatment of mouldings and paneling; seats luxuriously wide and deeply cushioned — as well as custom-body fitments of exclusive and fashionable design.

No one can drive this large new Dodge Senior even the fraction of a mile without responding enthusiastically to the thrill of its performance, and the charm of its riding and driving comfort. It is quick on the pick-up — an incredibly fast road traveler — sound of structure and possessing engineering advancements which make all speeds smooth and safe and certain.

Dodge Senior commands power far beyond need — more than most drivers will ever ask—and with roller-bearing steering and Chrysler hydraulic 4-wheel braking, it is admirably keyed to all the many complexities of present-day traffic.

In the whole world of great motor cars, there is none quite like the spacious new Dodge Senior — no car which will inspire more pride and confidence.

The new Dodge Senior is the largest, handsomest and finest product of Dodge Brothers craftsmanship. It has the enthusiastic spirit of all Chrysler achievement and that sterling dependability which never fails to characterize Dodge Brothers cars.

Vintage Dodge cars - 1929 (3)

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