1970s Ford Mavericks: The simple compact cars

Classic 1970s Ford Maverick cars

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The first of the 1970s Ford Mavericks was introduced as tough, reliable compact car available in 2-door or 4-door family sedans. Simple to operate. Simple to service. By 1976, more than 1.6 million had been built.

It’s not a superbomb, it’s more of a jazzy firecracker (1970)

The sporty new Grabber is Maverick’s way of adding some icing to the economy cake …without making things too rich for any man’s diet. You wouldn’t dream of taking it out on the track. (Getting you to the track is more its speed.)

But you’ll love it for what it really is: A Ford Maverick at heart. A Simple Machine that goes a long way on a gallon of gas stretches a parking space… shrinks repair bills and maintenance costs. And wears a Maverick-y price tag. In fact, the new Grabber is everything Maverick is. Plus a little more fun. And all that jazz.

Here’s what you get: • 200-cubic-inch Six • Sack-painted hood and grille • Bodyside tape stripes • C78-14 white sidewalls • 14″ wheels and trim rings • Deck-lid spoiler • Dual racing mirrors • 3-speed fully-synchronized manual transmission • 3-spoke wood-grained steering wheel • Black all-vinyl interior trim • Choice of five hot Grabber colors • Options like a 250-cu.-in. Six, automatic transmission.

Plus these other Maverick dividends: • No high price. • No high “muscle car” insurance rates. • No hard-to-tune engine. Grabber adds to your fun, not your mechanical problems. • No hard, stiff ride. Grabber’s sprung for comfort, not for the track. • No high maintenance costs. Servicing’s fast and simple. With lots you can do yourself.

It’s a Maverick. For a little more … It’s a Grabber.

1970 Ford Maverick Grabber


Own the car that doesn’t own you: The 71 Maverick

Finally, a car that practically takes care of itself. Maverick is designed to save you time and money.

Of all 31 American cars surveyed by Popular Mechanics Magazine — Maverick had the highest percentage of owners reporting no mechanical troubles.

Maverick’s regular service schedule won’t get you down, either. This little compact goes 6,000 miles between oil changes, 36,000 miles between chassis lubes. The brakes are self-adjusting. And you can keep on saving by doing most routine maintenance jobs yourself. Change spark plugs, replace fuel filter, tune-ups and oil changes, too.

Choose a Six or V-8, 2-door, 4-door or Sporty Grabber. At your Ford Dealer’s. Better idea for safety: Buckle up.

71 Ford Mavericks

Maverick: The Simple Machine (1971)

Maverick The Simple Machine (1971)

A machine famous for not breaking down: Ford Maverick cars (1972)

Seems like most machines you buy today end up costing you more money just to keep them running. That’s what makes Ford Maverick so exceptional.

Maverick is a simple, uncomplicated machine — so there’s less chance of anything going wrong. What’s more, a good-looking, family-sized Maverick can be yours for surprisingly little money. Standard 6 or optional V-8. 2-door, 4-door or sporty Grabber.

Maverick: If reliability is important to you. — 1972 Maverick 2-door Shown and Protection sidewall tires and tinted

Vintage Ford Maverick cars (1972)




1973 Ford Maverick: A new kind of luxury in compact cars

It’s our Luxury Decor Option. Here’s what you get with it: Vinyl roof. Vinyl insert molding. Color-keyed wheel covers. Steel-belted, radial ply tires.

Glove-soft individual reclining seats. Cut pile carpeting. European-type armrests. Wood-grain dash. Insulation and suspension components designed for a quiet, smooth ride. And more. In the 2 or 4-door Maverick, at your Ford dealer.

1973 Ford Maverick

73 Ford Maverick: Unexpected luxury in a compact car.

Introducing Ford Maverick’s Luxury Decor Option: glove-soft reclining bucket seats. Plush cut pile carpeting. European-type arm rests.Wood grained dash.

Outside: vinyl-grained roof, color-coordinated body molding and bumper guards, color-keyed wheel covers, radial-ply white sidewall tires. All this in the reliable 2-door and 4-door Maverick, at a surprisingly low price. See your Ford Dealer.

1973 Ford Maverick interior

Ford Maverick for 1974. Surprising luxury and comfort in an economical family car. 

Ford Maverick has always been an inexpensive car to run with a reputation for good gas mileage. Now Maverick with Luxury Decor Option also offers many appointments you’d expect on a luxury car.

It’s the economical family compact that doesn’t ask you to give up luxury. See it now at your Ford puler’s. The closer you look, the better we look. 

1974 Ford Maverick cars

Ford Maverick (1974)

74 Ford Maverick cars

74 Ford Maverick cars

The 76 Ford Maverick: Improved

The 1976 Ford Maverick… backed by six years of honing, refining, improving.

For ’76 we’ve also improved Maverick’s gas mileage. With its base 200 CID engine (not available in California) and standard manual transmission, Maverick has EPA estimates of 30 mpg highway, 22 city. That’s better than any 6-cylinder import! Of course, your actual mileage will vary with the kind of driving you do, how you drive, optional equipment and your car’s condition.

And as standard features for ’76 we’ve also added manual front disc brakes and foot-operated parking brakes, plus a handsome new grille. Still the same, only better than before . the dependable ’76 Ford Maverick. Backed by 6 years of honing, refining, and improving.

Here are a few of Maverick’s yearly improvement highlights. After the successful introduction of the 2-door Maverick, Ford introduced the 4-door sedan. This made Maverick a true family compact, that handles without fuss!

The base model was upgraded with 14″ wheels and tires. Side door guard rails added. Air circulation improved for better ventilation. 5 MPH energy-absorbing bumper systems. Improved safety design roof structure. Thicker paint for greater durability. Spark plug wires and heating shield upgraded. And fast starting solid-state ignition became standard features.

These are just a few of the yearly improvements that make Maverick such an honest value — the dependable family compact you can count on.

The 76 Ford Maverick Improved

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