Ford pickups from the ’70s: They said it worked like a truck, rode like a car

Ford Pickups from the 70s

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Works like a truck, rides like a car (1972)

Prepare for a surprise when you first drive a Ford pickup — it rides more like a car than a truck. Steering is precise, almost effortless. Turns are sharp, with little lean or side-sway. Hardly any nose-dive when braking. Man-size room for head, legs and shoulders. And noise is something you left outside.

The reason for Ford’s great ride lies in better ideas. Like Ford’s unique Twin-I-Beam front suspension with big coil springs and two front axles that operate independently to step over bumps.

Fords are built to stand up, too — 92 out of every 100 Ford trucks sold in the past 12 years are still on the job. See your Ford Dealer and test-drive a Ford pickup. There’s a nice surprise in every one.

Vintage 1972 Ford pickup trucks (1)

No other pickup rides and handles like a Ford. (1972)

There is practically no nose-dive when braking. Steering is precise, cornering flat. Road noise and vibration are virtually nonexistent.

The reason is better ideas like exclusive Twin-I-Beam front suspension. Each front wheel has an I-beam axle and coil spring to step over bumps independently. With heavy-duty springs, a unique rear leaf-suspension automatically adjusts to keep the ride smooth, loaded or light.

Vintage 1972 Ford pickup trucks (2)

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Vintage 1972 Ford pickup trucks with flat cornering

Ford pickups ride like no other pick-up because no other pickup has Twin-I-Beam suspension. Each front wheel has an I-beam axle that works independently to step over bumps. Steering is precise. Cornering is flat. And there is practically no nosedive when braking.

In the rear, a unique leaf-spring suspension is offered that automatically adjusts spring stiffness to loads. And loads are what Fords thrive on — 92 out of every 100 Ford trucks sold in the past 12 years are still on the job. 

Vintage 1972 Ford pickup trucks (3)

The ’73 Ford pickups with air conditioning

Limited time only! Special Ford Pickups with special discounts on a choice of popular options… including Cruise-O-Matic, power steering, air conditioning.

The ’73 Pickup starts out a great buy. You get better ideas like behind-seat storage, full-foam seating, front disc brakes, the roomiest Ford pickup cab ever. And now you can get an even better buy: Ford Explorer Special models with three special packages at real savings.

Vintage 1973 Ford pickup truck

’73 Ford pickups start the better ideas coming all over again!

73 Ford pickup trucks (1)

Make it a new Ford pickup (1973)

… with matching box cover to protect your cargo.

The ’73 Ford pickup brings you a whole new generation of better ideas! Like the roomiest Ford pickup cab ever.

New full-foam seating. A new, hidden storage compartment behind the seat. Twin-I-Beam riding smoothness. Front disc brakes, standard. And… a new optional Ford fiberglass box cover especially designed to fit smartly on your Ford.

Vintage Ford pickup truck with camper shell - 1970s

Ford pickups from the ’70s: Buyer’s guide (1974)

12 things you should know about the ’74 Ford.

  1. Ford cabs are quiet, carlike, roomy, 66 inches wide inside; three big men can ride relaxed.
  2. Even the standard cab has the comfort of a full-foam seat 7 inches deep.
  3. Choose a Ford Six or, for heavy loads, V-8s up to 460 cubic inches.
  4. Optional air conditioning is built right into the dash.
  5. Ford pickups come as big as 10,000 lbs. GVM to meet your needs.
  6. Behind seat storage space big enough for tool boxes or golf bags.
  7. Only Ford has Twin-I-Beam suspension for truck strength, carlike ride.
  8. Ford moved the gas tank from the cab to a protected position between the frame rails.
  9. Sides of cargo box are double-wall full depth. Over 200 square feet of the surface is zinc-coated.
  10. Front disc brakes are standard on all pick-ups with 2-wheel drive.
  11. Over 92 of 100 Ford trucks built in the last 12 years are still on the job (R.L. Polk & Co.)
  12. Better ideas have made Ford first in trucks for 5 straight years. See why at your dealer’s.

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1974 Ford Pickup buyer's guide

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