See the short-lived Oldsmobile Delmont 88 (1967 & 1968)

Oldsmobile's Delmont 88 (1967-1968)

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Some car model names have been around for decades — like the Buick Skylark or the Ford Mustang. But not the Oldsmobile Delmont 88. It was produced for just two model years: 1967 and  1968. 

The Delmont 88 offered two different V8 engines, and was available in both two-door and four-door models: The Holiday Sedan, Town Sedan, Holiday Coupe & Convertible.

It was considered a mid-priced car, positioned between the entry-level F-85 and the luxury 98 models in Oldsmobile’s lineup. Even if it wasn’t the top-of-the-line, the Delmont was known for its smooth ride and comfortable interior, and it was popular with families and older buyers.

How does Delmont 88 deliver so many fine-car features at such a modest price? Just beautifully.

Building cars that deliver the goods — and the goodies — comes second nature with Oldsmobile.

As evidence, the new Delmont 88. Toronado-inspired from stem to stern. Rocket-powered in two V-8 versions, 330 and 425 cubic inches. Proved Olds 88 chassis, brakes and suspension. A whole host of safety features, all standard.

And, if you wish, such Olds engineering advancements as Climatic Combustion Control, UHV Transistorized Ignition System, front disc brakes — to name only a few. Frankly, you’d never expect a car that offers as much as Delmont 88 to carry such a modest price. But there it is, in writing, right on the sticker.

There’s a Rocket for every pocket at your Olds Dealer’s One-Stop Transportation Center: 36 Toronado-inspired Oldsmobile models — with a wider range of prices, features and standard safety equipment than ever!

The Rocket Action Cars are out front again! Oldsmobile: Engineered for excitement… Toronado-style!

Oldsmobile's Delmont 88 (1967)

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Delmont 88 Town Sedan, outside & inside (1967)

Delmont 88 instrument panel deftly combines convenience, safety and style. Handsome grained-vinyl panel is fully padded. Recessed dials reduce glare, as does satin finish on chrome detailing. Soft, low-profile window control knobs are color-keyed. And, as on all Olds models, steering column is energy-absorbing.

Smart Delmont 88 nameplate, tasteful molding and Toronado-inspired wheel cutouts distinguish Oldsmobile’s newest 88 from all comers.

A full-fledged member of the Olds clan, but an individualist all the way. Delmont 88’s fashionable face makes the point admirably. And back of it — a smooth four-coil spring, 123-inch-wheelbase ride. Delmont 88’s rear end is equally sleek. Horizontal taillight tops gleaming triple-chromed bumper. 

1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 Town Sedan

1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 Town Sedan dashboard and steering wheell

1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 Town Sedan front headlights

Vintage 68 Oldsmobile Delmont cars

Olds makes you feel so young. (1968)

Drive a youngmobile from Oldsmobile: We decided to make Oldsmobile the youngest car on the road this year. And this new Delmont 88 is one example of how we did it.

It is young in the way it looks, as you can see. Young in the way it acts. Bigger, more responsive Rocket V 8 engines are the reason. It delivers greater low-end torque for increased efficiency, increased economy, too.

And it is young in the way it rides, thanks to four- advanced features coil springs and a 123-inch wheelbase. But, like every one of the 31 new youngmobiles, Delmont 88 is pure Oldsmobile, too. 

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Classic 1968 Delmont 88 from Oldsmobile

4 Oldsmobile Delmont body styles for 1968

Delmont 88 Holiday Sedan, Town Sedan, Holiday Coupe & Convertible

4 Oldsmobile Delmont body styles for 1968

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