1980s Ford Escort Wagons were the best-selling wagons in the America for years

1980s Ford Escort Wagons

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Back in the 1980s, Ford Escort Wagons were top-sellers all across America, giving drivers cargo space, room for a family… and you could even get the ‘woody’ version with a faux wood finish on the sides.

Vintage 1982 Ford Escort Wagons

Escort Wagon came on the scene a year ago, and promptly became America’s favorite wagon.*

Maybe that’s because it’s the only American-built wagon with both the traction of front-wheel drive, and the smoothness of four-wheel independent suspension. Or maybe because of the great job it does in carrying, commuting and loading.

With the rear seat up, Escort Wagon offers 28 cubic feet of usable cargo room, and a color-keyed cargo cover to conceal your valuables.

With the rear seat down, Escort’s already considerable volume nearly doubles, to 57.8 square feet…

Vintage brown 1982 Ford Escort Wagon ad

The ’83 Ford Escort Wagon

A good thing gets even better. For two years running, Escort Wagon has outsold every wagon in America. Foreign or domestic.’ It also has 58.4 cubic feet of cargo volume with the rear seat down.

But since there’s always room for improvement, we’ve added over 90 new improvements, ranging from a new luxury sound insulation package to a new fuel-conscious shift indicator light.

A wagon for braggin’. Escort is the only American-made wagon with both front-wheel drive and four-wheel independent suspension. And Escort’s unique CVH engine also gives you efficiency worth bragging about.

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Vintage 1983 Ford Escort wagon

Ford Escort Wagon. A small wonder. (1984)

There’s plenty to like about Escort, the best-selling wagon in America* with front-wheel drive, four-wheel independent suspension and rack and pinion steering.

Escort commands an easy confidence on the road. And Escort’s unique CVH engine gives a performance with just the right amount of dash. Fold down the rear seat and you’ve got 58.4 cu. ft. of cargo space to fill as you like.

Escort Wagon. It’s a small wonder. *Based on most recent R. L. Polk & Co. registrations for ’83 model year.

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Ford Escort wagon. A small wonder (1984)

Ford Escort Wagon (1987)

Ford Escort is the world’s best-selling car five years running. That’s based on ’82-’86 calendar year worldwide sales and export data. One reason for Escort’s continued success could be its dedication to value.

Take a look at the comparison [below]. You’ll find that for less money than these leading Japanese imports, Escort Wagon offers more features.

Ford Escort Wagon More features than leading imports (1987)

Escort Wagon. The reasons for owning one just keep adding up.

6-Year/60,000-Mile Powertrain Warranty. Ford now covers all new 1987 Ford cars with a 6 year/60,000 mile warranty on major power-train components. Restrictions and deductible apply. See your Ford Dealer for a copy of this limited warranty.

Best-built American cars seven years running. “Quality is Job 1.” In fact, for the past seven consecutive years. Ford quality has led all other American car companies. This is based on an average of owner-reported problems in a series of surveys of ‘81287 models designed and built in North America.

Vintage 87 Ford Escort Wagon (2)

Vintage 87 Ford Escort Wagon (1)

1988-1/2 Ford Escort Wagon

The 1988-1/2 Escort Wagon just keeps looking better all the time. And so does the way it stacks up against the leading Japanese imports.

Because as the chart on [below] points out, Escort Wagon continues to offer you more features for less money.*

And, based on ’82-’87 calendar year worldwide sales and export data, Ford Escort is the world’s best-selling car six years running. And that’s another feature the imports can’t match.

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• 1.9L 4-Cylinder Engine
• Automatic Transmission
• Electronic AM/FM Stereo Radio
• Electronic Digital Clock
• Tinted Glass
• Interval Wipers
• Rear Window Wiper
• Rear Window Defroster
• Tilt Steering
• Cargo Area Cover
• Cruise Control
• Power Steering
• Instrumentation Group
• Air Conditioning
• Polycast Wheels
• Dual Electric Remote Control Mirrors
• Light Group
• Deluxe Luggage Rack
• Lifetime Service Guarantee
• 6/60 Powertrain Warranty

Ford Escort. The world’s best-selling car six years running. – The wagon that carries on where the imports leave off

1988-1-2 Ford Escort Wagon (2)

1988-1-2 Ford Escort Wagon (1)

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