See some of the earliest classic Cadillac cars from before the Great Depression

See some of the earliest classic Cadillac car models

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1902-03 Cadillac Model A

1906 - Cadillac Coupe Model H

1907-08 Cadillac Limousine Model G

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1910 1911

1912 - Cadillac Roadster

1913 - Cadillac Roadster

The Cadillac innovation mentioned herein was a two-speed rear axle, combined with a door-mounted, electrically-operated shifter which allowed the driver to change the rear axle ratios from low to high, thereby quickly and easily improving fuel economy. – AJW

New Cadillac design announced (1914)

1914 car will be new quality of luxury and acme of perfection

While the first announcement of the 1914 Cadillac does not give any details of the car, it promises a new element of efficiency, a new quality of luxury and a new source of economy. The recent season was brought to a close last week by the delivery of the last of a 1,000 Cadillac car order. This sets a new mark for California.

Eleven years ago, the Cadillac company produced the first practical and durable motor car in large numbers. How practical it was the world knows, as those 11-year-old Cadillacs are still in service.

Five years ago, the company, by massed production, scientific standardization and advanced manufacturing methods demonstrated that is was possible to build such a high grade car for less than $2,000.

Two years ago, the Cadillac company made possible a realization of the motorist’s dream by being the first to introduce an electric cranking and lighting system which banished to oblivion the awkward crank and inefficient illumination.

The fourth step is heralded as another important step in the progress of the modern motor car. Just what this important step is has been held back for the second announcement that will give all the specifications and details.

1914 Cadillac Inside Drive Limousine

There is a real risk in waiting too long to order your Cadillac (1916)

Each year we have urged the public to guard against possible disappointment. And each year, in spite of this warning, many have had to content themselves with some other car because they could not get a Cadillac.

In spite of steady increases in production, the annual Cadillac shortage is almost a mathematical certainty. There is every indication that the current season will see that condition materially emphasized.

There is the steady, stable, year-in-and-year-out Cadillac demand to begin with — a very large number who automatically repeat. And then, there is the large — and steadily growing larger — element of increase in new Cadillac ownership. This has been strikingly marked ever since the advent of the Cadillac “Eight.” Thus far its sales have reached the impressive total of more than twenty-one thousand cars, amounting in value to more than forty-seven millions of dollars.

The vogue of the Cadillac Eight has never been perceptibly checked or challenged by any other car. True, there may have been, from time to time, cars which — in advance — gave promise of comparable charm. But their appearance served rather to stimulate admiration for the Cadillac and to emphasize its inimitable qualities.

Cadillac prestige is based on the universal esteem for the soundness of Cadillac policies and the soundness of Cadillac principles of construction — and the feeling that the new Cadillac exemplifies the most luxurious form of motoring yet evolved. Cadillac prestige is steadily growing greater — the Cadillac demand will go right on expanding in volume and in enthusiasm.

Therefore, when we urge you to assure yourself of Cadillac delivery, it is that you may guard against disappointment. If you can secure a Cadillac now, protect yourself, and take it. If you cannot do better than to arrange for delivery in a month or two, we urge you to take that precaution.

1916 - Vintage Cadillacs

Cadillac – Standard of the world (1917)

Eleven Models:

Seven-Passenger Touring Car. . . . $2240.
Four-Passenger Phaeton . . . $2240.
Four-Passenger Club-Roadster $2240.
Two-Passenger Roadster . . . . $2240.
Four-Passenger Victoria (convertible) $2710.
Seven-Passenger Convertible, . . . $2835.
Four-Passenger Coupe, $2960.
Five-Passenger Brougham. . . . . $3110.
Seven-Passenger Limousine. $3760.
Seven-Passenger Landaulet, . . $3910.
Seven-Passenger Imperial. . .. $3910.

Prices F. O. B. Detroit – CADILLAC Automobile Sales Corporation


Fourth Year and Fiftieth Thousand: The New Type 57 Cadillac (1917)

You are safe in expecting great things from this new Cadillac.

You know the goodness that has gone before. You know that for three years now, the Cadillac has concentrated on the one type — the V-type eight cylinder. In all that time, Cadillac engineers have devoted their energies and their skill to the perfection of a principle, and to the raising of a standard.

The Eight Cylinder Cadillac embodying that principle now enters its fourth year and its fiftieth thousand. How much this means, you who drive Cadillacs and who know Cadillac thoroughness, can readily understand. It means of course that you gain immensely by every one of the forty-nine thousand that have gone before. All the experience gained and all the excellence attained must culminate in the greatest of all cars which a great factory has ever built.

Those who know the Cadillac, know it for certain refinements of performance — peculiar to itself. These are Cadillac marks of distinction — recognized and admitted everywhere — raised to a new pitch of perfection.

The new car is brought closer than ever to that ideal in which the motive power is completely forgotten. You who have reveled in the superlative smoothness that enabled you to relax both mind and body, will find a new measure of relaxation now.

You who have enthused before in its mastery over the hills, will renew your enthusiasm. The new Cadillac adds honor to a long line of fine cars. We believe that it approaches more closely to real greatness than any motor car the world has yet produced.

1917 Vintage Cadillacs

1919 - Cadillac Sedan Model 54

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1919

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1920s

1920 Cadillac V8 Model 59

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1921 1922

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1922

1921-23 Cadillac Sedan - Five Passengers - Type 61

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1923 1924

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1925 1926

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1926 (2)

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1926

Classic Cadillac car ad from 1926

Classic Cadillac car ad from 1926-1927

Classic Cadillac car ad from 1927

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1927

Classic ’27 Cadillacs

in a motor car market of several millions, Cadillac 25 years ago set apart a special and particular group of men and women to whom it knew that Cadillac qualifications would appeal. Those men and women demand of a motor car that it shall be a responsible, reliable, never-varying agent of ease and enjoyment as well as an economic convenience.

Cadillac owners never think of their Cadillac save as a splendid instrument waiting to serve, and then serving infallibly and unfailingly every time it is called upon. This is the very heart and essence of motor car value–the secret of the hold of Cadillac upon the best judgment of the nation–the intangible but very tangible quality which renders it the outstanding, enduring investment in motoring today.

Priced from $2995 upwards, f. o. b. Detroit.

Vintage blue Cadillac car ad from 1927

1927 Cadillac V8 Sedan

Presenting a new Cadillac: America’s greatest motoring gift to the world (1927)

The past twenty-five years have witnessed the advent of the motor car, the radio, the trans-oceanic telephone, the aeroplane, the moving picture are, and a score of other American contributions to the world’s well-being.

Cadillac has contributed its modest share to this galaxy of gifts advancing the comfort, convenience and happiness of mankind, by dedicating all of its resources to the higher and higher refinement of motor car manufacture.

Never, however, has Cadillac or any other company even approximated the perfection of performance and the breathtaking beauty which will be apparent at a single glance and revealed by a single ride in this new Cadillac.

New it is, in every essential sense — new in design, new in construction, new in performance ability, new in comfort — though following the same assured manufacturing procedure which has characterized all of the V-type Cadillac cars which have gone before.

It is new, not only as that newness relates to previous Cadillacs, but new in attaining a measure of aristocratic distinction no fine car has achieved before, in this or any other country. In an entirely different but equally distinctive way, this new Cadillac is as startlingly beautiful and eye-compelling as its companion car, the La Salle — establishing by its unique design a vogue which is neither American nor European, but fixes a new criterion of elegance for both.

The matchless V-type engine has been carried far beyond its previous uttermost–the car throughout keeping step in power, responsiveness, luxurious riding ease, and security, with the increasingly progressive demands of America’s most conservative and substantial clientele.

Nothing like it in fine cars–nothing even remotely approximating the aristocratic design, richness of appearance and appointment of its more than go exclusive custom body styles by Fisher and Fisher-Fleetwood — has ever been seen, as your first view will instantly bear witness. Cadillac confidently and proudly awaits your approval of these new cars, on display all over the country, beginning September 8th.

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1927-1928 (2)
Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1927-1928 (1)

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1928 1929

Vintage Cadillac car ad from 1929

Classic Cadillac car ad from 1929 (2)

Classic Cadillac car ad from 1929

Classic Cadillac car ad from 1929

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