Check out these classic 1970s Ford Gran Torino station wagons with wood paneling

1970s Ford Gran Torino Squire station wagon

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In the 1970s, you could get the budget Ford Torino Wagon, the popular Gran Torino station wagon, and the top-of-the-line classic Ford Gran Torino Squire with faux-wood paneling. Here’s a look back — and be sure to check out the non-wagon Ford Torinos, too!

Vintage Gran Torino car with wood-effect exterior panels

Classic Ford Gran Torino station wagons of the 1970s

Mid-sized, mid-priced-with many fine standard-size wagon features. Ford Torino Wagons have always been a great value.

But this year they come to you with more standard features than ever before: Fuel-saving, steel-belted radial-ply tires. Solid-state ignition. Power steering. Power front disc brakes. Automatic transmission. A bigger 351 CID V-8 — and more.

Vintage classic Ford Torino station wagon 1970s (2)

Torino Wagons pack plenty of cargo, too. And Torino’s 3-Way Doorgate makes it 1-2-3 easy! With over 7 feet of carpeted load length, Torino gives you 84.9 cu. ft. of cargo volume above deck, 8.1 cu. ft. of lockable stowage area below.

Three models to choose from: Torino Wagon, lowest priced in the line … the popular Gran Torino Wagon … and the top-of-the-line Gran Torino Squire with woodlike trim and other special luxury touches.

Roomy Torino Wagons seat six—or eight with the optional Rear Facing Third Seat. And just about any option you might want is available on our 1975 Torino Wagons, including two optional V-8s and the luxurious Squire Brougham Option.

Test-drive a mid-size Torino Wagon today. You’ll find they give you a full measure of what you want in a wagon.

Vintage classic Ford Torino station wagon 1970s (1)

(A) Gran Torino Squire, top-of-the-line Torino Wagon with classic Squire styling. Whitewall steel-belted radial tires and full wheel covers come standard. Saddle Bronze Metallic (5T).

(B) Gran Torino Wagon shown in Dark Yellow Green Metallic (4V), one of 14 exterior finishes available for 1975. Bright moldings on wheel hp, rocker panel and tailgate window are standard.

(C) Torino Wagon, our budget-priced mid-size in Pastel Blue (Code 30).

(D) Squire Brougham Option. Inside if features deep-pleated Super-soft vinyl split-bench seat with dual armrests, extra-thick cut-pile carpeting, electric clock (see pg. 10). Outside you get unique stand-up hood ornament and deluxe wheel covers. Saddle (Code G7).

Vintage classic Ford Torino station wagon 1970s (3)
Doesn’t this little girl look like a young Suzanne Crough (Tracy on The Partridge Family)?

(E) Torino All-Vinyl interior trimmed in choice of Green (Code AG) shown, Blue or Tan. Comes with color-keyed 12-oz. cut-pile Boor carpeting.

(F) Full 6-passenger comfort—with seating for eight with optional Rear Facing Third Seat. Pleated all-vinyl trim, standard in Gran Torino and Squire models, shown here in Blue

(G) Below-Dock Stowage adds another 8.1 cubic feet of loadspace to your Torino flagon. Standard in all models.

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Ford Gran Torino Squire for ’74

If you think all mid-size wagons are alike, look close at Torino. Wagonmaster again in ’74.

Ford Gran Torino Squire for 74

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Ford station wagons – Squires (1972)

Ford wagons stop, store, hold, haul, make room, swing up, down and out for more people than any other wagons

Ford LTD Country Squire (top) shows why more people choose Fords than any other wagon. A proven 3-way Magic Doorgate and Ford’s exclusive dual-facing rear seats.

Standard 351-CID V-8, 3-speed SelectShift, power steering and power front disc brakes. What’s more, Country Squire offers the comfort, luxury, and quiet that made LTD famous.

Ford Gran Torino Squire (bottom) is the mid-size wagon that’s completely new this year. Now with 3-way Magic Doorgate, four-coil suspension and body-frame construction. Its smooth, quiet ride will surprise you.

Both wagons are shown with optional luggage rack, whitewall tires, and deluxe wheel covers. The Ford LTD Country Squire also has optional luxury vinyl trim.

See them both at your local Ford Dealer. When it comes to wagons, nobody swings like Ford. Another better idea for safety: Buckle up.

3-way Magic Doorgate, power front disc brakes, room for 4′ x 8′ panels. Lockable rear compartment option & dual facing scats on LTD. 

Ford station wagons - Squires (1972)

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Fourteen reasons to get your new 1973 wagon where most people do. From Ford.

When it comes to wagons, nobody swings like Ford.

1973 Ford Torino station wagon cars
1973 Ford Torino station wagons

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  1. You don’t see too many of these behemoths out on the road today, so it’s hard for younger people to appreciate just how big and unwieldy they were, and how difficult they were to drive, even with power steering. Even the largest vehicles today handle more nimbly than station wagons of the 60s and 70s, though their massive V8 engines gave them power that today’s cars can’t match. Of course, every ’70s kid has memories of being piled into the back of one of these beasts for carpools and road trips.

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