1960s & 1970s Ford Torinos and Gran Torinos: The mid-size cars made from 1968 to 1976

1960s and 1970s Ford Torinos and Gran Torinos - Classic cars

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Classic Ford Torinos were produced between 1968 and 1976. Marketed as a mid-size car that was both sporty and family-friendly, it came in several body styles, including a 2-door hardtop, a 4-door sedan, and a 5-door station wagon. (See the Torino station wagons here!)

The Gran Torino was a variation on the theme, and was produced during the same time period. Considered a slightly more luxurious version of the Torino, it featured upgraded trim and offered more standard features.

Both the Ford Torino and the Gran Torino were popular cars during their production years in the 1960s and 1970s, and to this day, are favorites of many classic car aficionados. 

1976 Ford Torino 2-door Hardtop
1976 Ford Torino 2-door Hardtop

So if people liked them so much, why did Ford stop making them? It was really due to a combination of factors — and less about taste, and more about cost and practicality.

One big reason they were discontinued was that car buyers were increasingly becoming interested in smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles — like compact and subcompact cars

Also, stricter emission regulations and safety standards made it more difficult and expensive for Ford to produce the large, V8-powered Torinos. (This really led to the demise of many muscle cars.)

In the end, the company decided to discontinue the model, and focus instead on other cars that were better suited to meet these new challenges.

1968 Torino GT Fastback

America’s hot new success car gives you more room, smooth ride, plenty of Better Ideas!

Torino roars in, and intermediates will never be the same. Torino’s 116″ wheelbase on sedans, hardtops and convertibles is 4″ longer than 16 more costly intermediates. That means a smooth ride, real room for six, and up to 20% more trunk space.

6 models — hardtops, sedan, convertible, fastback, wagon. Engines from a 289 cubic inch V8 that runs on regular gas, up to a high-performance 390.

1968 Torino GT Fastback

1968 Ford Torino 2-door Hardtop

1968 Ford Torino 2-door Hardtop - Ad from July 1968

1960s Ford Torinos: It came up the hard way, easy. (1969)

A pack of rough, tough supercars is hard to beat. Specially-modified Torinos make it look easy. Won all 3 US stock-car championships: NASCAR, ARCA, USAC. 22 major trophies so far. 

Easy to get excited about, another nonstop winner: Torino GT SportsRoof. With new 428 Cobra Jet V-8 option. See Torino ’69. Moving out fast. On tracks. On highways. Off showroom floors.

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The 69 Ford Torino

1971 Ford Torino with halo vinyl roof

1971 Ford Torino with halo vinyl roof

1971 Ford Torino cars: Big car room. Small car handling.

Torino’s just right for people who think a big car is too big… and a small car is too small. Because every Torino is sized and priced right in the middle.

Like this luxurious Brougham 2-Door Hardtop, one of 14 models to choose from. Torino combines the room and ride of a big car with the easy handling of a small car. Seats up to six in comfort. Parks with the nimbleness of cars too small for a theater party.

What’s more, Torino offers better ideas like these: power disc brakes up front — designed for straighter, more fade-resistant stops; three-speed automatic transmissions — not just two-speed.

See the 1971 Torino at your Ford Dealer’s. Take a test drive. Learn how easily you can own the best of a big car and a small car. And remember a better idea for safety: buckle up.

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1972 Ford Torino is the year’s best mid-size value

We expect you to say “prove it” when we tell you Ford Torino is the year’s best mid-size value.

Okay. Proof: Torino has an all-new body/frame construction for strength and quiet. Torino is bigger inside this year.

Torino has a new improved rear suspension to reduce body sway and take the bite out of bumps. Torino has new, better power steering, if you choose, that gives you the feel of the road and quick positive handling.

And Torino gives you front Wheel disc brakes. Standard. Torino’s even built a little heavier and a little wider for a better ride and greater stability. We call it the “Easy Handler.”

Only Ford Motor Company has completely redesigned its mid-size cars for 1972… to make them better values for you. Choose from 9 models including the first Gran Torino.

Torino is quite possibly more car than you expected. Find out at your local Ford Dealer’s.

Classic 1972 Ford Torino cars

Ford Gran Torino 4-door pillared hardtop (1972)

Check it out. Only Ford Motor Company completely redesigned its mid-size cars for 1972.

Ford Torino’s all-new suspension and body frame construction produce an unusually smooth, quiet ride. With remarkably easy handling.

You’ll find our 4-door models are sticker priced no higher than our 2-door models.

We redesigned them, too, as Pillared Hard-tops. This adds structural support and precise door and window fit. And since the 4-door wheelbase is longer, you get more room, more comfort.

Motor Trend experts checked out the four-door Torino and named it “Sedan of the Year.” In fact, most people who check Torino like it. This year it’s outselling every other car in the mid-size field. Check it out yourself. At your Ford Dealer’s.

Ford Gran Torino 4-door pillared hardtop (1972)

1970s Ford Torino. Under $4,000.

How to get a great looking six passenger car… with automatic transmission, power front disc brakes, power steering, V-8, steel-belted radials and more. And come out smiling.

More families are buying Ford’s Torino than any other mid-size 4-door car in America.

There are two ways to make a mid-size 4-Door car like Torino. One way is to make it like a bigger small car. Which means you might settle for less seating, smaller engines, manual transmissions and the like.

The other way is to make it like a smaller big car. That’s exactly what we’ve done with our Ford Torino. Torino is more spacious than some other mid-size cars. with full room for 6 people (for instance, Torino has more leg and hip room than Chevelle).

Equipped like full-size cars. When it comes to standard equipment, Torino is equipped more like a big car than any other car in its class. Its low price includes almost every popular feature found standard in full-size Fords. Automatic transmission. Power front disc brakes. Power steering. A 351 CID V-8 engine. Steel-belted radials. Plus many other refinements.

Mid-size value. Add to all this Torino’s low scheduled maintenance and its mid-sized operating economy, and what have you got? Value.

So if you’re looking for a mid-size car, you have a choice. Buy a bigger small car plus a bunch of extra-cost options. Or buy a Torino — a smaller big car with what you want standard. And come out smiling. Ford means value. And prices may never be lower. See your local Ford dealer.

1975 Ford Torinos


1973 Torino: The closer you look, the better we look.

It took a lot more than a smooth ride to make Ford Torino the best-selling car in the mid-size field. 

Behind Torino’s smooth ride are better ideas in engineering. Like angle-mounted shock absorbers for increased directional stability. Rubber body/frame mounts that help isolate the passenger compartment from road shocks. And a coil spring rubber insulated front suspension that minimizes noise and road vibration.

Inside you’ll find more room up front. Plus the kind of luxury you’d expect from high-priced automobiles.

So take a good, close look at Ford Torino for ’73. Discover why it’s become the best-selling car in the mid-size field.

The solid mid-size car.

Ford Torino for 1973

Vintage 1974 Gran Torino Elite

Vintage 1974 Gran Torino Elite

Ford Torino 74 – 1970s Torinos

Ford Torino 74 - 1970s Torinos

1975 Gran Torino Brougham 4-door pillared hardtop: The solid mid-size

1975 Ford Torino cars

1976 Ford Torino 2-door coupe car interior

1976 Ford Torino 2-door coupe car interior

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