Classic Pontiac Firebirds & Trans Am cars: Look back at these flashy retro sports cars

Classic Pontiac Firebirds and Trans Am cars See these flashy retro sports cars

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There’s a Firebird for every purpose. Except standing still. (1978)

Esprit offers luxury that doesn’t get in the way of sport. Individually-cushioned buckets of supple vinyl. A rosewood-vinyl accented dash. Plush cut-pile carpet underfoot. Plus an available “Sky Bird” Package with sky blue paint, matching wheels and special trim throughout.

Formula Firebird is for people who are driven by a love of driving. Who are forever inspired by dual simulated air scoops atop a 5.0 litre V-8. Who can appreciate stabilizer bars and steel-belted radials.

Trans Am is the ultimate Firebird. Built to go all the way. An eye-catching, head-turning, heart-wrenching, awe-inspiring legend. A lot of it has to do with the ominous air extractors, deflectors and air dam. The shrieking bird available for the hood. And the 6.6 litre V.8 underneath.

Even the base Firebird has a purpose. To deliver Firebird’s fire at an appealing price. Firebirds are equipped with GM-built engines produced by various divisions. Your dealer has details. He also has a Firebird for whatever you like to do. Unless you like standing still.

1978 — Pontiac’s best year yet! 

Pontiac: The Mark of Great Cars

1978 Firebirds Trans Am, Esprit, Formula

Pontiac’s 1980 Firebird: A beautiful lesson in economics

1980 Pontiac Firebird

Vintage Pontiac Limited Edition Turbo Trans Am


You picked a winner. Pontiac’s Limited Edition Turbo Trans Am.

A car so well engineered that almost nothing had to be done to prepare it to pace the start of this year’s Indy 500.

Only the air conditioning was removed, high-speed tires added and the axle ratio lowered to increase top speed.

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Otherwise, it’s the same car that will be in the hoods of 5,600 lucky owners. A car that will pace the starts of the Daytona 500 and other NASCAR races without any modification. With the first production turbocharged gas V-8 of the ’80s.

Engineered for a smooth, steady response over a broad r.p.m. range. Trans Ams are equipped with GM-built engines produced by various divisions. See your dealer for details.

Equipped with silvered removable hatch-roof panels. Turbo cast-aluminum wheels. Four-wheel disc brakes. Limited slip differential. Tungsten quartz halogen headlights. And special interior trim with a host of luxury extras.

Visit your Pontiac dealer soon and see the Turbo Trans Am. A car so remarkable its been awarded the rare distinction of pacing both this year’s Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR starts.

Vintage Pontiac Limited Edition Turbo Trans Am

1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am: A new breed of wow

Firebird first touched pavement twelve years ago. Sharpening comers and shortening straightaways with a passion others envied.

It was the brainchild of engineers and designers who never lost their love for the road. An ambitious bunch who kept that spirit alive through continuous innovation.

In that spirit of change, we proudly bring you the 1979 Trans Am. An evolutionary breed. Street smart and sophisticated. With a new aerodynamic design. Fluid contours.

For a look that’s polished. More refined. There’s even a broad new beak, cast tough in body-colored urethane. And a pitch-dark grille tucked low to the road.

Parting proof of the technical wizardry of this new breed is a new tail design shared exclusively by Trans Am and Formula Firebird. A louvered black lens runs the width of the rear deck concealing the lights. Touch the brakes, shift to reverse, or signal a turn and the lights flare through the darkness.

The 1979 Trans Am. A whole new breed of wow!

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1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Classic 1970 Pontiac Trans Am car

Classic Pontiac Firebird cars from the ’60s

Firebird 400 / Firebird 326 / Firebird Sprint / Firebird HO

Classic Pontiac Firebird cars

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