See the 1960 Ford station wagons, including Tudor & Fordor Falcon Wagons

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Vintage 1960 station wagon wonders from Ford

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America’s Station Wagon specialists… The new Ford Falcon wagons (1960)

Here’s the fairy tale that came true — a wonder-working wagon big enough to do everything you want a wagon to do, yet small enough to baby your budget in authentic Falcon fashion.

You have a longer cargo area than in any other compact wagon — over 7 ft. long (practically no wagon job ever calls for more!).

And the passenger area in the new Falcon wagons is built-for-people with full headroom, hat room. hip room, leg room for six husky adults. Door openings are wide.

Windshield posts are swept forward out of your way for easier exits and entrances. Room for people? Indeed!

1960 Ford Falcon station wagons (2)

The Falcon is America’s lowest-priced 6-passenger wagon. And the thriftiest! You go up to 30 miles on a gallon of regular… can save you up to 15% on insurance… cut repair costs to a minimum… change oil only once every 4000 miles. 

You save because of all the extras that you get but you don’t pay for. Fine upholstery… arm rests… coat hooks… sun visors — are all included in one low price.

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1960 Ford Falcon station wagons (1)

Full-size or new-size, Ford gives you the most in wagons!

Senior members of the world’s most complete wagon family are the 5 big Ford wagons … featuring such unique Ford wonders as: the lowest price in the full-size field… the biggest cargo space in the field … the most comfort, convenience and styling elegance in the wagon field… Thunderbird performance too!

Considering a compact? There’s nothing to match Ford’s two new-size wonders … the Tudor and Fordor Falcon Wagons … America’s lowest-priced 6-passenger Wagons… with a cargo area longer than any other compact wagon… greatest gas savings in the new-size field…

See all seven wagon wonders from Ford America’s Wagon Specialists

Full-size or new-size, Ford gives you the most in wagons!

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