Flashback to some classic cars: The ’69 Plymouth Fury

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1969 Plymouth Fury III 4-door hardtop

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A completely new Fury for 1969.

From the ground up, the 1969 Fury has been totally restyled. It’s longer. Wider. And noticeably roomier inside.

Three inches more shoulder room in front. Almost three inches in back. More hip room, leg room. More comfort.

But Fury’s bigness just starts the story. The new body is designed as an aerodynamic form. With smooth, rounded contours. A unification of the upper and lower body. And curved glass all around.

The look is quick and agile We’ve even hidden the windshield wipers. So the long hood looks even longer. And clean as a nose cone.

And this year, the windshield wipers give better visibility because the left wiper is articulated. Which gives it a bigger sweep area.

Under the hood, a big 318 cubic inch V-8 is standard. At your option, you can replace it with one of our 383 v-8s. Or the 440 Super Commando.

The 383 2-barrel is rated at 290 horsepower and is made to run on regular gas.

Vintage 69 Plymouth Sport Fury

’69 Plymouth Fury

All Plymouth Furys come with improved torsion front suspension. The kind European racing and rally cars made famous. Great on corners, and freeways. This year, a little smoother in traffic as well.

Miniaturized floodlights illuminate our redesigned instrument panel. The gauges are just that — gauges. Not little lights that tell you when something is already wrong.

Inside, sporty bucket seats are standard on the Sport Fury (shown left). And between the seats, take your pick. You can have a console with transmission shift control or a center seat with a back that folds down as an armrest. Either, at no extra cost.

If you would like to add a few options, go to it. The 1969 Fury offers our longest list ever.Everything from convenience options like a Tilt steering wheel or power equipment to comfort extras like air conditioning with automatic temperature control.

We didn’t really have to build an all-new Fury. The one we had last year broke all our old sales records. But we figured if the public liked a good thing that, well, they’d like a better thing even better.

See your Plymouth Dealer and … Look what Plymouth’s up to now.

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1969 Plymouth Fury1969 Plymouth Fury

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