Look back at the old Ford Ranchero pickup trucks from the 50s, 60s & 70s

Look back at the old Ford Ranchero trucks

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These old-school Ford Ranchero pickup trucks weren’t styled like all the other pickups, because they were meant to combine passenger-car comfort with driving ease. See what they meant here!

Now… Go Ford-ward for style! The new ’59 Ford Ranchero!

The only truck with true passenger-car comfort and driving ease!

1959: Put your best food Ford-ward in the most dramatically different pickup ever designed! It’s a husky workhorse that handles half-ton loads like a breeze; it’s a high-stepping show horse with passenger-car ride and handling ease.

Ford trucks cost less… less to own… less to run… last longer, too!

Classic 1959 Ford Ranchero trucks (2)Classic 1959 Ford Ranchero trucks (1)

Fairlane Ranchero with Thunderbird thunder. (1967)

Right from the first look you know something wonderful’s happened to Ranchero. It’s longer, leaner, with all the promise of excitement you’d expect in a Fairlane.

And how Ranchero delivers on that promise! It begins with an optional 390-cubic-inch Thunderbird V-8 — just one of four engines available.

Add a fully synchronized four-speed transmission with floor shift — or SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic, that gives you the convenience and the fun of both manual and completely automatic shifting.

Complete the picture with individually adjustable, contoured bucket seats, center console, radio/stereo-sonic tape system, and air conditioning.

And for the greatest thrill, check Ranchero’s price tag. It’s the one thing about this beauty that’s not big, bold and luxurious.

Dec 23, 1966 Ford Fairlane Ranchero pickup truck - cars

Best idea yet in pickup luxury! (1968)

Imagine! A pickup that generates all the vibrant excitement of the raciest sports cars. All the performance. All the luxury. That’s Ford’s all-new Ranchero — longer, lower, livelier for ‘68!

Inside you can have luxury without limit: color-coordinated styling, all-vinyl seat trim, bucket seats, full carpeting. AM/FM stereo radio, SelectAire conditioning. Three new models, including a pulse-pounding GT.

Ranchero — Ford’s bright new idea in pickups. Watch it turn you on!

1968 1969 Ford Ranchero - Green

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It’s the sportiest pickup — the haulin’est sports car… the Ford Special Ranchero (1971)

It’s available in Ranchero GT, Ranchero 500 and Ranchero series, and comes standard equipped with… chromatic exterior colors, black vinyl roof, bullet-shape racing mirrors, sporty black good, tape stripe, wheel decor, special seat trim.

Vintage 1971 Ford Special Ranchero 500 in bright yellow

The old Ford Ranchero… Right on! (1972)

No question of who you are in a Ranchero, because your Ranchero can be a one-of-a-kind pickup, designed by you from a string of with-it options you wouldn’t believe.

And Ranchero’s all new for ‘72. New size, new style, new engineering, new satisfaction. And the pickup box is both wider and longer. Visit your Ford Dealer and check the specs. Then roll your own!

Classic 72 Ford Ranchero trucks

Easy Rider — Easy Handler (1973)

From this driver’s seat, you boss a pretty impressive machine.

With a wide-track stance for road-hugging stability. An all-coil suspension to smother road-shock. A choice of six eager power plants up to a 429 V-8. Front disc brakes, standard.

And all the while you are surrounded by cab luxuries the envy of many a sports car. Not to mention the curbside admiration society attracted by that exciting ’73 styling.

Old Ford Ranchero from 1973

Introducing Ranchero/77 — For the man in charge.

Outside, the Ranchero has been been completely redesigned. Call it rakish, proud, daring, whatever.

With its new GT-like appearance, vertically stacked headlamps, choice of 6 new exterior colors, and swooping shape… its new looks are bound to get looks.

Ford Ranchero 77

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Classic Ford Ranchero/78: For the man who’s in command.

Outside, Ranchero won’t take second best to other entries. That’s why Ranchero stays full-size. And that’s why Ranchero stays proud and daring with its GT-like appearance, stacked headlamps, and swooping shape.

Apr 1978 Ford Ranchero car

Ranchero/79. The comfort and capacity come full size. (1979)

Ford’s Ranchero is designed for a full measure of enjoyment.

Owners take pride in its classic lines. The roadability of its wide 63-inch track. The luxurious driving room and ease. The choice of options from automatic temperature control to AM/FM multiplex with cassette player.

There’s full capacity to do a job too. Tailgate down, you can carry 4′ x 8′ plywood flat. And, with trailer option, it is rated to tow up to 3,500 pounds.

Ranchero/79. Try it for size.

Dec 1978 Ford Ranchero 1979

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