Dresses and decor from Paris (1953)

Dress and decor from Paris Designers show gowns, homes In an age when comparatively few people can even house a ball gown, the leading couturiers of Paris live in surroundings which make their most opulent ... Read more...

Cherry Blush Cake recipe (1952)

"Homemade goodness goes to a party!" Cherry Blush Cake recipe So right for February! So easy with Aunt Jemima Silver Cake Mix! Follow package directions, using 1/2 cup maraschino cherry juice and 1/2 cup... Read more...

Smart summery swimsuits for women (1955)

Summertime cottons by Catalina For summer, nothing is more "fitting" than a Catalina cotton! These glamorous swimsuits slim the hips, diminish the waist, and give your bustline the gently rounded new look. ... Read more...

Stop your kids from becoming juvenile delinquents (1958)

When I was a kid, we had the same desire to loot and pillage and rape as these kids today, we were as savage as kids always are, but at the same time we knew that our parents and all other grownups were unalterably opposed to it, and we didn't do it.

The new Chevrolet Corvette (1953)

Originally designed as a show car for General Motors’ Motorama display in early 1953, the car generated so much buzz among the public GM decided to put the Corvette into production.

Hula hoopers are whooping it up (1958)

Hula hoopers are whooping it up! How agile are you? The hula hoop, latest toy to send everyone into a spin, has hit the Steubenville area with a (pardon us) lot of hoopla. You've seen them. Practically ev... Read more...
The Telephone & How We Use It (from 1951)

The rotary-dial telephone and how we use it (1951)

The Telephone and How We Use It was published by Bell Telephone System in 1951. Geared toward children, the booklet covers the basics of how to use a rotary-dial telephone - the latest technology of the time.

A retro pink kitchen for you & me (1955)

The modern fashion in floors What a wonderful, work-saving center the modern kitchen-dining area is! The dining table can be just a step away from the sink -- yet separated from it so much there's a minimum of... Read more...

8 Pecan Fingers cookie recipes

Pecan Fingers, before and after baking and rolling in powdered sugar, are shown here ready to serve for any snack occasion. Delicious with a hot drink, cold drink, with fruit or alone as a crisp nibbler, they ... Read more...

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