Vintage 7-Up cake recipes

7 vintage 7-Up cake recipes

Try one of these vintage 7-Up cake recipes! "Never before have you had a cake so light, so airy, so high, and with such a delightful new flavor."

A treasury of 100+ vintage Christmas cookie recipes

If you're looking to recreate that special cookie that your grandmother used to make, or hoping to discover an old-fashioned cookie to make new again, we have assembled some this big, tasty collection of recipes -- classic, vintage, retro, heirloom and antique -- for sweet treats this Christmastime!

Swedish heirloom cookies (1956)

Spicy buttery bits, just begging to melt in your mouth! Now you can do your Christmas "cookie-ing" early! Yes! Bake them now -- pop them in the freezer -- and serve at Christmas! Extra delicious munching fo... Read more...

7 ways to make popcorn balls (1956)

Seven sweet popcorn ball recipes Popcorn has been a favorite year 'round snack for Americans ever since the first Thanksgiving, when the son of an Indian chief brought the early colonists several bushels of ... Read more...

Peanut brittle cookie recipe (1953)

$1,000 Peanut brittle cookies recipe Fill your cookie jar today with these really different, prize-winning cookies made with French's pure vanilla and fresh-ground cinnamon. Best of Class Winner in Pillsbury'... Read more...

Retro yellow kitchens from yesteryear

Pink is dead: Style trend in housewares features yellow (1956) Better repaint your pink pots and change; your turquoise towels, ma'am: The stylish new housewares are all yellow. A unanimous trend toward... Read more...

Royal rose chiffon cake recipe (1953)

For glamorous chiffon cake, you cannot use a solid shortening. It takes light Wesson Oil to get that extra-light chiffon texture. It takes delicate Wesson Oil to make sure of that tempting, delicate chiffon... Read more...

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