Chocolate cottage pudding cake (1939)

Cottage pudding goes to town -- glorified with Baker's Chocolate! "How can anything economical taste so divine?" marveled my ritzy Cousin Sophie.  Chocolate Cottage Pudding recipe Ingredients 2 cups s... Read more...

New super-locomotive train capable of 100 MPH (1937)

A 16-cylinder streamlined steam super-locomotive capable of whisking 14 standard Pullman cars along at a speed of 100 miles an hour on a level, straight track will make its appearance soon in the railroad world.

Do you know how to kiss? (1937)

Do you know how to kiss? But let Carol Hughes And Lee Dixon show you, anyhow Sure. everybody knows how to kiss -- after a fashion. But there's a right and wrong way, so they say. And because of that Carol Hug... Read more...

The perfect woman’s figure (1938)

The perfect 1938 figure must have curves, but it differs from the perfect figure of past decades in relationship of curves to straight lines.

Amelia Earhart feared lost (1937)

AMELIA FEARED LOST Navy ships ordered to begin hunt Plane over 2500-mile Pacific waste Island is goal Tiny spot in Pacific to be landing site Howland Island, Oceania, July 2 - The coast guard cut... Read more...

8 Pecan Fingers cookie recipes

Pecan Fingers, before and after baking and rolling in powdered sugar, are shown here ready to serve for any snack occasion. Delicious with a hot drink, cold drink, with fruit or alone as a crisp nibbler, they ... Read more...

I married a Hollywood movie star (1939)

I married a star by Anonymous Hollywood called it an ideal match. Yet, if I had used the spoonful of brains God gave me, I would never have done what I pitied so many others for doing -- for I have learne... Read more...

Meet Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of Pluto (1930)

Because of the discovery made by this young farmer of Kansas, every dictionary in the world will have to be revised. For all time to come, students of astronomy will read that the ninth planet, Pluto, was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh.

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