Ford Elite cars from the 1970s: A stylishly different alternative

Ford Elite cars from the 1970s

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These Ford Elite cars from the 1970s were based on the Torino, but were meant to be a less-expensive alternative to the Thunderbird.

The short-lived nameplate only lasted three model years — 1974, 1975 and 1976. Here’s a look!

The first model year: Vintage 1974 Gran Torino Elite

Ford announces a timely new mid-size car in the Thunderbird Tradition.

Elite, the personal luxury mid-size that’s Thunderbird inspired, from its classic grille to its unique twin opera windows.

And in the Thunderbird tradition of value, Elite gives you luxury standards like vinyl roof. SelectShift Cruise-0-Matic transmission. Power steering. Power front disc brakes.
Steel-belted radial ply tires. And a standard engine that does not require premium gas.

The Gran Torino Elite. America’s youngest luxury car. Thunderbird inspiration in a smaller car. At a mid-size price.

Elite’s optional luxury interior featuring knit cloth upholstery. Shown: The 1974 Gran Torino Elite with optional deep dish wheels, WSW tires, deluxe bumper group and accent stripes.

Vintage 1974 Gran Torino Elite

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The 1976 Ford Elite

… the stylishly different alternative to Monte Carlo and Cordoba.

Ford believes Elite’s styling to be a cut above any other mid-size car. And Ford wants you to compare.

But since most of the time you spend with a car is spent riding in or driving it, you should know Elite is equipped with the same type of suspension system as a car known for the quiet and comfort of its ride. The Thunderbird.

Elite standard features include power steering and brakes, vinyl roof, opera windows, automatic transmission and more.

But you can personalize yours with options like those shown above: Interior decor group, dual remote control mirrors, turbocast aluminum wheels, whitewalls and golden glow paint.

So compare before you buy. Look at …and drive…the mid-size with a Thunderbird-like ride. The 1976 Ford Elite. The closer you look, the better we look.

The 1976 Ford Elite cars

Vintage 1975 Ford Elite cars

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Announcing a mid-size car in the Thunderbird Tradition. The 1975 Ford Elite

Ford Elite combines the operating economy of a mid-size car with styling and luxury in the Thunderbird tradition.

And in the Thunderbird tradition of value, Elite comes to you complete. Unique twin opera windows and grained vinyl roof.

Driving conveniences are standard, like 351 CID V-8, power steering, power front disc brakes, SelectShift transmission and steel-belted radial-ply tires. Elite is available with power-operated Moonroof and other Thunderbird-inspired options.

And it’s designed with a big 26-1/2 gallon fuel tank which means a cruising range you can really rely on.

The personal luxury mid-size Ford Elite for 1975. Built for the way you drive today.

1975 Ford Elite cars

Classic 1975 Ford Elite - red

The Limited Edition Ford Elite.

A stylishly different mid-size car now at your Ford Dealer’s. And it’s $200 off the base sticker price.

On looks alone, we believe the Ford Elite offers a lot more than Cordoba and Monte Carlo.

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And now during your Ford Dealer’s Limited Edition Sale, the new Limited Edition Ford Elite offers distinctive full wheel covers, special all-vinyl door trim panels, and a full vinyl bench seat, at $200 off the standard Elite’s base sticker price.

And on top of all this, you get Elite’s long list of standard features including: power steering and brakes, vinyl roof, opera windows, automatic transmission, 351 CID V-8, and the same type of suspension found in the luxurious Thunderbird.

Remember: Limited Edition means just what it says. Don’t miss out on a really stylish bargain: the Limited Edition Ford Elite.

Classic Limited Edition Ford Elite (1970s)

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