1960s Mercury Cougar cars had European elegance with an American touch

1960s Mercury Cougar cars

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67 Mercury Cougar: America’s first luxury sports car at a popular price!

Every Mercury Cougar has a new level of luxury as standard equipment! Bucket seats with molded foam cushioning are standard!

Walnut-grained steering wheel, standard! V-8 engine standard! Full-width rear seat; floor-mounted stick shift; safety padding on dash, steering wheel hub, and horn bars are all standard!

1. Headlamps hide by day — the kind of concealed headlamps found until now only in premium-price cars.

2. Catlike, Cougar headlamps open up at night.

3. Sequential turn signals flash in three steps to point the way you’re turning. Note how sculptured rear-end treatment closely parallels front-end styling for balanced design.

4. V-8 power is standard. Optional equipment includes styled steel wheels, tachometer, a 390 4-barrel V-8, 4-speed console-mounted stick shift or new “Select-Shift” which lets you shift manually or automatically. Also a finger-tip speed control mounted on turn-signal lever, vinyl roof and much more.

67 Mercury Cougar

1967 Mercury Cougar cars – Dan Gurney special

Sale-priced now! Mercury’s better idea in personal sports cars.

It’s Motor Trend Magazine’s “Car of the Year”… with special extras inspired by racing champ Dan Gurney. Plus the unique set of persuasions that put Cougar in a league by itself to start with. Drive something special. Mercury Cougar Dan Gurney Special.

Specially equipped with: • Turbine wheel covers • F70-14 wide-oval nylon cord whitewall tires • Chromed engine dress-up kit • Dan Gurney signature decal • Cougar 289 cu. in. V-8

Plus these fine Cougar features: • Concealed headlamps that open, cat-like, at night • Sequential rear turn signals • Foam-padded front bucket, • Simulated wood-grain steering wheel • Choice of 16 colors • Pleated vinyl upholstery • Wall-to-wall carpeting • Sound insulation package • Ford Motor Company Lifeguard Design safety features

1967 Mercury Cougar cars - Dan Gurney special

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Mercury’s got it: European elegance with an American Cougar wrapped around it. (1968)

From the outside, Cougar looks like it was tooled in Europe. Inside, you’d swear to it.

But don’t let all that fine design and royal tailoring mislead you. Cougar isn’t a docile pet. It’s an exciting road machine.

One reason is, Cougar comes complete. At no extra cost, every Cougar comes equipped with a V-8 engine, deep-foam bucket seats, carpet, concealed headlamps, sequential rear turn signals. And so on down a long list of goodies we think a sports car ought to have to whip up the excitement.

Most of these items merely run up the sticker price on competitive cars that claim to be in Cougar’s league. Fact is, pound for pound and dollar for dollar, Cougar is America’s best-equipped luxury sports car. Also the best-looking, as you can see.

How did Cougar get to be top cat? We like to think it’s in the tradition of the Lincoln Continental. Cougar comes from the Lincoln-Mercury Division. The men who build Cougar have a Fine Car Touch that just can’t be duplicated anywhere.

Get wrapped up with a Cougar. You’ll see what we mean very quickly. The Fine Car Touch inspired by the Continental. Mercury – Ford

European elegance, American touch Mercury Cougar (1968)

1960s Mercury Cougar cars: The XR-7 leather car interior in tan

1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7 car

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1968 Mercury Cougar: Groovy driving comfort

Mercury’s got it. A quote about Cougar that says it better than we could.

“Driving comfort is so groovy, owners might want to move 15 or 20 miles farther from work just for the pleasure of the ride back and forth each day. Would you believe five?” – Motor Trend magazine

1968 Mercury Cougar cars

69 Cougar from Ford – Mercury

1969 Cougar: All new styling. A brand new convertible. Now watch the fur fly!

Deeper growl! Leaner lines! Livelier spirit! Cougar has changed for 1969. Now you can have a new convertible; or a new sunroof Cougar — first in North America.

Cougar is wider, longer, and roomier. And a brand new top-performing 351 cu. in. V8 is standard.

But some things we wouldn’t change; sequential turn signals, shift-lever on the floor (automatic or manual), and hide-away headlights.

1969 Cougar. We made the good better and kept the great.

1969 Cougar from Ford - Mercury

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