The all-new Plymouth Fury for 1969

A completely new Fury for 1969. From the ground up, the 1969 Fury has been totally restyled. It's longer. Wider. And noticeably roomier inside. Three inches more shoulder room in front. Almost three inche... Read more...

Banana-marshmallow pie recipe (1963)

Banana Mallow Pie Made with the world's only "instant" meringue! You make it good and easy with Kraft miniature marshmallows -- the good kind that stay soft Here is how Slice 2 or 3 bananas into basked an... Read more...

Pecan cookie-pie recipe (1963)

You bake this Pecan Cookie-Pie just as you do bar cookies - in a rectangular or square pan. Then you cut it in bars or squares, top it with vanilla ice cream or unsweetened whipped cream.

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