Classic 1940s Dodge cars: Powerful, luxurious & super spacious!

Classic 1940s Dodge cars

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Ready to reminisce about a time when chrome shined brightly, engines roared, and automobile design truly flourished? Dive into the WW2 decade of automotive history with this collection of classic 1940s Dodge cars.

We think the iconic elegance and allure of these historic Dodge vehicles endures, even if they’re not at all practical for the roads — and parking spaces! — today. These retro masterpieces — brought to life through this collection of vintage magazine advertisements — capture the essence of an era marked by innovation, resilience, and the pursuit of the American dream.

Dodge car ad from September 1946

1940s Dodge cars: 1941 Dodge gets the “Play” at baseball spring training camp

Beating the gun on springtime and first robins, Dodge joins the perennial pilgrimage to the Southland, where major league baseball players are tuning up for the big season ahead.

Here where outstanding ability gets quick rewards, the new 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner is a big favorite. It’s almost magical the way this great Luxury Liner is making friends. Not alone for its dashing good looks… not alone for its big-car roominess and comfort… but for all the good things the name Dodge has always stood for… dependability, economy and the low-cost upkeep proved by nearly four million owners through the years….

1941 Dodge cars

Hank Greenberg unpacks huge Dodge trunk… out bags of uniforms, gloves, bats, shoes in such profusion you’ll wonder how even this spacious Dodge luggage compartment could hold them all, And for your safety and convenience, the new lid is “spring-balanced” so it raises or lowers with just a touch of the finger…and it stays in place safely. The big, luxurious lodge rear compartment, with its deep pillow-type cushions, provides plenty of room…

LUXURY AND BIGNESS AT LOW COST…Ambitious rookies- join flank Greenberg in admiring the handsome 1941 Luxury Liner. It abounds in the rich luxury touches…the big car roominess and comfort that make the Dodge low price a never-ending source of wonderment.

Classic 1940s Dodge cars: 6-passenger 1940 Dodge sedan

Classic 1940 Dodge 6-passenger sedan

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1940s Dodge cars: The ’48 Dodge fluid-drive they called the ‘smoothest car afloat’

Be ready for compliments galore when your friends step into your new Dodge.

Listen to them “oh” and “ah” when they see its wide, roomy interior . . . as they notice the headroom, foot room and elbow room around them.

Watch them admire the wide full-view windows — the smart instrument panel — the beauty and luxury of Dodge interior upholstery.

And as you glide smoothly away without a jerk or jolt — as you ease through heavy city traffic or park without stalling — your friends will know the magic of Dodge Alt-Fluid Drive.

As a special favor, you might tell them that Dodge is the lowest-priced car with All-Fluid Drive, and the only car to offer All-Fluid Drive at no extra cost.


The 48 Dodge classic cars: Calls for a compliment

1949 Dodge Coronet

“It’s the new Dodge!” …with the basic new style that gives you more elbowroom, headroom and legroom with luxurious interiors. “It’s the smarter style!”

1949 Dodge Coronet

The ’48 Dodge: Precious cargo

There’s a lullaby ride ahead . . . a trip cradled on down-soft springs, cushioned by new low-pressure Super-Cushion tires, hushed by Floating Power, smoothed by All-Fluid Drive.

These are riding comforts your precious cargo takes for granted. knowing no contrast. But you will glory in them every moment. You will revel, too, in a symphony of fabrics and appointments that invariably invoke the flattering comments of your friends.

It’s a bright world, a safe and better world at the trim steering wheel of your Dodge.

The '48 Dodge: Precious cargo

Late 1940s Dodge cars were built for robust & healthy Americans (1949)

See the daring new Dodge for today’s bigger, taller, more active Americans!

When Army physical exams revealed that our wartime generation was far bigger, taller and more active, Dodge engineers started planning this great new car!

Here’s the car the American people will take right into their hearts. It’s lower on the outside … higher on the inside! Shorter on the outside… longer on the inside! Narrower on the outside… wider on the inside! You will wonder how it was done!

New design . . new distinctive style, modern as tomorrow…new natural beauty that flows from truly functional engineering … new elbow room, kg room and headroom, plus an amazingly s-m-o-o-t-h ride… all the basic comforts that you want in a fine motor car.

NEW elbow room, rear seats almost eight NEW under-hood all-weather comfort inches wider . . . more head room and system distributes fresh air warmth to leg room, too. Knee-level seats give all passengers . . . full support for restful all-day comfort.

NEW under-hood all-weather comfort system distributes fresh air warmth to all passengers . . . automatically controlled, just like your thermostat at home.

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Classic 1949 Dodge cars

1940s Dodge cars: Vintage 1949 Dodge Wayfarer convertibles, sedans & coupes

Dodge gives you the first new Sports Roadster value-packed 2-door Sedan . . . a new 3-passenger Coupe . . . for just a few dollars more than the lowest priced cars.

You’ll have to see it to believe it, Even then, you’ll wonder how the exciting new Dodge Wayfarer can be priced so low.

You’ll see how Dodge “functional styling” gives new basic beauty . . . new roominess inside with less bulk outside! You’ll be amazed at Dodge Wayfarer performance, too. In traffic, you’ll find the Wayfarer just as eager and just as nimble as a polo pony — because of its 115″ wheelbase and more powerful “Get-Away” Engine.

And there’s the thrilling smoothness of Dodge gyrol Fluid Drive . . . smoother starts and stops … smoother driving mile after mile. See the new, lower-priced Wayfarer, every inch a rugged, dependable Dodge. One look tell you here is the car that gives more for your money today.

Vintage 1949 Dodge convertibles and other cars

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