Look back at 20 classic 1950s Studebaker cars, inside & out

See classic 1950s Studebaker cars

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In the 1940s and 1950s, Studebaker cars were the talk of the town. They were sleek and stylish, and were considered to be of high quality — although still affordable.

Here, take a glimpse into the past and admire some of the timeless classic 1950s Studebaker cars, like the President, Commander, Conestoga, Hawk, Broadmoor and Clipper.

1950 Studebaker Champion 2-door sedan

Sleek new Studebaker styling saves gasoline for you !

GAS economy is written all over the trim, clean dream lines of this low, long, alluring, excitingly new 1950 Studebaker. Its very look tells you it’s a car with the right build for thrift. You don’t see a trace of bulging excess bulk that would squander power needlessly.

You see instead a beautifully flight-streamed car — with the sleek, going-somewhere distinction of a jet plane — Studebaker’s “next look”! What’s more, a new perfection of balance in this Studebaker’s rugged structure gives you a ride that’s like a skyway glide for smoothness.

Stop in now at your nearest Studebaker dealer’s showroom and try out that ride — the 1950 “miracle ride” of motoring. Watch how quickly and completely this Studebaker convinces you that it’s the tops-in-value 1950 car — tops in everything you’ve wanted!

New 1950 Studebaker: Out ahead in style — in thrift — in value.

Classic 1950 Studebaker Champion 2-door sedan

The classic ’51 Studebaker Champion!

Drive this 1951 Studebaker Champion and save! Top value of the top 4 in the lowest price field! The gas economy you want! The low upkeep you want! The dependable performance you want! The Studebaker Champion is one of the 4 lowest price largest selling cars!

1951 Studebaker Champion - Classic cars

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Classic ’53 Studebakers: Champion and Commander V-8 models

The new Studebaker with the European look — Styling straight out of the dream book!

Here is that excitingly different new Studebaker all America has fallen in love with. The sleek-lined smartness of a costly foreign car — but down-to-earth in price!

Look at the length of it! Look at the amount of vision its huge glass areas give you! Look how low it is! The Starliner hard-top here is less than five feet high!

The 1953 Studebaker comes in body styles galore in both Champion and Commander V-8 models. Motoring’s newest, finest Power Steering is available in the Commanders at moderate extra cost.

Classic 53 Studebaker

1955 Studebakers: President V-8 & the Commander V-8

Luxury cars! Priced with the lowest! Smart way to go places! Smart car to buy!

Go places with pride this summer in this excitingly speedlined car that’s going places fast… the automobile world’s outstanding honor winner… the far-advanced 1955 Studebaker!

You never drove a car with anything like the thrill of Studebaker’s zooming new power. It sweeps you from a standing start to highway speed in just scant seconds.

You feel completely safe as you click off the miles. Studebaker’s low-swung road design holds the car steady and secure even on the sharpest turns.

You can have your choice of three great Studebaker engines… the President V-8… the Commander V-8 — winner of the Mobilgas Economy Run… the Champion 6. And you find colorful Studebaker body styles galore — luxurious sedans — capacious station wagons –sports coupes and hard-tops.

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1955 Studebaker Luxury cars - priced with the lowest!

The newest of the new! Advanced ’55 Studebaker

New visibility! New color! New power! No increase in prices!

Here is America’s newest surprise from alert, fast moving Studebaker — a breath-taking additional line of 1955 Studebakers!

Here is unexpected new Studebaker visibility… dramatic new two-toning that accentuates the Studebaker speedlined look… tremendously increased now lightning-fast Studebaker power!

You get ail this at ne increase in Studebaker’s low. level competitive prices! More horse power assists and air-conditioning, as pictured, are optional at extra cost.

Studebaker… so much better made… worth more when you trade!

LIFE Mar 14 1955 Studebaker

’55 Studebaker station wagons

Sensationally stepped up in power and in smartness! Huge in cargo capacity! A dramatic new Champion in the lowest price field! An outstanding new Commander V-8!

Studebaker’s world famous stylists have come up with impressive new exterior and interior advancements that notably enrich the eye appeal of these Conestoga station wagons for 1955.

Studebaker’s resourceful engineers, in turn, have greatly increased the drive appeal of these pace-setting double-utility vehicles that so many motorists are buying.

Brilliantly stepped up in horsepower and in performance, each 1955 Studebaker Conestoga, whether Champion or Commander V-8, reflects the exciting forward moves that Studebaker is consistently making.

Studebaker station wagons 1955

1955 Studebaker Commander V-8

Another triumphant stride forward for Studebaker… the pace-setting new 1955 Commander V9 series… with newest of the new Ultra Vista models in exciting new two-tone effects… the most impressive looking V-8 in its low price field.

1955 Studebaker Commander V-8

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You’re ahead every way with a Studebaker! (1955)

Advanced visibility and power! Smarter than ever color schemes! The No.1 car in gas economy! Low-level competitive prices!

Unexpected money’s worth for you! Advanced 1953 Studebakers — at no increase in prices!

Smart-looking Studebaker Presidents and Commanders — with the zooming power of spectacular Passmaster and Beareat V-8 engines! A distinctive Studebaker Champion — with the surging response of a shelled Victory 6!

Award-winning Studebaker style! Exciting exterior and  interior color schemes! The welcome safety of increased visibility!


Two-tone Studebaker cars: Drive it for power! Compare it for price! (1955)

See for yourself why the smart car to buy is this advanced 1955 Studebaker!

Treat yourself to a thrill-filled drive in this advanced Studebaker — motoring’s style leader and new performance star.

Get dramatic two-tone or single-tone exteriors — colorfully distinctive interiors. Get the increased safety of huge visibility.

See your Studebaker dealer now and get an advanced ‘55 Studebaker.. so much better made… worth more when you trade!

LIFE May 9 1955 studebaker

The 1955-1956 Studebaker: Long… low… and look at the choice!

Long… low.. and look at the choice!

Studebaker sets the pace… whatever model you choose.

You drive the real pace-setter, when you go Studebaker!

This far-ahead car has won 36 International Style Awards. And Studebaker sets the pace in power, too… with a choice of two surging V-8s or a sparkling Six.

Studebaker’s long, low road-design pairs up with brilliant power, for relaxed. road-hugging travel anywhere! 

Big family? This one’s just right for you!

The Studebaker station wagon carries six passengers in solid comfort… has 31 cubic feet of cargo space, which doubles when you fold the rear seat down. This one’s smart enough for any setting… and sturdy enough for any hauling chore you’ll give it.

1955-1956 Studebaker

Two-tone Studebaker Golden Hawk (1957)

Sports car fun… for the practical family!

Sweet and swift, safe and snug… that’s a Hawk!

Here’s all the excitement of real sports car styling, real sports car performance plus luxurious, easy-riding interiors that seat five in comfort! Choose from four different Hawks… four power choices — all the way up to 275 hp.

Now you can have your sports car fun and share it with family and friends. 

Two-tone Studebaker Golden Hawk (1956)

The 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk

Command performance for safety — the Studebaker Golden Hawk puts you in command with a built-in supercharger for extra power the instant you need it… puts you in command with Twin Traction for driving power in both rear wheels… and puts you in command with the most effective brakes.

Studebaker-Packard Corporation: Where pride of workmanship comes first!

The 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk

’57 Studebakers: Studebaker-Packard introduces the new age of functional elegance!

PACKARD CLIPPER, Supercharged for ’57

Functional and elegant — here’s where the best of two automotive worlds meet — the best of the fun-to-be-driving feeling you get from nimble cars with their dashing performance and easy handling…the best of the luxury, comfort, elegance you find in the finest of fine cars.

This is the new Packard Clipper — with a built-in supercharger — and it’s considerately priced.

1957 Studebaker-Packard Clipper

Craftsmanship makes the big difference! (1957)

From Canada: Never has Studebaker quality stood so far above its price class!

This new Studebaker Champion 4-door sedan brings you world-famous economy with a big, bold, beautiful new look… faultless workmanship throughout…and the smoothest ride you’ve ever known.

New Supercharged Golden Hawk — 275-hp. leader of Studebaker’s full line of five-passenger family sports cars.

Just one of the 18 brilliant new Studebaker models… the only cars in Canada bringing you a choice of new Luxury-Level Ride, Twin Traction, and Supercharged Power. 

Classic '59 station wagons from Ford, Plymouth, Studebaker & Rambler

57 Studebaker Champion classic sedan

Announcing Studebaker ’57

Your Studebaker Dealer cordially invites you to see the car that emphasizes quality in automotive manufacture.

See for the first time Supercharged Power, Twin Traction, Slipstream Styling, Luxury-Level Ride, and many other really exclusive Studebaker features.

Here, in the low price field, is the car designed for you who appreciate fine Craftsmanship, the kind that has kept Studebaker first in quality for more than 100 years. To remain first in quality, we pledge to you for 1957:

Craftsmanship in a car more solidly built.

Performance in a car more thoroughly tested.

Dependability in a car more completely inspected.

Satisfaction in a car you’ll enjoy longer.

Studebaker-Packard Corporation — Where pride of workmanship still comes first!

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Studebaker '57 craftsmanship - 1956 cars

Classic 1950s Studebaker cars: They toil not… nor do they spin! (1957)

Studebaker is supercharged! New reserve power makes light of steepest hills. Studebaker has Twin Traction! Gets through when other cars spin wheels in vain.

vintage car ad Studebaker 1957

Only Studebaker in all America offers the power-plus economy of a built-in supercharger. It’s standard on the Studebaker Golden Hawk.

And to match this power, Studebaker now offers the last word in driving control: Twin Traction lets either rear wheel take the traction to pull you out of mud, snow and slippery places, and to keep you safer on the road.

These are only two of many important advances in Studebaker ‘57. Why not see them all! Visit your Studebaker Dealer today and discover Craftsmanship makes the big difference!

Studebaker-Packard Corporation — Where pride of Workmanship comes first!

Studebaker ’57: Supercharged new Luxury-Level Ride

This year, craftsmanship makes the big difference in the low-price field!

The only car in America to offer Supercharged Power, Twin Traction, new Luxury-Level Ride.

57 Studebaker classic car

This year, Studebaker engineers bring you a car so superb in its craftsmanship that nothing else in the low price field can touch it — and here’s proof…

… A unique suspension system that combines benefits of both torsion bars and coil springs to bring you a new Luxury-Level Ride — the smoothest you’ve ever known.

… The miracle of Twin Traction, available on all V8s, giving you new freedom from getting stuck in mud or snow, wonderful new safety on icy roads. Power goes to the rear wheel with the greatest traction to give you a firmer grip. It’s the surer, safer road sense other cars don’t have.

… The biggest choice of power in the field — including a Supercharger… plus the best all-time economy record of any American car.

Yes, in looks, performance, quality, never has Studebaker stood so far above the rest of the low price field. See for yourself… see and try craftsmanship with a flair — at your Studebaker Dealer’s today!

  • New Broadmoor 4-door station wagon
  • New President Classic Sedan
  • New Champion 2-door Sedan
  • New Supercharged Golden Hawk

1957 Studebaker-Packard

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