See what classic 60s Ford Thunderbird cars looked like when they were brand new

Ford Thunderbirds from the 60s

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Check out how classic 60s Ford Thunderbird cars looked when they were brand new — plus find out the then-unique features they offered that were much in demand back then!

1962 Ford Thunderbird Landau

Here, clocks tick unheard. Measure your moments with Thunderbird not in time, but in timelessness.

In the Landau’s classic lines. In the sophistication of its leather-grained vinyl top, its S-bar. In its effortless, endless flight from the humdrum.

Come away with Thunderbird. Share the luxury of its Swing-Away steering wheel and contour seats, the touch of its power steering and brakes (all standard equipment). Feel the thrust of its high-spirited engine. Your interlude starts at your Ford Dealer’s. It costs less than you may think. 

1962 Ford Thunderbird cars (1)

The ’62 Ford Thunderbird spell

1962 Ford Thunderbird cars (2)

Ask the lady in blue what’s so unique about Thunderbird for 1965

Better yet, take the wheel and see … the wheel that swings aside to ease your entrance. Thunderbird is designed to give you every convenience—absolute command.

Cruise-O-Matic drive, 300 horsepower Thunderbird Special V-8, power steering, new sequential taillight turn signals and power front disc brakes are standard.

Also: lights that tell you when fuel is low, a door is ajar … lights that signal when you are stopped off the highway . . . reclining passenger seat are but a few of the unique Thunderbird options . . . all part of the Private World of Thunderbird.

See your Ford Dealer. Discover the special feeling that only Thunderbird drivers know.

1965 Ford Thunderbird cars (1)

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Presenting… the ’65 Thunderbird Special Landau – See the interior

1965 Ford Thunderbird cars (2)

Take off on a whole new approach to luxury travel . . . Thunderbird ’65.

Thunderbird’s silken, hushed motion brings road travel up to the threshold of flight itself. And when you come back down to earth you’ll discover all the luxury touches that make this classic car unique in all the world.

Sequential taillight turn signals clearly point out the direction you want to go — the way others will follow. Power disc brakes on the front wheels are standard, too.

In all, there are thirty-four Thunderbird “extras” you don’t pay extra for; Swing-Away steering wheel, 300 horsepower Thunderbird Special V-8, power steering, Cruise-O-Matic Drive and more.

Then, there is the satisfaction of knowing that, year after year, Thunderbird has proved an outstanding investment. 1965 should be no exception. See your Ford Dealer. He has your flight plan to the Private World of Thunderbird.

1965 Ford Thunderbird cars (3)

3 roads to Thunderbird enchantment for ’65

1965 Ford Thunderbird cars (4)

1966 Ford Thunderbird touch: A speed control conveniently located on the steering wheel

66 Ford Thunderbird cars

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1966 Thunderbird: America’s Personal Luxury Car

Of the world’s great luxury cars, only Thunderbird is so completely dedicated to the idea of personal luxury.

Among many innovations for 1966, there is a new, more formal Town series with its own distinctive roofline. The classic Thunderbird look, in convertible and hard-top models, is still available.

This year, too, Thunderbird leads the way with unique features like a Safety Convenience Panel mounted over-head in the new Town models. This panel warns the driver if a door is ajar or fuel is low, and reminds him to fasten his seatbelt. A similar unit is dash-mounted, on other models.

A new, more powerful Thunderbird V-8 engine is now standard. Or, if you wish, a remarkable new 428 cubic-inch V-8 is offered as optional equipment. Another distinctive Thunderbird option this year is an AM Radio/Stereo Tape system.

Let your Ford Dealer show you why Thunderbird continues to be America’s one Personal Luxury Car.

Shown: 1966 Thunderbird Town Hardtop

Ford Thunderbird for 1966 (1)

Ford Thunderbird for 1966 (2)

Ford Thunderbird for 1966 (3)

1967 Ford Thunderbirds: Now open to the public

The private world of Thunderbird.

That’s why we make a ’67 Thunderbird with all the excitement of Thunderbird styling, plus four doors for handy entering, exiting. Once again, Thunderbird is unique.

The model with four center-opening doors, inspired by Lincoln Continental, is the one personal luxury car with this convenience. The two-door ’67 Thunderbird is as singular — as breathtakingly personal — as ever. The way to go is clear. See your Ford dealer.

Dec 23, 1966 Ford Thunderbird cars for 1967

’67 4-door Thunderbird

Did you know we make a 4-door Thunderbird? We didn’t want anything to stand in your way.

67 4-door Thunderbird

1967 Ford Thunderbird cars (1)


67 Ford Thunderbird cars (1)

Classic 60s Ford Thunderbird cars

All set to set trends… Thunderbird luxury in 2-doors & Thunderbird luxury in 4-doors

1967 Ford Thunderbird cars (2)

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1968 Ford Thunderbirds: 2-door & 4-door classic models

68 Ford Thunderbird cars (1)

’68 Thunderbirds: Thunder for 5 / Thunder for 6

Now the Bird flies two ways. With two doors, or four. Room for five or six, with new full-width front seats. With the scorching new 429 cu in. Thunder Jet V-8. And one incredible option after another.

68 Ford Thunderbird cars (2)

68 Ford Thunderbird cars (4)

Hot Ford Thunderbird cars from the 60s

New and bound to create a storm: 429 exciting cubic inches of new Thunder Jet V-8. More power than ever for the Bird, available now to people who can’t wait to escape the ordinary.

… from the bird. Any way you want to fly this year, the Bird is there, one step ahead. Standard this year: Flight Bench Seats, which means 6 people can fly in total comfort.

68 Ford Thunderbird cars (6)

68 Ford Thunderbird cars (7)

68 Ford Thunderbird cars (3)


Double thunder: ’68 Ford Thunderbirds

68 Ford Thunderbird cars (5)

For 1969, Thunderbird gives you the sun

Take a new way to the sun: push the button opening Thunderbird’s optional sliding sunroof…

1969 Ford Thunderbird cars

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